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Fall Coronation 2017

October 06 () - 08 (), 2017
Shire of Border Vale Keep

It is the year 1190. Richard the Lionheart has arrived in Sicily on his way to Jerusalem. Tancred of Lecce has seized the throne of Sicily, imprisoned Joan -- his predecessor's queen and Richard's favorite sister -- and stolen Joan's inheritance. The Sicilian locals and the occupying Crusader army clash over traditions and land.

Website: coronation.atlantia.sca.org

Martial Activities: Armored Combat:
We will begin the day with a single elimination tournament to determine the leaders of the two conflicting sides, English and Sicilian.

Melee 1: Crusaders versus the Angry Sicilian Villagers

When Richard first landed in Sicily, he was riding with a group of knights through a small village and hearing the cry of a hunting hawk. He saw no houses around wealthy enough to keep hunting birds- that being the privilege of nobility in England. Upon following the noise, he found the bird in the house of a peasant. Richard proceeded to beat the man and take his bird. The villagers, unaware of who Richard was, came to the defense of their comrade and were able- after a skirmish- to chase off Richard and his men, who made off with the bird.

This is a “king killer” scenario. Each side will have a leader as determined by the previously run tournament. The side to kill the leader of their opponent first wins. This will be an untimed resurrection battle. Each fighter will have unlimited resurrections.

Melee 2: Richard versus Tancred

Richard and his army set camp outside the walls of Messina, and he entreated King Tancred to release his sister and her dowry. Tancred fearing reprisal released Joan but would not part with her fortune. Richard, who was depending on those funds to finance his crusade, decided to show force by occupying key positions near the city including a wealthy monastery and a tower near the straits of Messina.

This is a limited front scenario. There will be two buildings, the monastery and the tower, that must be taken. Attackers have unlimited resurrections. Defenders have no resurrections. This scenario will be run twice with each side taking turns attacking and defending. The side taking the two buildings in the least amount of time wins.

Melee 3: Riots in Messina

Tensions in Messina had risen to a boiling point after Richard had occupied the surrounding areas. The local leaders rose up in a riot and tried expel Richard&339;s forces from the city. Being overwhelmed by Richard’s superior troops, the Sicilian leaders, with their possessions in hand, raced to the harbor in an attempt to escape the city. Not wanting them to escape, Richard sent troops to the harbor to burn the ships and trap the rebels.

Think football! The field will have a harbor at each end, metaphorically end zones, and there will be a sack of the fleeing Messinians' possessions, metaphorically a football. Each side gets four attempts to score by their carrier getting the sack to the harbor. If the fighter carrying the sack is killed, the sides reset and try again from the point where the carrier was killed. Once one side has exhausted all four of their attempts without scoring, the other team takes over at the last point of possession to begin their four attempts going the other way. When a team scores a point, the scenario resets at the starting point and possession of the sack goes to the other side to begin their attempts to score. The side with the most points at the end of one hour of active fighting wins.

Rapier fighters will have two opportunities to test their skills.

To honor our new Monarchs, each fighter will be introduced at the beginning of the tournament by a herald and we will present our salutes en masse.

Our first tournament will be a double elimination tournament, bring your best. Our second scenario will require 3 person teams, attacking the tower to rescue Richard's sister and her dowry.

Come prepared to show your skill!

Thrown Weapons:
"Queen Joan" tourney. Each hit to a gold piece earns you a point. Hit dear Joan, and you lose all.

Arts & Sciences Activities: A Tale of Three Cultures: Norman, Byzantine and Islamic Projects will celebrate the three cultures that dominated Sicily during the 12th Century.

Cultura Atlantia
There will be a prestigious Competition celebrating the culture of our Beloved Rulers. Praise and treasure will be due to the winner of the competition. And all who participate will contribute to the glory of the Coronation of our Rulers.

Along with the competition, there will be a Display of similar items for those wishing to share with us all.

Scrivener Royal
Any questions may be directed to the current Royal Scrivener, Lady Thea de Nes

Late 12th century Sicily is an exciting and intriguing time, a melting pot of cultures and activities. Use it as the base for your two-part entry. First, take inspiration from any of the many art forms being practiced on the island to create an illuminated scroll blank of usual size. Then, as did the scribes of the period, create a single page that displays your calligraphic skills. Documentation is not necessary, but is appreciated (especially any good stories about the project). Images of the original work that served as inspiration should be included. All competition blanks will be donated for use by the office of the Scrivener Royal.

Cost: Adult Event Registration: $20.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast $3.00 Camping
Adult, Member Discount: $15.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast $3.00 Camping
Youth (5-17): $10.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast $3.00 Camping
Child (0-4): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Shire of Border Vale Keep

Cost Notes: *Feast is limited to Eighty (80) spaces Only! **Note: There is limited overnight space in a dorm-style bunkhouse. There is tenting space for no charge. The Residence Inn at exit 1C on 520/Bobby Jones Expressway is offering group rates (As many people as you can fit!)

Site: Walk to Emmaus Camp (Richmond County 4-H Camp) 1538 4-H Club Road Augusta, GA 30906. Site opens 5pm Friday, closes noon Sunday.

Site Restrictions: Site opens 5pm Friday, closes noon Sunday. No Alcohol No Pets No Firearms Parking is very limited, please carpool as you can.

Feast Information: Please contact the Feastocrat, Baroness Ginevra de'Rossi with food allergies/intolerances.

First Remove:
Kalamata Olives
Castelvetrano Olives
Marinated Artichokes
Italian cold cuts
Focaccia as the bread
Except for the bread, everything is gluten free.

Second Remove:
period vegetable dish, served room temperature
Gnocchi di Semolina
Not potato, has eggs and dairy
The chicken and veggies are gluten free.

Third Remove:
Pit Roasted Pig
With a relish of onions, pancetta and fennel
Arancini - fried rice balls
This has eggs and dairy

Fourth Remove: Dessert
One of my cakes- flavored as a Sicilian Cassata alla Siciliana
the usual suspects of wheat, eggs, dairy
Blood Orange Granita.(sorbet)
eggless recipe, but alert for almond allergy

Autocrat's Information: Thomas Merrystone (Susan Bush), 6475 Washington Rd, Appling, GA 30802, Phone: (706) 399-5431, E-mail: thomas[AT]merrystone.net

Reservations: Baron Olafr Staradsson (Anton Berg), P. O. Box 3885, Augusta, GA 30914


From I-20: Exit at 196A onto Bobby Jones Expressway. Get off at exit 10 and turn right onto Doug Barnard Parkway (Rte. 56 Spur). Drive past Bush Field Airport and Tobacco Road. Take the next right onto 4-H Club Rd. Signs Will Be Posted.


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