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Fiber and Foliage

September 12, 2015
College of Yarnvid

Fiber and Foliage and Forging!  An Artisan's Row Event.

Special guests this year- the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild!

Almost all disciplines need fiber (for clothes if nothing else!), wood or plant material, and metal- and this year we have all three!

Come exchange knowledge and skills with fellow enthusiasts.  Whether it's casting, bladesmithing, armoring, spinning, weaving, knitting, braiding, herbcraft, gardening, basketry, dyeing, baking, or anything else related to Fiber or Foliage or Forging (to include any kind of metalwork), you will find kindred spirits, learn new techniques, and even might look at an old craft in a new way!

If you do anything with Fiber or Foliage or Forging, come on out, bring your tools and supplies, and enjoy a full day of free-form camaraderie.

If you are interested in any of this, please come!  You don't have to already be an artisan- we are happy to teach and to entice you in to our world...

Arts & Sciences Activities:  The whole day is devoted to Arts& Sciences, in an Artisan's Row format. There are no specific classes, thus you don't have to worry about the things you're most interested in all happening at the same time.

        Adult, Member:          $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:  $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Youth (6-17):              $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-5):                 $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., College of Yarnvid

Cost Notes:  This event is free to attend, but donations are gratefully accepted to offset any associated costs.

Site:  Battery Park Christian Church 4201 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227

Site Restrictions:  Site opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. This is a dry site.

Feast Information:  There will be a fundraiser lunch for $5.  Lord Henricus Guotman is our head cook.

A Google Form will be available for the lunch selections in the latter half of August.  Please check Caer Mear’s website or Facebook page for the link. http://caermear.atlantia.sca.org/home.html 

Other Information:  We will have 2 large halls within the church, and a few smaller rooms so that we can group related interests. There is a well-appointed kitchen we can use for food-grade substances. The Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild is bringing several kinds of forges, which will be set up on the lawn.  We will also have a large pavilion outside to accommodate natural dyeing, soapmaking, and other activities too smelly or messy to be done indoors. The church's parking lot is not large, but there is street parking along the sides and front of the church.  There will be a few spaces reserved as a loading/unloading zone near the doors.

Mistress Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor is our Crash Space Coordinator- if you do not wish to daytrip, contact her and she can help you find local crash space. aelfwynn27[AT]gmail.com

Autocrat's Information:  Lady Kateryne Ferneley (Megan Shogren), 8418 Spruce Pine Dr., North Chesterfield, VA 23235,  Phone: (804) 3349188, E-mail:  brockenspectre[AT]yahoo.com

Reservations:  Send reservations to autocrat



From the south: Take I-95 North to exit #80 (Hermitage Rd). Bear left when the ramp splits, then take a left at the top of the ramp onto Westbrook Ave. Right at the first light onto Brook Rd. Left at the first light onto Bellevue Ave. The church is on the northeast corner of Brook & Bellevue; the parking lot is behind it.

From the north: Take I-95 South to exit #82 (Rt 301/Chamberlayne Ave). Merge onto Rt 301 South, and continue on Rt 301/Chamberlayne for about 0.8 miles. Right at the 3rd light onto Azalea Ave. Left at the first light onto Brook Rd (Rt 1 South) Left at the second light onto Bellevue Ave. The church is on the northeast corner of Brook & Bellevue; the parking lot is behind it.


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