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Gathering of the Clans - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday XIV

May 17 (1:00 PM) - 19 (11:00), 2019
Barony of Hawkwood

It is the year of our Lord, 1298. King Edward ( Longshanks) has begun his invasion of Scotland to challenge the "Guardian of Scotland", Robert the Bruce. The Clans have been called, the fires have been lit and the pipes sing the song of Scotland. Please join the Incipient Canton of Stormwall as they host the Hawkwood Baronial Birthday XIV, in a Scottish Highland gathering where warriors will show their skill and strength in Heavy Weapons, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equestrian ( in our lighted and covered arena ), Cabor Toss, the might of the Stone Throw and the Scottish Tug of War to determine the final champion as there can be " Only One". So gather those Tartans and wear your plaid with pride. The Highlanders have arrived.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/gathering-of-the-clans/home

Martial Activities: Marshall in Charge - HL Maxamilian Brudder ( Chris Payne )
- Equestrian Marshall - Sir Alain de la Rochelle ( Allen Blanchette )
- Heavy Weapons - Sir Roland Wodeman ( Rodney Woods )
- Rapier- Lord Arrias Velaro de Santillana del Mar ( Joe Holt )
- Thrown Weapons - Lord Eoghan O Suileabhain
- Ministers of the Lyst Mistress Adeliza of Bristol ( Anna-Maria Smith )- Heavy Weapons and Rapier | Lord Bumba of Attilium ( Ron Hall )-
Equestrian- Highland Game Activities ( the Highland Consortium)
Chirurgeon: Dame Morwenna Trevethan

Arts and Sciences: Arts and Science Coordinator - Lady Juliana Blackwood ( Julie Kimbrell Ishaya) with the assistance of Lady (Behi) Temur Chonokhin ( Sam Lovelace) Email all inquiries: jkishaya@gmail.com

Arts and Science Competition Categories:

Please join our new Arts and Science Champion Lady Ellisif Gydasdottir( Libby Cripps) host of the A& Textile Tea and Fiber Solar and please join the Lady Rhiannon of Ravens Cove for an Open Bardic Gathering of Epic Proportions. Classes to be offered- SCA 101 by the lovely Dame Morwenna Trevethan- Seneschal 101 as offered by Dame Morwenna Trevethan, Diversity in the SCA as offered by Mac McLaughlin - Couching and Laid Work by Lady Aesa and so much more. Please keep updated on the Website for additions.

1.) The Best Dressed Highlander - Does your Highlander garb make you feel brawny do you feel the call of Scotland wearing your plaids. This competition is for the best dressed Highlander Garb - either Male or Female. This will be a populace vote by ballot and your prize will be to join the High Table for feast. Please register at Troll A&S Table and a number will be assigned for you to wear to assist the populace in voting for "The Best Dressed Highlander".

2.) The Best Dressed Horse and Rider - For this Equestrian event there will be a best-dressed horse and rider competition showing the skill of the rider and their horse. The brighter- the better and if you maintain the theme of the event "The Highlands" additional points will be offered. This will be a populace vote by ballot with a prize and photographs...lots of photographs. Please register at Troll A&S Table and a number will be assigned for you to wear to assist the populace in voting for "The Best Dressed Horse and Rider."

3.) The "Best Birthday Cake Ever" - Use the theme of our event and in recognition of Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday XIV- there will be a baking competition for the "Best Birthday Cake Ever." Think plaids – thistles and all things Scotland for this competition. Three special judges are assigned to this competition with the award of a Bakers gift basket.

4.) Illumination and Calligraphy - Using the Book of Kells, produce a scroll with the Celtic Knotwork and bestiary as shown in the "Book of Kells." Let your imagination soar with thoughts of the Highlands, the smell of the heather and the warmth of the plaid. Preferred scroll size will be 8.5'x 11' but smaller scrolls are acceptable. Please include documentation and inspiration.

5.) Brewers of Atlantia, Unite! - Hawkwood has worked diligently to make sure the Brewer's of Atlantia were not overlooked. Produce your best Lager ( or an assembly thereof ) and remind our participants what Scotland is famous for – Lagers and of course a good shot of Whiskey.

