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Tournament of Love and Beauty - Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday

February 11, 2017
Barony of Ponte Alto

Let all combatants from the baronies, cantons, shires, colleges, and border- marches that are in this most noble Kingdom of Atlantia and all other Known World Kingdoms know that on the 11th of February, in the Barony of Ponte Alto, there will be a very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with weapons of measure and tourney swords, in appropriate armor, with coats of arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom.

The winner of the tourney will "crown" their consort with the halo of Love and Beauty. Moreover, we entreat all who intend to participate in the tourney to bring with them their best displays of heraldic achievements, including banners, shields, surcoats and crests. Points earned within the Heraldic Displays competition will be added to the overall score of the respective fighter.

Inspections and authorizations will begin at 10:00 am with Tournament to begin promptly after. Prior to the start of the tournament there will be a Grand Procession of combatants and their consorts.

For those combatants who intend to participate in the tourney but do not have a consort for whom to fight, there will be a chance to bargain and gain the favor of a consort at 10:30am in the Barn.

This tournament is designed to feature the consorts of the tournament fighters. We encourage fighters to select a consort who may not have been fought for in the past, in order for them to enjoy a day of pageantry and medieval tournament. As such, we would prefer non-fighting consorts, but recognize that established couples may desire to fight for one another upon the field of battle.

An FAQ with information on the tournament format and scoring is posted here: http://pontealto.atlantia.sca.org/love-n-beauty/rules.php


Martial Activities: Armored and Rapier. For tournament format, please view the FAQ:


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