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Feast of St. Dismas

November 16 (6:00 PM) - 18 (10:00 AM), 2018
Canton of Cydllan Downs

Join the Canton of Cyddlain Downs for a day of fighting, feasting and merriment in the spirit of St. Dismas. Shenanigans will abound as Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottinghill seek to foul one another's plans as the populace is encouraged to participate in the mischief!

Martial Activities: Harken y'all, from the Armored marshal! There is trouble a brewin' in Sherwood Forest! Sir Guy of Gisborne is tired of waiting for Maid Marian's acceptance of his marriage proposal, so he has sent his men to find and bring her to him! He himself is busy preparing a trap for Robin Hood that will probably fail. Meanwhile Robin's men have heard of Marian's plight, and since Robin is busy foiling Guy's trap, have taken upon themselves to find and rescue Maid Marian. Unbeknownst to all, except the narrator and yourselves, Maid Marian went 'shrooming in the lands of Nottinghill Coille, and after tasting a mushroom, has fallen into a deep sleep somewhere in the forests there! Will Guy's men be successful? Can Robin's men protect her? Will Marian swear off 'shrooming? These answers can be found at the Dismas Maid Marian Melee or DMMM! This will be fun! The melee will be an unlimited resurrection forest battle, where the objective is to find Maid Marian hidden in the forest and then bring her back to one's keep. All fighting will be in the forest as outside is considered archer death. The keeps are the resurrection point and the one carrying "Maid Marian" cannot fight but can be killed. Further details will be passed as necessary.

Arts & Sciences Activities: To be announced!

Cost: Adult, Event Registration: $17.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Adult, Member Discount: $12.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Youth (7-17): $10.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Child (0-6): $0.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Canton of Cydllan Downs

Cost Notes: Pre-registration discount: Adult event registration: $10.00 NOTE: Camping is included in the event fee, tent camping only.

Site: Eastwind Castle 527 Johnston Hwy Trenton, SC 29847. Site opens Friday 6pm, closes Sunday 10am.

Site Restrictions: Dogs allowed on leashes. Wet site.

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome!

Autocrat's Information: Merewyn Scharp (Alicia Abrams), 1314 Farrington Way, Columbia, SC 29210, Phone: (803) 238-3498, E-mail: aliciadabrams[AT]gmail.com

Reservations: Etain of Sutherland (Robin White), 512 Kenton Drive, Irmo, SC 29063, E-mail: claybabyetain[AT]gmail.com


From the North:
Take I-20 toward Augusta. Exit I-20 on Exit 22 for US 1 toward Aiken. Turn right on US-1. Turn left on to State Hwy 155. Turn right on to State Hwy 208. Take a sharp right turn on to SC-191. Site is down on the left.

From the South:
The same as the above, except take I- 20 toward Columbia.


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