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Hawkwood Baronial Birthday

May 19 (6 PM) - 21 (10), 2017
Barony of Hawkwood

Do you believe in the magic of Fairytales - we of Hawkwood do. Please join us on our thirteenth Baronial Birthday and Investiture. A Fairy inspired celebration as we bid our fondest farewells to our existing Baronage and prepare for the new Baronage. The event will be Fairytale themed from our Fighting ( Armored and Rapier ), Archery, Thrown Weapons to our Arts and Sciences and who has not ever dreamed of climbing Rapunzel's Tower.


The Tournament will be an Endless Melee. Each fighter ( both Heavy and Rapier ) will begin by selecting an egg from a basket. These will be gold to represent the golden egg from the Golden Goose fairy tale. Inside each egg is a weapon form that each fighter will use. If the fighter is " killed ", that fighter may then select a different egg and use that weapon form when he or she re-enters the fray.

All fighters are encouraged to bring all their toys and please bring some to share also.

After the Melee the tourney field will be for Baronial Champion tournaments.

After the Champion bouts the field will be for field-games and other revelry.

Heavy Marshal: Baron Saunooke

Rapier Marshal: Master Raphael de la Rosa


Walk back - One target in the field. Archers start close then walk back to various distances, previously marked, and shoot 2 more arrows for a total of 4 stations. Various value areas on target.

Spinner - Multiple targets in the field at varying distances. Archers spin a spinner or roll a dice to determine which target they are to shoot at.

Royal Rounds - Many archers do not get to shoot RRs for score unless at events so I will include some. There will also be open shooting throughout the day when the competitions are not running.

Archery Marshal: Christoph of Grey.


Test your skills on the thrown weapons range. There is a magic bean stalk growing in the lands and everyone knows that only leads to trouble! Use your knives and axes to cut to vines and save the day!

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Robert Lefthand.

Arts & Sciences Activities: Our full range of Arts and Science competitions have developed by Lady Adair of Makyswell with the Lady Aesa as her second and with the participating of the Kingdom Scrivener Royal : Lord Geffrei Maudeleyne
Arts & Science Competitions:

Fairy Tale Masks Period accurate. There were only three processes of making masks in Medieval Europe. I could tell you, but that would hinder your research. The mask requirements would be Historically accurate meeting the theme of a Fairy Tale which could include mythical beasts.

Elixirs of Enchantment ( you know I love a good brewing competition.) What would you as brewers consider an Elixir of Enchantment?

Mythical Beast Illumination and Calligraphy As SPIKE would be considered a Mythical Beast, use your creativity to design a scroll that may be shared in the Kingdom. A Hippogriff? A Spike? A Phoenix? These scrolls will be judged by the Kingdom Scrivener Royal.

Research Paper: This will be a written research paper for Period methods for attracting the Fae or discouraging the Fae.

Children's A & S for ages 4 to 16. Produce a Period Book of Fairy Tales. It may be either multiple fairy tales or one Fairy Tale with Illumination.

This competition will be judged by the Incoming Baron and Baroness of Hawkwood. Please visit the Event Website for more detailed information. Should you have any questions or need assistance in your research please message me. adairaingheanmakyswell[AT]gmail.com

Adult, Event Registration: $17.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Adult, Member Discount: $12.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Youth (6-17): $6.00 Day-Trip$8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Hawkwood

Cost Notes: There is no charge for camping at this site. There are 40 Cabin Spaces available and full camping spaces on site.Showers will be available for fighters as well. The 40 Cabin spaces are available by reservation at a cost of $ 6.00. There is a Family Max of $ 50.00. This includes 1 to 2 Adults with children. They must all reside at the same address. Refund Policy: Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the start of the event will be refunded once the funds have cleared and may be processed at the Exchequers earliest convenience. No refunds will be given if the event does not make a profit. No refunds will be given to those who checked into ( Troll ) the gate.

Site: Lutheridge Camp and Conference Center 2511 Hendersonville Rd., Arden, NC 28704. Site opens Friday (May 19th, 2017) at5:00 pmand closesSunday(May 21,2017) at11:00 a.m.

Site Restrictions:
No pets allowed. No open fires that do not abide by the site requirements. The site is wet. Please be discreet. Parking only in designated areas. The parking area will be well marked. Fires must be in established Fire Pits or in above ground containers

Feast Information:
Feast will be prepared by the talented and magical Mistress Murienne L'aloiere. Shall the courses be magical? But of course! Each course will be a delectable delight.

Course 1
A Layered Salat

Course 2
Onion Sops (onion soup)
Fresh butter

Course 3
Roasted Pork Crusted in Fine Herbs
Mustard, Cherry, & Horseradish Sauces
Fried Peas
Armored Turnips
Roasted Beets
Gilded Chicken

Course 4
Marzipan Roses
Taffety Tarts (layered apple tarts)

If you have any questions or dietary concerns contact me atdragonfly78[AT]gmail.com Please remember that Feast is held by a paid reservation.

Merchanting Information:We have a location designated for Merchants at this event: Please contact our Site Stewart and Autocrat to make arrangements. Site Stewart: Lord Tiberius Aufidius Crispuschris.bouchonnet[AT]gmail.com

Other Information: Follow the clues and assemble the key to rescue Rapunzel from her tower. This sounds simple but rest assured you will be tested. The first to solve the puzzles and deliver the key will gain a prize most worthy of this enchanted task.

The Barony of Hawkwood loves Newcomers and seeks to make them feel welcome at each and every event. Please let us know if you are a Newcomer to the SCA as we have a Golden Key - Loaner Garb and Baldrics to let each Barony member know you are a Newcomer and where they can welcome you.

Autocrat's Information:Lord Klaus Jager/ Lady Annaliese Jager (Matthew Kuehn/ Jeanette Kuehn), 286 Ball Gap Rd., , Arden, NC 28704, Phone:(828) 226-0094, E-mail:saintlyloki[AT]yahoo.com

Reservations: Lord Wilhelm VonBrandenburg (Barry Branch), 3200 Vance Denton Rd., Morganton, NC 28655, Phone:(828) 242-2728, E-mail:wilhelmvonbrandenburg[AT]gmail.com


Take your best route to Exit 40 (Airport Road) on I-26 (There will be signs for Lutheridge Conference Center at each exit.) - Turn AWAY from the airport and follow Airport Road until it intersects with Hendersonville Road (US 25) - About 3 miles. Theres a Walgreen's on the right. - Turn RIGHT onto Hendersonville Road/US 25 South. - Just past Walgreen's, turn RIGHT into Lutheridge Conference Center. - Obey the speed limits, because they have some big speed bumps!

Please note, there is a gated entrance at the light on Airport Road across the street from Wal-Mart -this gate is often closed. Please use the main entrance especially if you are not familiar with the Conference Center as there may be other events occurring.


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