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The Temptation of Atlantia Coronation of Signy and Cuan

March 31 (3 PM) -April 02 (2 PM), 2017
Kingdom of Atlantia

As we prepare to celebrate the Coronation of our new monarchs Atlantia's fate lies in the balance. The eight Vices and their Agents have awoken and have begun corrupting our populace. The eight Virtues are responding quickly to protect our fair kingdom. His Majesty Cuan has declared HIS PRIDE AND HIS FAITH in Atlantia and her people to Virtuous. However, Temptation questions the nature of Atlantian Pride and challenges that it is in truth a Vice.
Only you, the people of Atlantia, can secure Atlantia's fate.
Are you a Force for Vice or an Acolyte of Virtue?
Come and declare your allegiance!!!!
Everyone who attends the event will be provided an opportunity to be either an Acolyte of Virtue or a Force for Vice.
Temptation has devised a points system to determine whether Atlantia falls to Vice or emerges triumphant and Virtuous. Temptation's points system is as mysterious as the points any good wizarding school.

Website: http://gotvice.net http://gotvirtue.net

Martial Activities: Marshal activities:
Friday night: There will be both heavy and rapier torchlight round robin tournaments.
Saturday: There will be two tournaments, 1 on 1 and a three-man team, in each discipline.
Each Vice or Virtue will field at least one three man team and have at least one individual fighter in the singles tournament. There are no restrictions on the number of three man teams or on how many individuals a Vice or Virtue can field in the tournaments.

Tournaments will be run Bedford points style allowing everyone to fight as much as they wish. Fighters are encouraged to fight in multiple tournaments. Time permitting; the day will culminate in a Grand Melee.

The archery range will be open all day. Everyone (archer or not) is encouraged to shoot. Temptation has declared that for every hit on a target representing a particular Virtue or Vice a point will be deducted from that Virtue or Vice's total points. The more arrows you land on another's target, the fewer points the enemy will have!
Sunday: The field will be open until 1PM for fighter practice and unit fighting scenarios.

Arts & Sciences Activities: We will have numerous competitions where Virtue may battle Vice.
Friday night: Bardic Competition. Bards should come prepared to espouse the greatest elements of a Vice, Virtue or one of their many Agents.

An Atlantian Garb Runway Challenge - Come dressed as your favorite Virtue, Vice or one of their Agents.
Additional A&S competitions include: Best Individual Motivational Pennant (think poms poms, little flags or anything which shows your spirit), Best representation of a Hound & a Hare in any 3D medium, Best Adult beverage and as always the Scrivener Royal competition.

Adult, Member Discount: $17.00 Day-Trip $15.00 Feast $13.00 Camping
Adult, Event Registration: $22.00 Day-Trip $15.00 Feast $13.00 Camping
Youth (5-17): $8.00 Day-Trip $15.00 Feast $7.00 Camping
Child (0-4): $0.00 Day-Trip $15.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:
SCA, Inc., Kingdom of Atlantia

Cost Notes: Cabins complete with full showers and AC/heat are available for 13.00 for adults and 7.00 for all children.

Site: Site: Millstone 4-H Educational Center, 1296 Mallard Dr, Ellerbe, NC 28338. The site opens at 3 PM on Friday, March 31st and closes at 2PM on Sunday, April 2nd.

Site Restrictions: No pets and no open flame outside of the fire pits.

Feast Information: Event food is brought to you by Gluttony - Maestra Gracia Esperanca De Seville and begins Friday evening with select dishes. Availability starts after 9pm and is open to all.

Gluttony deems it only fit to provide lunch for all on Saturday and is included in your site fee.

Saturday evening's descent into Hedonism will include a 5 Course feast and is limited to 240 spaces, so reserve early. Questions regarding food allergies and concerns can be directed to Gluttony at Hutchings1111[AT]gmail.com.

Merchanting Information: All merchants are welcome. Please contact Baroness Emma West (email: EWestSCA[AT]gmail.com) to arrange space.

Other Information:
Extra fun stuff: Saturday after feast there will be an open party with free beer from the brewing competition, second bardic and/or dancing.

Autocrat's Information: Alesia Gillefalyn (Bonnie Harvey), 10428 Aberdale Way, Charlotte, NC 28273, Phone:(704) 293-4443, E-mail: alesiaglfyn[AT]gmail.com

Yenyega de Santurci (Vivan Morgan), 529 High St, Petersburg, VA 23803, Phone: (804) 382-5488, E-mail: vivanvaz42[AT]gmail.com


From the North: Locate your best route to NC 55. Take the NC-55/Avondale Dr exit, EXIT 177, toward US-15/US-501/Roxboro St/Downtown. Turn left onto NC-55/Avondale Dr. Turn right onto NC-55/N Alston Ave. NC-55 is just past Edward St. Merge onto NC-147 S via the ramp on the left toward Res Trl Pk/Airport/Raleigh (Portions toll). Merge onto NC-540 W toward Sanford (Portions toll). Merge onto NC-540 S via EXIT 66A on the left toward NC-55 E/Apex (Portions toll). Merge onto US-1 S via EXIT 56B toward Sanford. Turn right onto Caddell Rd. Caddell Rd is just past Bowen St. Keep left at the fork to continue on Caddell Rd. Keep right at the fork to continue on Caddell Rd. Caddell Rd becomes McDonald Church Rd. Turn right onto Millstone Rd. Turn right onto Mallard Dr (Portions unpaved). Mallard Dr is 0.5 miles past Millstone Rd.

From the South: Locate your best route to US 521. Take the US-521 N exit, EXIT 98, toward Camden/Camden Military Academy/Camden Airport/Steeplechase Industrial Park. Turn left onto US-521 N/Sumter Hwy. Continue to follow US-521 N. Turn right onto E Dekalb St/US-1 N/SC-34. Continue to follow US-1 N. US-1 N is 0.1 miles past Rutledge St. Turn slight right onto Market St/US-1 N/US-52 W/SC-9. Market St is 0.1 miles past Robbins St. Turn left onto 2nd St/US-1 N/US-52 W/SC-9. 2nd St is just past Wall St. Turn right onto Powell St/US-1 N/SC-Continue to follow US-1 N/SC-9. US-1 N is 0.1 miles past Kershaw St. Turn left onto Highway 1/US-1 N. Continue to follow US-1 N (Crossing into North Carolina). Stay straight to go onto US-220 N/S Hancock St. Continue to follow US-220 N. Stay straight to go onto I-74 W/I-73 N. Take the Millstone Rd/NC-73 W exit, EXIT 28. Turn right onto Millstone Rd. Turn left onto Mallard Dr (Portions unpaved). Mallard Dr is 0.5 miles past Gibson Mill Rd.

From the West: Locate your best route to NC-24. Stay straight to go onto Albemarle Rd/NC-27/NC-24. Continue to follow NC-27/NC-24. Turn right onto E Main St/NC-27/NC-24/NC-73. Continue to follow NC-27/NC-24/NC-73. NC-27 is 0.2 miles past Bird Rd. Turn slight right onto NC Highway 73 W/NC-73. NC Highway 73 W is 0.3 miles past Lake Tillery Rd. Turn right onto NC Highway 73 W/NC-73. Continue to follow NC-73. NC-73 is just past Maggie Dr. NC-73 becomes Pressley Ranklin Hwy. Stay straight to go onto Millstone Rd. Turn left onto Mallard Dr (Portions unpaved). Mallard Dr is 0.5 miles past Gibson Mill Rd.


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