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War College

May 15- 17, 2020
Barony of Sacred Stone


Elchenburg Castle Farm.
2239 Center Road,
NC 27011


2020-05-15 to 2020-05-17
(Site opens at: 6 PM, Site closes at: 12 PM )

Site Restrictions:

All pets much be leashed. All garbage must be removed by campers, upon leaving. No driving/parking in restricted areas/leach field

Alcohol Allowed: Yes

Martial Activities: Armored | Rapier | Combat Archery


Mistress Hrefna in rauda Thorgrimsdottir (Jean Wagner).
616 N Mendenhall St,
NC 27401.
Phone: (336) 549-6020.
Email: a.redswanne AT gmail.com
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