6.) The Best use of Heralding for Equestrian or Marshalled events � So you think you have the voice and wit of Chaucer? Do you think you have a voice that all will love when introducing your Fighter or Rider? Do think you have the talent to sway the populace to support your Rider of Fighter? Then this is the category for you. You will be judged by the Populace before the Mounted Joust for the best flamboyant use of Heralding in the Introduction of an Equestrian Rider or Fighter ( either Rapier or Heavy ). Once all Equestrians are Heralded you may Herald in a Fighter and enjoy the brilliance of Heralding. A schedule and selection will be at TROLL A&S Table for you to sign up for your selection for Heralding and the populace will present to witness your Wit, Humor and Skill.

7.) The Best Use of Poetry � � Ode to the Midge�. This competition will be a lead in to the Bardic Gathering of Epic Proportions. You will be the opening presentation to the Bardic Gathering and compete for the Best Use of Poetry for the Bardic event. You will be judged by the populace and Bards present. Use your wit, charm and the ability to present an inspiring poetic tale of the rascally midge and engage your audience to vote for you and claim you winner in this category and acquire those famous points for �There can be only One�.

Stay tuned for further updates and artistic presentations during the event and please visit the A&S Solar's and Bardic Smack-down page for additional A&S presentations.

Cost Daytrip Feast Camping
Adult, Member Discount $15.00 $10.00 $0.00
Adult, Event Registration $20.00 $10.00 $0.00
Youth (6-17) $10.00 $10.00 $0.00
Child (0-5) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Cost Notes: Camping is free at the Camping Locations on site. Motorhome camping and RV's are $26.00 with electrical hookups per day. Only 10 available. Prepaid Horse Stalls Rental which includes the use of the Burley Barn for Washdowns is $ 16.00 per day. Reserved and pre-paid. This is camping at the Horse Stalls for those who wish to be close to their Equines. There is no charge for camping at the Barn location.

Site: Haywood County Fairgrounds, 758 Crabtree Road, Waynesville, NC 28785
Hotel information is now posted on the website, please visit at your leisure.

Feast: HLady Lucrezia Sarta di Napoli with the Assistance of Katie O'Malley and Baker - Darci Heil de Wulf. Please contact HL Lucrezia with dietary concerns no later than two weeks prior to the event. Email - Sandyanne52@aol.com or mailtoLadylu1217@gmail.com. Enjoy the taste of Scotland at our feast and then join us after feast for Medieval Dance.

Merchanting: Merchants will have two locations to choose from - Indoors and Outdoors. A Merchant form is available on our website to assist you in your requirements. Should you have any questions please contact HL Adair of Makyswell, Autocrat or Site Stewart Lord Tiberius Aufidius Crispus ( Christopher Bouchennet). For site and field requests for the Lyst Field please contact Lord Tiberius (Christopher Bouchonnet) via Facebook Messenger. If you do not use Facebook- then contact the Autocrat.

Other Information: PayPal has been approved for this event. Click here to register.

Site Restrictions: Main site restriction - There can be open ground fires in designated and marked locations only. Fire Pits ( above ground ) are acceptable.

Autocrat's Information: HL Adair of Makyswell ( Catherine King ) PO Box # 805, Dillsboro, NC 28725, Telephone: (561) 315-7289, Email- adairaingheanmakyswell@gmail.com

Reservationist: Herr Wilhelm von Brandenburg ( Barry Branch), 3200 Vance Denton Road, Morganton, NC 28655, Telephone: 828-242-2728, Email: wilhelmvonbrandenburg@gmail.com

Directions: From I-95 in North Carolina - I-95 follow I-95 North to VA-40 W in Stony Creek. Take Exit #31 from I-95 N ( 4.6 miles) Get on I-85 S - Follow I-85 South and I-40 W to US-276 S/Russ Avenue, Waynesville. Take exit 102 from US-74 West and continue to your destination.

As you look around you will be surrounded by Waynesville, Canton, Maggie Valley, Sylva, Bryson City and just wonderful views of the Great Smoky Mountains.


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