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Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday & Investiture

February 19- 21, 2021
Barony of Raven's Cove


Cypress Creek Community Center.
403 Back Swamp Rd,
NC 28574


2021-02-19 to 2021-02-21
(Site opens at: 5:00 PM, Site closes at: 12:00 PM )

Site Restrictions:

Above ground fire pits only. All animals must remain on leash at all times. Please take trash with you. Park only in designated area(s). Smoking not allowed within 50 feet of buildings, tents or gathered people.

Alcohol Allowed: Yes

Martial Activities: Armored | Rapier | Target Archery | Thrown Weapons


Edan Lowery (Heather Rardin).
309 Rock Creek Drive South,
NC 28540.
Phone: ((910)) 803-462.
Email: rardinhj AT hotmail.com
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