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Conquest of Granada

September 04- 07, 2015
Barony of Windmasters' Hill

**Please Note: Due to an issue with availability of our planned event site (Little River Trails), we have had to relocate to another event site (Optimist Farm). We apologize for any inconvenience that this has created.

Come with us to Medieval Spain, to the sweeping vistas of Andalusia as the Moors blend with the Europeans to create a vibrant culture singular in either Islamic or Christian lands. This event celebrates the contributions of one of our barony’s long-standing citizens to both his barony and his kingdom.  Join us for a full day of marshal, equestrian, archery, and artistic endeavors set in the great city of Granada, home of the Alhambra palace, as his household and barony say Thank You to Sir Rodrigo Falcone.  A  unique feast of Spanish tapas awaits as well as the music and revel of the annual Elephant Stomp.

Website:  http://windmastershill.org/conquest-at-granada/#site

Martial Activities:  MIC for this event is Sa’id ibn Ali ibn Yussef al Magrheb –  kingonadsAThotmail.com

Equestrian  Activities

Armored Activities

Attention Armored Fighters!  At the request of the Kingdom Knights Marshall, at our event we will be paying special attention to proper helmet padding. We will inspect every helmet for proper padding.  We ask all fighters to inspect their own helmets before arriving at our event to ensure that your helmet meets current Kingdom of Atlantia padding standards. We will have some simple repair materials on hand in the event that an issue is identified.

Rapier Activities

Archery Activities

Arts & Sciences Activities: 
Lady Eilon bat Miriam will be coordinating A&S Activities  – Eilon.bat.miriam[AT]gmail.com

Kitab al-I’tibar (Book of Instruction with illustrations) – This is a poetry competition where we ask you to bring Arab, Jewish or Spanish works appropriate to the event time period and location. Extra consideration should be given to the physical presentation of your poem.  Documentation and English translations are required because judges may not be familiar with all forms and languages.  Feel free to email the text in advance of the event to give the judges time to read and absorb.

Kitab of the Horse – Celebrate the horse in any form. Bring us your leads, your tack and barding. Bring us your images and words of horses and all the like. Minimum EZ-Doc Required. The populace will let their favorite be known.

Kitab of Games – Recreate your favorite game or page from Alfonzo X’s book of games in any format or media. Minimum EZ-Doc Required.

Kitab of Carved Stone or Mosaic – Anything in the time period and cultures of the event. Look for inspiration from the architecture of the Alhambra Palace. (http://www.alhambradegranada.org/en/info/galleryofphotographs.asp)

        Adult, Member:            $11.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Non-Member:    $16.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping
        Youth (7-17):               $7.00   Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-6):                  $0.00   Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Windmasters' Hill

Cost Notes:  Camping is FREE!  No additional cost for Equestrian participation.  No additional costs for merchants.

Site:  The Optimist Club Farm 2908 Optimist Farm Road Apex, NC 27539-7913. Site opens Friday 4pm, closes Monday 11am. Please Note: Due to an issue with availability of our planned event site (Little River Trails), we have had to relocate to another event site (Optimist Farm). We apologize for any inconvenience that this has created.

Hot and cold showers.  Site is wet No original containers please.

Site Restrictions:  Pets must be on leash and fires in approved areas only. Alcohol is permitted for those over the age of 21.

Feast Information:  A feast of both period and period-style Spanish tapas will be served.  Tapas, believed to be originally from Andalusia, are small appetizer-style dishes that can be hot or cold, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and eaten as a snack or combined to create a full meal.  "Tapas are small dishes meant to be shared by friends at tables and are often served with wine so please bring a bottle to feast if you are so inclined."

Bread and olive oil dipping sauce on the table throughout.

*egg sausage and onion empanadas
*grilled shrimp
*marinated olives (various)
*honey grilled chicken breast
*various cheeses

*Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon
*lamb meatballs
*stuffed mushrooms
*salt cured Tuna cut wafer thin
*Stewed broad beans and ham

*spanish ham on little breads with olives and oranges
*asparagus in Garlic sauce
*smoked fish
*Beef amoroso and rice
*roasted eggplant

Hibiscus tea and water to drink.

The head cook will be THL Jared the Potter (MKA) Bear Wellner ldjared[AT]hotmail.com. Please contact his with any food allergy questions.

Feast is limited to 80.  Once feast seats are sold out please contact the Reservationist to get on the “Feast Wait” list.

Merchanting Information: 
Please note we have no additional cost for camping and you can park your car right behind your merchant stall

Please send Merchant space requests to the Autocrat Lord Adelric Falke D_J_Newman[AT]yahoo.com

Please include the following information in your request:

Business Name:
 Size of Structure (with ropes please):
 Name of Contact Person:
 Email of Contact Person:

Other Information:  Windmasters’ Hill Baronial Champion Selections

Their Excellencies Baron Calixtus Gill and Baroness Adriana la Bretonne of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill will be selecting their Baronial Champions in the following disciplines:
Static Arts
Performing Arts

To be selected you must put forth your name, area of interest, and show that you have experience in two of the three pillars of our society, those being marshaled activity (including archery and equestrian), service, and the arts.

The elephant herd is on the move this year.  Yes, the Elephant Stomp will be held at the Conquest at Granada this year.  Come enjoy the hospitality of the Sir Falcone’s household at our annual party!

Autocrat's Information:  Adelric Falke (Darrell Newman), 4009 Quarry Hollow Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28306,  Phone: (910) 853-3024, E-mail:  D_J_Newman[AT]yahoo.com

Reservations:  Lady Dryfinna (Stephanie Taylor ), 3408 Cole Mill Road, Durham, NC 27712,  Phone: (919) 602-7643, E-mail:  aine0021[AT]gmail.com


From the North and East: take your best route to Raleigh, NC. Take Rte 440 (Raleigh beltline). Exit 298A will put you on Rte 401 South to Fayetteville and Garner. 1.4 miles down, the road forks; stay right. After 5.3 miles, take a right to Rte 1010. Go half a mile and turn left onto Lake Wheeler Rd. After 1.2 miles, turn right onto Optimist Farm Rd. The site is a mile down the road; there will be signs.

From the south: from Rte 95, go north and west on Rte 55. After passing through Fuquay-Varina, you will come to a light across from a Sheetz and an Exxon. Turn right; after 2.8 miles north, you will come to an intersection. Turn left onto Hilltop Needmore Road. Go .4 miles to the next light and turn right onto Lake Wheeler Road. Go 2.3 miles and turn left onto Optimist Farm Road. Go .9 miles and turn right into the site. There will be SCA signs.


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