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Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament

June 29 2019 (8 AM - 8 PM )
Barony of Storvik

The Barony of Storvik again welcomes all good gentles to the Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament! Novices in armored combat, rapier, archery, and the Arts and Sciences are invited to compete. New this year, each martial art will be dedicated to a historical female hero.

Website: http://novice.storvikevents.org/

Martial Activities: Authorizations, Armored Novice and Unbelt tournaments, Rapier Novice and other tournaments, Archery. Perhaps some melee battles in the afternoon, at the marshals' whim. Details below

Heavy: For any novice tournament, a fighter is considered a novice if they have been authorized for 2 years or less. We are still working out the details of the tournaments and other heavy activities, but we should have some good fights for everyone!

Rapier: There are four tournaments planned! Something for novice and experienced fighters alike. Blacksword Tournament. This is a single elimination tournament held at multiple events every year. The results are recorded and used to help inform the Warlord of the fighters in the Kingdom. The Grace O’Malley Novice Tournament (authorized for 2 years or less). This will be a Bearpit Tournament with to 4 pits depending on space and marshals. A fencer can hold the pit for 4 rounds. Each round will be won by the winner of a 2/3 pass, and the winner will stay in. The overall tournament winner will be determined by a score. The score will be calculated by adding 1 point for every killing blow delivered, and subtracting 1 point for every killing blow landed on you. For example, a fencer wins one, doubles and loses: in that example, the fencer would have a score of -1, and both fencers would exit the bear pit. Your score cannot go negative. The tournament will run for 30 min. At last call, everyone gets one revenge round in honor of Grace O’Malley. The revenge round will be a 5 round match between the two fencers. Rules for calculating score are as they were in the bear pit. A fencer can accept as many revenge round challenges as they want, but do not have to take more than they are comfortable taking. Progressive Weapons Form Tournament. This tournament will be a triple elimination progressive weapons form tournament. A fencer with no loses will start with single. A fencer with one loss may use a non-offensive off hand. Finally, a fencer with two loses may use an offensive off hand. Academie d’Espee Prize Fights. Lady Marguerite de Lyon will be fighting her White Scarf Prize. Sir Joselin d'Outremer will be fighting his White Scarf Prize. Lady Marta de Lyon will be fighting her Free Scholar Prize. Pickups with any time left in the day.

Archery: The range will be open after morning court and close a 1/2 hour before evening court. There will be several stations set up that may be self-scored at any point of the day, prize for best score in each rank and a extra special prize for best "Novice" (first rank) and another prize for best "first time archer" (i.e. has never shot at an SCA event before Novice).

Thrown Weapons: More details to come, but we will have a full day of throwing. Starting after court and ending a 1/2 hour before evening court.

Arts & Sciences Activities: The Novice Nine as a Largesse Competition will be broken into two categories, one for Novices (entrants who are practicing their craft for less than a year) and non-novices (everyone else).

There will be a largesse competition in the form of a Novice Nine. Entrants will make nine identical/similar items (i.e. 9 bracelets, pouches, favors, etc.) The winner will receive one of each of the entries and the rest goes to the Baronage for largesse.

Cost Daytrip Feast Camping
Adult, Member Discount $10 na na
Adult, Event Registration $15 na na
Youth (6-17) $5 na na
Child (0-4) $0 na na

Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Storvik

Cost Notes: none

Site: Knights of Columbus Council Grove Facility, 9450 Cherry Hill Road, College Park, MD 20740. Site opens 8AM, Site closes 8PM.

Site Restrictions: No Pets. No alcoholic beverages unless purchased from the on-site vendor. Please arrive early if you are setting up a day shade. Vehicles should be off the field by 9:00AM.

Feast Information: No feast, but there are restaurants in the area

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome; no extra fee. Contact Autocrat with your tent size.

Other Information: If bringing a minor that is not your child, please ensure you bring a notarized minor medical authorization ( http://www.scaorg/docs/pdf/treatminor-n otary.pdf ) form so we are not forced to turn them away. There is more information here: http://atlantia.sca.org/offices/senescha l/youths/youth-activities-forms. Contact the reservationist with any questions about waiver requirements, or visit Atlantia's webpage.

Autocrat's Information: Lady Sonya Flicker (Sonya Gross), 6313 Jason Street, Cheverly, MD 20785, Phone: (301) 9281136, E-mail: patches023@verizon.net

Reservations: Meisterin Johanna von Sudeborn (Karen Flessas), Barony of Storvik, PO Box 503, Beltsville, MD 20704, Phone: (301) 5180620, E-mail: louise.flessas@gmail.com

Directions: From the North - Take your best route to I-95 South towards I-495. Take Exit 29B (MD 212 towards Calverton) Drive approximately 2.3 miles to Cherry Hill Road (about 3 stoplights). Turn LEFT onto Cherry Hill Road Campground is about 1.4 miles on your right.

From the SOUTH - Take your best route to the north side of DC beltway. Take Exit 25 (US 1 / Baltimore Ave) SOUTH toward Laurel/College Park. Travel approximately .4 miles and turn RIGHT onto Cherry Hill Road. The destination is about 0.8 miles on left. WARNING - There are speed cameras on Cherry Hill Road. The speed limit is 35 mph and they mean it.


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