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If you have any additions to this page, please let the webminister know at pennsic AT atlantia.sca.org

From Their Majesties of Atlantia

Please join Us on Sunday, Aug 2 to show the Might and Beauty of Atlantia in Pennsic's Opening Ceremonies. Details are subject to change but the plan right now is as follows. We ask the Populace to meet Us in Atlantian Royal by 8:15 am. Depending on the weather, We expect to march to the Battlefield or the Great Hall by 8:30. We will stand with Our cousins AEthelmearc and boldly meet those who challenge the Peace of the Known World.

From the Kingdom Chronicler

Greetings Atlantians All!

For those of you lucky enough to make it to the Pennsic Wars, your Kingdom Chronicler bids you a fun war filled with many adventures and stories, no injuries, and wishes she was there! I would LOVE if you would SEND me some of those “I was there… “ stories for the Acorn. I would need them during War Week please… you can send them to me via email to chronicler@atlantia.sca.org, or via facebook, or even text them to at (910) 548-3510. If you do, I would be appreciative and will print them (family friendly, of course!) just please provide me with your information of title, full scadian name and modern name. The modern name will not be published. If you have pictures for me, send those too! Same thing on them, send me what the pictures are of, and who took them, your title, full scadian name and modern name. Again, I need them during war week to be able to be in the September Acorn.

Happy Hunting all – “Boot to the Head!”

In Service,

Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne, OP

Summary of Atlantian Activities:

  • Opening Ceremonies - Sunday, 08/02/2015, at 09:00 AM on the Battlefield
  • Atlantian Bardic Night - Wednesday, 08/05/2015, at 07:00 PM at the Atlantian Royal Encampment
  • Children's Fete - Wednesday, 08/05/2015, from 12:00 - 03:00 PM at the Barn
  • Children's Water Battle - Fort
  • Atlantian Royal Court - Thursday, 08/06/2015, at 07:00 PM at Atlantian Royal
  • Atlantian Social - Thursday, 08/06/2015, at 08:00 PM at Atlantian Royal

Baronial Courts:

  • Bright Hills           -  Sunday, 08/02/2015, at 01:00 PM following Opening Ceremonies
  • Highland Foorde  -  Tuesday, 08/04/2015, at 07:00 PM at the Highland Foorde Encampment
  • Lochmere             -  Sunday, 08/02/2015 at 07:00 PM at the Lochmere Encampment
  • Marinus                -  Wednesday, 08/05/2015 at 07:00 PM at the Marinus Encampment
  • Ponte Alto            -  Wednesday, 08/05/2015 at 06:00 PM at the Ponte Alto Encampment
  • Sacred Stone        -  Wednesday, 08/05/2015, at 06:00 PM at the Atlantian Royal Encampment
  • Stierbach              -  Wednesday, 08/05/2015, at 06:00 PM at the Stierbach Encampment
  • Windmaster's Hill -  Tuesday, 08/04/2015, at 06:00 PM at the Windmasters' Hill Encampment

Known Vigils and Elevations:

  • Order of Defense Vigil Village - Tuesday, 08/04/2015, from 07:00 PM - ?? at The Fort
    Elevation Ceremony - Wednesday, 08/05/2015, at 09:30 AM on the Rapier Field
  • Ragnveig Snorradottir - Tuesday, 08/04/2015, at 08:30 PM at the Guild of St Expeditus Camp (N17)
  • Margherita Battistina - Tuesday, 08/04/2015 at 09:00 PM at the Dance Tent
    Elevation Ceremony - Thursday, 08/06/2015, at 09:00 PM at the Dance Tent
  • Esther Pickering - Wednesday, 08/05/2015, 07:00 PM  at Camp Vair and Ermine
    Elevation Ceremony - to be held at Atlantian Royal Court
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