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The Kingdom Royal Notables are selected for excellence in their field. They are expected to combine excellence of product or performance with a reasonable attempt at period materials and/or style.

E.1 Duties and Responsibilities of Kingdom Royal Notables

The Kingdom Royal Notables are expected to encourage the disciplines for which they are selected. Suggested goals and duties are:

  • Services in their discipline for the Crown.
  • Sponsoring at least two competitions in their field during their tenure.
  • Working with Branch Officers to encourage the growth of their discipline.
  • Teaching in such venues as are available and reasonable.

E.2 Kingdom Royal Notables

  • E.2.1 The Royal Bard for excellence in the individual performance of any of the following fields: Singing, Instrumental music, Poetic rendition, Storytelling. The Royal Bard is encouraged to be proficient in at least two of these fields. One or two bards will serve at the same time, depending on the whim of the Crown.
  • E.2.2 The Royal Brewerfor excellence in making beer, ale, mead, wine, or other period alcoholic beverages.
  • E.2.3 The Poeta Atlantia for excellence in composition of poetry in at least two period forms.
  • E.2.4 The Scrivener Royal for excellence in calligraphy and illumination, and acts as the personal scribe of the Crown. The Scrivener Royal shall serve a term of six months and the competition to choose a new Scrivener Royal shall be held at Coronation. The Scrivener Royal must work in close cooperation with the Clerk of the Signet, ensuring the Clerk Signet is aware of all scribal tasks that have been assigned by the Crown.
  • E.2.5 The Royal Baker for excellence in producing baked goods such as breads, cakes, pastries, and wafers. The baker shall be proficient in at least two period types of baking.
  • E.2.6 The Royal Archer for their excellence on the archery ranges. The Royal Archer is to be chosen each year by right of arms. The outgoing Royal Archer shall conduct, and not participate in, an archery shoot open to all at an event where archery is the focus of the day. The top eight scoring archers from Atlantia at that archery event, who so choose to compete for the title, shall compete in a single elimination tournament. At the discretion of the Crown, the winner of the tournament shall become the new Royal Archer.

E.3 Creation of a Kingdom Royal Notable

The Crown may choose to modify the list of Notables in consultation with the Great Officers of State to encourage any discipline they see fit.

E.4 Tenure of a Kingdom Royal Notable

The Atlantian Kingdom Notables are positions held in service to the Crown of Atlantia for the tenure of one year, except where noted otherwise.

E.5 Selection of Kingdom Royal Notables

Royal Notable competitions are held annually at Kingdom Level Events, unless the Crown sees need to do otherwise.

  • Competitions shall be run by the current Royal Notable, as a representative of the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great Officer of State.
  • If the Royal Notable is unable to run the competition for their successor, the Crown, in consultation with the appropriate Great Officer of State, will designate a proxy to run the competition.
  • Competitions should be announced on the Kingdom Announcements List and in the Kingdom newsletter’s electronic addendum at least twice before the event where the competition takes place.
  • The current Royal Notable, in conjunction with the appropriate Great Officer of State, will set the details of the competition and judging standards. Judges should be drawn from the following:
    • The Crown or their proxy
    • The Heirs or their proxy
    • The appropriate Great Officer of State or their proxy
    • The current Royal Notable
    • Additional judges may be chosen at the discretion of the Royal Notable
    • In no case should there be fewer than three judges.

E.6 Removal of Kingdom Royal Notables

The Crown may remove a Notable at Their discretion. If the Notable is unable to complete his or her term or is removed early for any reason, the Crown shall direct the appropriate Great Officer of State to hold a competition at the next convenient Kingdom Level Event, or the Crown may choose a successor.


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