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In A Phoenix Eye

November 21, 2015
Barony of Sacred Stone

In November, the heat of summer will have left us but the spark of creativity will still glow brightly in Sacred Stone. In A Phoenix Eye will be a day packed full of friendly competitions aimed at challenging the artisans of Sacred Stone and Atlantia.

We invite you all to bring your best!

Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/phoenixeye2015

Arts & Sciences Activities:  Competitions

1. Canton vs. Canton - Each Canton picks two people to represent them in the competition.
2. Medieval Tech - A Sciences competition covering... Everyting from Alchemy to Zoology.
3. Scribal Mystery Ingredient - Entrants are sent a mystery ingredient that must be used in the making of a baronial scroll blank for Sacred Stone.
4. Bardic Mad Lib - A list of words areon the event website and they all must be used in a poem, song or story.
5. Comfits, Candies, and other Sweets - a period sweets competition. Period candies of all kinds are accepted.
6. Youth Competition - an open static competition for those in the barony that are under 18. Three age groups.... 17- 14, 13-10, 9 and under.
7. Novice Competition - all levels of artisan are welcome. You must have been doing the art entered for less than a year.
8. Fiber Frenzy - How much can you spin using a drop spindle in 30 minutes? You bring your favorite spindle. We will bring the wool. You must sign up online to enter.
9. Documented by Persona - Enter any item you wish. This competition is all about the documentation. Your job is to write documentation for the item as if you are writing a letter in persona.
10. Roll of the dice - register for this competition online and a 6 sided die will be rolled to decide the category your entry will need to fall into.

        Adult, Member:          $5.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:  $10.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Youth (8-17):             $3.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-7):                $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Sacred Stone

Site:  Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1355 Jonestown Rd., Winston Salem, NC 27103. Site opens 9am, closes 7pm.

Site Restrictions:  Service animals only. Alcohol allowed for competition use only.

Feast Information:  Fundraiser Lunch is being provided by the Sacred Stone Cooks Guild. For more information contact Lady Aine at twolfpax[AT]yahoo.com

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are welcome. Contact the Autocrat for space.

Other Information:  Throughout the day there will be a variety of activities to take part in while the judging is going on.
1. Fiber Solar - If you are a knitter, spinner, weaver, etc... bring a project and enjoy the company of other fiber enthusiasts.
2. Scriptorium - For those that are scribally minded... Bring your supplies and spend some time working on your scribal projects with fellow artists.
3. Library - We will have a lovely area set aside for research and reading. If you have books you are willing to share please bring them. All books will be returned at the end of the day.
4. Games Room - Time flies when you are having fun so a few games will make the waiting feel much shorter.

Autocrat's Information:  Murienne l'aloiere (Nikole Harrington), 2602 Guyer St, High Point, NC 27265,  Phone: (336) 8483742, E-mail:  dragonfly78[AT]gmail.com

Reservations:  Send reservations to autocrat


Take your favorite route to I40. From the West: Take I40 to Business I40 to US221 north. Exit at Jonestown Road. Turn left. The church is located on the left several miles down the road.

Front the East: Take Business I40 to US221 north. Exit at Jonestown Road. Turn left. The church is located on the left several miles down the road.

From the South: Take Business I40 to US221 north. Exit at Jonestown Road. Turn left. The church is located on the left several miles down the road.


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