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Journey Through the Nine Realms

June 07 (5:00 PM) - 09 (1:00 PM), 2019
Barony of Raven's Cove

Warriors prepare to face your fate within the Nine Realms! Each warrior will face his own challenge as he travels through each realm! Feats of skill and strength await for both Armored and Rapier fighters.

A day board will be provided by House Corvus in lieu of the usual feast. The day board will be available from 1 PM to 4 PM on Saturday afternoon. Prepare your taste buds and tummies for deliciousness! Your admission covers both the event and the day board.

The Family Cap will be in effect for those of you with larger families.

Website: https://www.ninerealms.site

Martial Activities: All Armored Fighters MUST be authorized in both Weapon & Shield as well as Great Weapon. This is pertinent to the challenges that await you. Rapier will also be available with its own set of specific challenges of each realm.

Arts & Sciences Activities: A warrior traveling through the realms will carry his or her personal gear on the journey but will also encounter the inhabitants and environments of the realms. There are nine categories, one for each Realm. However, entries can fit in more than one category so you must choose which realm you wish to represent in your entry! Be as creative as the categories and your interpretation of them are. Musical instruments can be decorated with wood-burning. Arrows can have magical charms penned on them. Farming implements can be used as weapons. What art or science do you do? How can you present it as something that meets the parameters of your chosen category? Be creative... And fill in your reasoning on your entry card.

Nifheim – Realm of Fog, Cold, and Mist. This category is cold-weather gear. This could be gloves, hats, cloaks, or a period fire-making kit, mead to ward off the cold, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Muspelheim – Realm of Fire. This category is anything crafted with fire. This could be metalworking, wood-burning, cooking, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Asgard – Realm of the Gods. This category is your best representation of Thor's Hammer, This could be in wood, metal, a weaving or knitting pattern, embroidered, on a scroll, in leather tooling, or ...? This category is open A&S, display and feedback, documentation optional.

Midgard – Realm of Humans. This category is for items used in daily life. This could be bowls and cups, knives, farming implements, brooms, garb, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Jotunheim – Realm of the Giants. This category is hunting and fishing equipment as the Giants lived off the forests and rivers of their realm. This could be knives, arrows, fishing gear, horse accouterments, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Vanaheim – Realm of the Vanir, the Old Gods. This category is magic, sorcery, and alchemy. This could be pigments, brewing, tarot cards, protective charms, or ….? Documentation preferred as part of the judging. Alfheim – Realm of the Light Elves. This category is music and the arts. This could be poetry, scrollwork, music, instruments, performance, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Svartalfheim – Realm of the Dwarves. This category is weaponry. This could be knives, swords, arrows, hammers, shields, armor, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Helheim – Realm of the Dishonorable Dead, Murderers, and Thieves. This category is funerary items and the treasure of the thieves that reside within this realm. This could be anything found in a Viking burial, items of value collected on the travels of the warrior, or ...? Documentation preferred as part of the judging.

Classes and A&S Opportunities

Embroidery – Back porch of the hall, weather permitting. Kits available for $4 or bring own supplies. Max size 8. Contact Francesca di Corso for more information, Email: zoogirl AT hotmail.com

Making a Hood – Back porch of the hall, weather permitting. Participants should bring 1 yard of prewashed, dried, and ironed 52”+ wide fabric and all notions including scissors. Max size 10, 16+ years old, please.

Scribal Solar – In the hall. Bring supplies or just curiosity. Demonstrations throughout the day.

Watch for more classes and activities to potentially be added!

Cost Daytrip Feast Camping
Adult, Member Discount $20.00 $0.00 $0.00
Adult, Event Registration $25.00 $0.00 $0.00
Youth (10-17) $10.00 $0.00 $0.00
Child (0-9) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Raven's Cove

Cost Notes: Admission covers day board as well as entrance to the event.

Site: Optimist Farm; 2909 Optimist Farm Road Apex, NC 27539

Site Restrictions: No ground fires; pets must be leashed at all times.

Feast Information: In lieu of feast, a day board will be provided by House Corvus on Saturday from 1-4 PM.

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome....please come and bring your wares for sale.

Autocrat's Information: Edan Lowery (Heather Rardin), 309 Rock Creek Drive South, Jacksonville, NC 28540, Phone: (910) 803-4626, E-mail: rardinhj@hotmail.com

Reservations: Send reservations to Katharine de la Vache (Laura Garcia), 165 Raintree Cir Jacksonville, NC 28540, Phone: (910)526-4639, Email: elgrad@hotmail.com/

Directions: From the North and East: take your best route to Raleigh, NC. Take Rte 440 (Raleigh beltline). Exit 298A will put you on Rte 401 South to Fayetteville and Garner. 1.4 miles down, the road forks; stay right. After 5.3 miles, take a right to Rte 1010. Go half a mile and turn left onto Lake Wheeler Rd. After 1.2 miles, turn right onto Optimist Farm Rd. The site is a mile down the road; there will be signs.

From the south: from Rte 95, go north and west on Rte 55. After passing through Fuquay-Varina, you will come to a light across from a Sheetz and an Exxon. Turn right; after 2.8 miles north, you will come to an intersection. Turn left onto Hilltop Needmore Road. Go .4 miles to the next light and turn right onto Lake Wheeler Road. Go 2.3 miles and turn left onto Optimist Farm Road. Go .9 miles and turn right into the site. There will be SCA signs.


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