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War of the Wings XIII

October 17- 21, 2018
Kingdom of Atlantia

Site: Elchenburg Castle. 2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27011

Site Restrictions: Pets are allowed but must be controlled at all times and policed. This is a Primitive Camping Site. We try our best to help and accommodate but folks with significant mobility challenges or who need access to electricity should contact the Disabilities Coordinator to determine if the site will be appropriate for them. This is a wet site, modern laws concerning alcohol apply. Violation is cause for being removed from the site. Ground fires and sumps are allowed but must be filled in and coals, rocks, remains of wood, burnt and unburnt, removed to the trees. Fire Extinguishers are required for ground fires.

Martial Activities: Armored | Rapier | Target Archery | Combat Archery | Thrown Weapons | Equestrian | Youth Combat

Autocrat: Duchess Luned of Snowdon (Diane Stevens). 488 Bibey Road, Carthage, NC 28327. Phone: (910) 6033976. Email: duchessluned AT gmail.com

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