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Web MInister 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.11 MB Download 2,617

WebministerWhile Kingdoms have coined many names for the office of Webminister the only officially recognized title is Webminister, and serves as an SCA-equivalent to “webmaster”.

Atlantian Royalty 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-28 File Size 16.81 MB Download 4,060
Atlantia - King: Shaded Atlantia - King: Flat atlantia queen shadow 100 atlantia queen 100 Atlantia - Prince: Shaded Atlantia - Prince: Flat atlantia princess shadow 100 atlantia princess 100

The Royal Peers of Atlantia receive a Patent of Arms (PoA) at Their decoronation provided the Monarch stepping down did not already have a PoA or Bestowed Peerage prior to Their coronation.

This set contains 2 variants of the heraldry (Regular and shaded) for the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Atlantia. It also contains the Adobe Illustrator file used to create them.

Ravens Cove 2015-06-29 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-29 File Size 5.64 MB Download 3,805
This is the corrected Raven's Cove Heraldry with the corrected counter-change. Please download again, if you have the old version where the laurel leaves are Green, that was incorrect.
Ravens Cove -- ShadedRavens Cove
Date 2015-07-21 File Size 23.34 KB Download 2,633

Request for Release from Filing Waiver Materials

Date 2015-09-14 File Size 51.9 KB Download 3,099
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 21.07 KB Download 2,659
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 52.66 KB Download 2,723
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 56.49 KB Download 3,175
Date 2015-12-02 File Size 4.71 KB Download 2,521
Date 2019-05-22 File Size 79.18 KB Download 573
Date 2020-08-05 File Size 249.6 KB Download 228

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

Date 2020-10-26 File Size 87.24 KB Download 481

Reopening Atlantia—Supplemental Policies for Martial Activities Version 1.2

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