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VIRTUAL Border Skirmish

October 31 2020 (10:00 AM - 5:00 AM )
Canton of Cydllan Downs

Welcome to Border Skirmish 2020

The veil between worlds is thinning and we mortals have come together to celebrate the Blue Moon of October. Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ga rden_of_Earthly_Delights) is the inspiration for all we do this day.

Arts & Sciences: All entries are to be populace choice. Entries will need to be submitted by midnight on Friday, October 23rd. Details for submission will be available on the website and the Facebook page.  If you desire another way to submit, please email Lady Lilith of the Glass Isle (Lillian Bates) at lbates6416@aol.com.   Please include BORDER SKIRMISH in the subject line as well as details about your submission and your name in the body of the email. 

In the honor of the triptych, we shall have 3 competitions.

  1. A Fruit dish, with photo and recipe (display and chat.)
  2. An animal depicted in the painting, in any medium. Documentation encouraged, winner decided via populace choice during the event.
  3. Masks, period or period inspired. Entries will be judged for both most historical and most creative (documentation strongly encouraged for the former.)

The following are populace choice and documentation is not required, but is appreciated.

  • Non-Traditional Scroll
  • Garb – what can you dream up and bring to fruition? The more fantastic the better.
  • Sonnets based on the works of Bosch
  • Table Competition – Show off your table setting skills before we feast.
  • Bosch Inspired Paleo Mount – Don’t limit yourself to a pony.


Meet and Greet with Their Excellencies - Baron Elphin ap Daffyd and Baroness Delia Flammen – spend some time and get to know the Baron and Baroness of Nottinghill Coill

Scavenger Hunt
 – We tell you what to look for, you find it in your home. First person back to the camera wins the point and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins the prize.

Fashion Show
 – Unlike the people in the Garden of Earthly Delight, we want to see you clothed! Whether you have made something for the Garb Challenge or had new garb made for you during the pandemic, we want to see it.

Everybody on Board for Feast
 – we can’t be in the hall, but we can still eat together. The Zoom Room will be open so we can all have our evening meal before we settle down for the evening Bardic Circle.

Bardic Circle 
– stay after dinner and listed to the talented singers, poets, musicians, and other performers gathered to entertain you.

Everybody on Board for Feast
 – We can’t be in the hall, but we can still eat together. The Zoom Room will be open so we can all have our evening meal before we settle down for the evening Bardic Circle.

SITE:This event will be held virtually via a ZOOM meeting in your home. Details on how to join will be provided closer to the day of the event due to safety concerns and will be posted to the website and the Facebook page. Alternatively, you may email Lady Lilith of the Glass Isle (Lillian Bates) at lbates6416@aol.com for this information beginning Thursday, October 29th. You will need internet access and the device of your choice. A microphone, headset or speakers, and a webcam can be useful but not required.

AUTOCRAT:Lilith of the Glass Isle (Lillian Bates), 1500 Brookview Road, Columbia, SC 29212, Phone: (803) 673-1762, E-mail: lbates6416@aol.com



Web sitehttps://borderskirmishcydd.wixsite.com/mysite?fbclid=IwAR0kzUmMqSO6GB7FJj6D_0kjb1K4MzLq9vqo4uxemd7eh2OqPHmiO5WztNU


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