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The Sequel: Revenge of the Stitch

April 24- 26, 2015
Shire of Spiaggia Levantina

Long ago, in a Shire far, far away, there was a mighty battle fought.  Blows were thrown, seams were sewn, and a lucky few emerged victorious from the fray.  But there was unrest across the land—those who did not win their battles thirsted for another chance to prove their worth.  Secretly, they plotted through the winter months; training with sword and needle.  Now their chance has come to strike a blow and find redemption at Revenge of the Stitch!
The main event: the team sewing competition.

We will also have a Silent Auction (benefit of the Shire) at Revenge of the Stitch. All sorts of things including some camping items, fiber arts, garb, etc. So bring your wallets!

Website:  :   https://www.facebook.com/groups/277076632453122/

Martial Activities:  Heavy Weapons— Yes! Archery – yes! We will have archery! And Thrown Weapons too! Please contact the Autocrat with any questions. Marshal in Charge is Philip Drzislav 410-651-3123.

Arts & Sciences Activities:  GARB CONSTRUCTION:  Teams of up to 6 will have from 5:00 pm Friday until 5:00 pm Saturday to construct a complete outfit. (A seventh person can serve as a model only)   Judges shall monitor activity throughout the competition and will use these observations plus their critiques of the final outfits in determining a winner. The competition will be limited by the space in the hall to the first 8 teams to register. More detailed rules and registration information should be obtained from Graceann O’Ceallaigh (Tracy Kelly) at graceannoceallaigh[AT]yahoo.com      Winning team will receive a prize basket similar to last year. We will also have a static display. Bardic: Lord Richard Wyn will run a revenge-themed bardic competition. Bring your best revenge-themed piece…..

        Adult, Member:          $12.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:  $17.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping
        Youth (6-17):             $  8.00 Day-Trip  $10.00 Feast   $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-5):                $  0.00 Day-Trip  $  0.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA-MD Inc., Shire of Spiaggia Levantina

Cost Notes:   No family group (parents/guardians and minor children) will pay more than $40 (plus any non-member surcharge).

Site:  Caroline County 4-H Park, 8314 Detour Road, Denton MD 21629. Site opens 5pm Friday, closes noon Sunday.

Site Restrictions:  No fire pits – fire bowls only. Ashes must be cold and disposed of safely. No original containers please. Service animals only.

Feast Information:  There will be a feast to follow court on Saturday night .  The feast will feature medieval Italian recipes. There are 80 seats available for the feast, which must be preregistered by April 17. Please contact Meleri (Mel Walker) at melanie.walker[AT]accomack.k12.va.us  / 757-824-0284 (home phone)  with any food allergies/concerns.  (You may sign up for stand-by seats at Troll if any are available)

Merchanting Information:   Merchants are welcome!  Please contact the autocrat for merchanting information.

Other Information:  CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES There will be children’s activities available during the day on Saturday.

Autocrat's Information:  Eleri Vwyn (Laurie Strang), 13380 Pruitt Ln, Mt. Vernon, MD 21853,  Phone: (410) 651-3123, E-mail:  newhunter[AT]earthlink.net

Reservations:  Send reservations to autocrat


The site is in Denton, Maryland. The best route from the west is to come over the Bay Bridge and continue on US 50 East (about 7 miles) to MD 404 and turn left at the traffic light. MD 404 is also called Shore Highway. Follow 404 about 17 miles till you reach Harmony Rd. **Harmony Road is also Rte 16. The highway sign for Harmony Rd. has a different road name on it. Turn right on Harmony Road / Rte 16. Go to Detour Rd. about 1.5 miles and turn left. The 4-H park is well marked and on the right.

From North or South, take US 13 to Rt 404 (intersection is near Bridgeville DE) and turn West. Follow the directions above.


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