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Atlantian Spring Crown Tournament (Postponed to Post COVID-19 Restrictions)


May 2, 2020
Kingdom of Atlantia


Loudoun County Fairgrounds.
17558 Dry Mill Rd,
VA 20175


2020-05-02 to 2020-05-02
(Site opens at: 8 AM, Site closes at: 9 AM )

Site Restrictions:

- NO Pets Allowed. - Responsible consumption of Alcohol within VA ABC Rules Below is allowed. For Detailed and Specific VA ABC Alcohol rules for this site, please visit our event Site Page. Multiple Copies will also be posted at the event site.

Alcohol Allowed: Yes

Martial Activities: Armored


Adelric Falke (Darrell Newman).
28 West Hampton Court,
VA 22554.
Phone: ((((910)))) 745.
Email: D_J_Newman AT yahoo.com

Event Description:

Our Kingdom is without Heir’s. Their Royal Majesties of Atlantia have declared the holding of a Tournament of might and skill to determine you shall inherit our Kingdom should they fall. Therefore have They issued a call for the fighters of Atlantia to meet in the Barony of Stierbach that they may display their honor and their prowess in a grand tourney as they vie for the privilege of serving as Prince and Princess of this realm until such time as the Crown itself shall pass into their hands.

Website: http://www.stierbach.org/index.php/spring-crown

FightingCrown Tourney will be the main martial activity of the day. For full details on that tourney see the Crown Tourney section of the event website. All fighters are encouraged to come forth in their best field garb and armor with all the heraldic panoply they can to do honor to their inspiration in the presence of the Crown. Prior to the tourney there will be a formal procession of the combatants and their inspirations appropriately heralded into the lists so all may be aware of the identities of all fighters and those who inspire them. (Heralds will be provided for those who do not already have them.) Field Space Request: Please send all field space requests to Geoffrey Athos Von Ulm (MKA Jeffrey M. Ulmer) jmu1861@aol.com
Arts & Sciences:Antlantia Tempore: https://sites.google.com/site/ atlantianascompetitions/home/tempore-atl antia
Feast:There will be no Feast at this event. There will be a Hospitality Table available at no additional cost; but will only be available until it is gone.
Merchanting:Merchants are welcome! Please contact the Autocrat.
Other:We have obtained hotel Block Reservations at a discounted rate at the Spring Hill Suites in Ashburn, details below. You must contact the hotel to make reservation yourself. SpringHill Suites Ashburn Dulles North 20065 Lakeview Center Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147 703-723-9300 (See event web site for additional hotel reservation information)

Adult Member Registration$15.00
Adult Non-Member Registration$20.00
Youth (5-17)$7.00
Child (0-4)$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Stierbach
Cost Notes:Refunds: Refunds will be in accordance with section 6 of the Barony of Stierbach Financial Policy (http://www.stierbach.org/archive/Stierb ach_Financial_Policy_rev6-8.pdf) PayP al is on-line for Pre-Reg for this event. The Hospitality Table will be available at no additional cost; but will only be available until it is gone.
Site:Site: Loudon County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175. Site opens 730am, closes 7pm.
Site Restrictions:Site Restrictions: - NO pets allowed - Responsible consumption of Alcohol within VA ABC Rules. VA ABC Banquet (Special Event) License #571212 Alcohol may only be consumed on this site either in the Green Barn or around the exterior of the list field within the vicinity of the pavilions. Under no circumstances will the consumption of alcohol be permitted on the list field or in the parking areas. A complete list of the VA ABC rules is available on our event website and will be posted at multiple locations during the event including at the Gate.
Autocrat:Adelric Falke (Darrell Newman), 28 Westhampton Court, Stafford, VA 22554, Phone: (910) 745-5741, E-mail: D_J_Newman@yahoo.com
Reservations:Baronessa Maddelena (Nancy Stengel), 12039 Bridle Post Pl, Manassas, VA 20112, Phone: (919) 614-0538, E-mail: maddnancyATaolDOTcom

Google Maps Directions to the Site: http://loudouncountyfair.com/directions.html or Find your best route to Leesburg, VA, the Loudoun County Fairgrounds at 17564 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA   
Note: Be aware some of these roads are very narrow and winding. The event's entrance will be marked with SCA signage

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