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Eye of the Dragon

April 20 (5:00 PM) - 22 (8:00 AM), 2018
Canton of Saint Georges

We will hold a Roman event in the honor of St. George, Roman soldier of Greek origin and officer in the Guard of Roman emperor Diocletian. The Saint George and the Dragon legend describes the saint taming and slaying a dragon that demanded human sacrifices. St. George is the Patron of archers, armorers, cavalry, chivalry, equestrians, halberdiers, horsemen, knights, riders, soldiers. This event is a throwback to the fighting/camping events of the past. Come on out and spend the weekend among friends.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1994884337466915/

Martial Activities: Archery, Armored, Rapier and C & T

Arts & Sciences Activities: 1) Veneration of St George ~ open median:
Any item that would be used by your SCA persona to venerate St George. Example: rosary beads, icons including statues, paintings, frescos, mosaics, songs or items influenced by his patronage. Minimal documentation is required (item used for inspiration, culture of origin, what was the item used for, and time frame used)

2) How do you take your dragon?
A recipe used by your SCA persona to serve up your "dragon". This can be a main dish (the dragon), a side dish of vegetables/salad/bread, or a drink to compliment the "dragon". Original recipe and recipe used if different is required.

Are you working on a new pair of leather shoes, a braided belt, a new wire necklace, or carving a new mandala?
Please bring it with you to display on the "Open A&S table" and show us the great work you are up to!

Felix natalis Roma, MMDCCLXX! April 21 is the anniversary of the founding of Rome. This year Marius Agorius Donatus Minius Germanicus, known as Maximus, is sponsoring an A&S category to help celebrate the 2770 birthday of The Eternal City. An open median for anything the Romans used to celebrate the founding of Rome. Mask of a Muse, tribute to Mars, poem of praise, family recipe, a piece of jewelry to look good during the celebration, etc... Documentation is required!

Cost: Adult, Event Registration: $15.00 Day-Trip $5.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Adult, Member Discount: $10.00 Day-Trip $5.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Youth (6-18): $10.00 Day-Trip $5.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Canton of Saint Georges

Cost Notes: Children 0 to 5 yeard old are guests of the Canton of St. Georges

Site: Maynard Community Center 1127 Jameson Road Easley, SC 29640 Site opens Friday 5p.m. closes Sunday 8 a.m.

Site Restrictions: NO PETS

Feast Information: Feast is limited to 60 people. Menu will be posted at a later date.

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome to join us! There is no fee for setting up a merchant booth.

Other Information: Autocrat: Dearbhail O'Haloran (Darla Parido)
Co-Autocrat: Baron Takeda (Andrew Dutschke)
Reservations: Mistress Caroline (Denise Gillam)
Troll: Mistress Caroline (Denise Gillam)
MiC: Baron Takeda (Andrew Dutschke)
MoL: Mistress Adeliza (Anna Marie Smith)
Rapier & C&T: Lord Seamus (Max Blair)
Archery: Master Cian (Craig Dooley)
Heavy: Lord Alwin (Matthew Power)
Dragon: Prince Dietrich and his Household

Autocrat's Information: Dearbhiail O'Haloran (Darla Parido), 107 Black Bear Trail, Williamston, SC 29697, Phone: (864) 3091855, E-mail: parido37[AT]gmail.com

Reservations: Mistress Caroline (Denise Gillam), 202 Middle Mountain Rd., Pickens, SC 29671


Take your best route to I-85.
Exit I-85 onto Highway 153.
Take 153 to Highway 123.
Take 123 to Highway 135.
Take 135 to Highway 183.
Take 183 to Jameson Rd.
Site is on the Left.


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