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7.1 Event Registration Requirements

All events held in the Kingdom of Atlantia must have a properly completed Event Registration Form registered with the Kingdom Calendar Coordinator to be considered an official event.

  • Event Registration Forms must follow the timelines for required information as defined in the Kingdom Seneschal’s Policy.
  • Additional procedures for registering events and timeline requirements for event flyers are part of the Kingdom Seneschal’s policy.

7.2 Event fee Disclosure Requirement

All event fliers must identify all fees that will be collected from attendees, including any non-member surcharge fees, in accordance with Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Policy.

7.3 Kingdom Events Defined

A Kingdom Event is one held under Royal Patronage to carry out some purpose of state or to celebrate occasions of special note.

  • Kingdom Events are held on specified reserved weekends. A Kingdom Event can be protected or non-protected as defined in Kingdom Law.
  • The Kingdom Event Bid Committee shall accept bids from any branch, group or individual within the borders of the Kingdom interested in hosting a Kingdom Event. Such bids must meet the provisions defined in Kingdom Seneschal policy.
  • Kingdom Events shall rotate in accordance with the schedule and parameters set forth in the Kingdom Seneschal policy.

7.4 Kingdom Events Bid Committee

The Kingdom Events Bid Committee shall consist of three members:

  • The Kingdom Event Bid Coordinator, the committee chair, in accordance with 5.14.6.
  • One appointed by the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  • One appointed by the Crown. The member appointed by the Crown must be a member of a Peerage.
      1. Kingdom Event Bid Committee Tenure and Renewal Terms

        The initial term of office is hereby defined as three (3) years. Other than the Kingdom Event Bid Coordinator, whose tenure is defined by section 5.5, subsequent renewal terms are two (2) years. Members who wish to serve an additional term may request it. The request must be approved by the appropriate Great Officer of State, the Crown, and the other Committee members.

      2. Kingdom Event Bid Committee Member Removal

        Any member of the Kingdom Event Bid Committee may be removed with the consent of the appointing officer (Kingdom Seneschal or, the Kingdom Exchequer), and the Crown.

7.5 Kingdom Events Reserved Weekends

Kingdom Events and the weekends reserved for them are defined within Kingdom Law and may deviate from this schedule only if absolutely necessary and with the approval of the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.

  • Should a Kingdom Event be scheduled differently than provided for within Kingdom law, any protected status shall not apply. The 150 mile driving requirement between events is still in force.

7.6 Protected Kingdom Events Defined

A Protected Kingdom Event occurs only on a Kingdom reserved weekend. No Society event published in the Kingdom newsletter shall be held in the Kingdom on a protected event reserved weekend without the permission of the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.

7.7 Protected Kingdom Events and Their Weekends

Protected Kingdom Events are:

  • Twelfth Night - held on the second Saturday in January
  • Spring Coronation - held on the first Saturday in April, unless this is an Easter weekend, then it is moved to the second Saturday in April
  • Spring Crown Tournament - held on the first Saturday in May
  • Fall Coronation - held on the first Saturday in October
  • Fall Crown Tournament – held on the first Saturday in November, unless the first Saturday falls on November 1st, then it is moved to the second Saturday in November.

7.8 Non-Protected Kingdom Events Defined

A Non-Protected Kingdom Event is held on a Kingdom Reserved Weekend. No Society event published in the Kingdom newsletter shall be held within 150 miles of a non-protected Kingdom Event. Other events cannot be scheduled until a site for the Kingdom Event has been selected.

7.9 Non-Protected Kingdom Events and Their Weekends

Non-Protected Kingdom Events are:

  • Winter University - held on the first Saturday in February
  • Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival - held on the first Saturday in March
  • The Tournament of the Golden Rose – held on the third Saturday in April
  • Summer University - held on the second Saturday in June
  • Fall University - held on the third Saturday in September
  • Unevent - held on the first Saturday in December
  • Any other events which may be specially designated by the Crown

7.10 Kingdom Event Rotations

The following Kingdom events should rotate among the Southern, Central and Northern Regions of the Kingdom and in accordance with and as defined in Kingdom Seneschal Policy.

      1. Events that rotate in conjunction with each other:
        • Coronation - Spring
        • Crown Tournament – Spring
        • Coronation – Fall
        • Crown Tournament - Fall
      2. Events that rotate independently:
        • Kingdom Twelfth Night
        • Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival
        • Unevent
      3. Events with special provisions:
        • University
        • Tournament of the Golden Rose
      4. The Kingdom Event Bid committee shall do their best to avoid dual and/or repetitive events in the same state.
      5. Kingdom events shall rotate between three areas as prescribed in Kingdom Seneschal Policy.

7.11 Financial Responsibility for Kingdom Events

      1. The Kingdom shall endeavor to be the sponsor for all Kingdom Level Events.
      2. Branches which host a Kingdom Event shall receive a portion of the profits of the event in accordance with Kingdom Seneschal’s Policy and Kingdom Financial Policy.
      3. Expenses for conducting Unevent may be funded from the Kingdom, the hosting branch, or shared between them, as defined in the Event Bid and accepted by both the Atlantian Council of the Exchequer and the Financial Committee of the hosting branch.

7.12 Other Branch Events

Once a branch has submitted a fully completed Event Registration Form to the Kingdom Calendar Coordinator no other branch may register an event within 150 driving miles of the first scheduled event. This distance shall be calculated over the most widely traveled route (site to site).


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