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Date 2015-07-21 File Size 27.38 KB Download 674

Adult Equestrian Waiver for Georgia

Date 2015-07-28 File Size 20.5 KB Download 599

Member Support Petitions

Date 2015-06-28 File Size 6.39 KB Download 1,166
Herald 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.24 MB Download 791


Encompassing all of the warranted heralds in Atlantia, the College of heralds and its members strive to bring heraldic excellence to the people of Atlantia. Through education, consultation, and the rendering of heraldic services; Atlantia's heralds are dedicated to promoting the proper use of heraldry throughout the entire Kingdom.

Lochmere 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-28 File Size 6.04 MB Download 800

Lochmere -- ShadedLochmere

Date 2015-06-19 File Size 811.05 KB Download 1,008

By the Grace of Their Majesties of Atlantia, Ragnarr Blackhammer and Lynette Semere, the following document is an updated issue of The Atlantian Great Book of Law, which is an official publication for the Kingdom of Atlantia, part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.) It is provided for your information and may be reproduced locally. In case of a discrepancy between The Atlantian Great Book of Law maintained by the Kingdom Clerk of Law, and reproduced copies or electronic versions, The One True Atlantian Great Book of Law held on the Kingdom web site and maintained by The Clerk of Law has precedence.

Date 2015-07-21 File Size 27.79 KB Download 627

Adult Equestrian Waiver for Maryland & DC

Date 2015-07-28 File Size 82.71 KB Download 428

The Full New Branches Workbook

Date 2015-06-28 File Size 463.91 KB Download 1,601
Marshals (All) 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.66 MB Download 817
MarshalMarshal ArcheryMarshal Combat ArcheryMarshal EquineMarshal Rapier
  • Those practicing in the field of armored combat take up arms and armor in chivalric combat.
  • Equestrian activities include mounted archery, quintain, jousting, and others upon a horse.
  • Those skilled with a rapier practice of the noble art of Fencing.
  • This destructive art brings early technological warfare onto the battle field.
  • Those that practice target archery within the SCA seek to better their skill of the Bow in civilian pursuit.
  • Using axe, knife or spear are the tools that practice the ancient art of thrown weapons.
  • Be it in armored or rapier, our next generation learn the art of combat.
Marinus 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-29 File Size 3.65 MB Download 822
The Atlantian Book of Policy 2015-02 (February) --
Date 2015-06-19 File Size 720.34 KB Download 1,446

By the Grace of Their Majesties of Atlantia, Michael and Seonaid, this is the updated Atlantian Book of Policy, being a compilation of the Policies of the Great Officers of State of the Kingdom of Atlantia. Atlantia is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and this Policy is published as a service to the SCA’s membership. Subscriptions (available only to members) are $35 per year. Memberships are available from the Office of the Registry, SCA, Inc., P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 65036-0789. All changes of address or questions about subscriptions should be sent to the Registry.

Date 2015-07-21 File Size 27.09 KB Download 652

Adult Equestrian Waiver for North Carolina

Date 2015-07-28 File Size 37.5 KB Download 833

New Branch Application form

Date 2015-07-02 File Size 22.01 KB Download 944
Minister of the List 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.17 MB Download 802

Minister of the List

A Minister of the List (MoL) is someone who helps organize, complete, and maintain the paperwork needed to track fighters’ authorizations and run combat scenarios at events. They are the people sitting at the table on the side of the list field signing in combatants, checking authorization cards, recording authorizations, and filling out all those lovely forms necessary to keep fighting in Atlantia running smoothly.

Nottinghill Coill 2015-06-29 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-29 File Size 8.72 MB Download 858
Nottinghill Coill -- ShadedNottinghill Coill
Date 2015-06-18 File Size 190.07 KB Download 604

Every branch in Atlantia, regardless of size, is strongly advised to maintain a warranted Chatelain(e), Hospitaller, or Castellan for their branch to assist in new member recruitment, education, acclimatization and retention. Chatelains are expected to assist the seneschal regarding the media, promotional demonstrations (demos), and educational programs for new members.

The term Chatelain shall be used to refer to both male and female officers in law and policy. In this document, the term Chatelain shall also refer to Hospitaller and Castellan.

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