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10.1 Use of Non-Period Items

      1. Obviously non-period items such as soda cans, modern chairs and coolers, shall be covered or disguised.
      2. Smoking is forbidden in the central area of a Society event.
        • The central area of an event is defined as any area where people must be present in order to participate in the event, such as the hall where a feast is taking place, or the lists and the area surrounding them during a tournament.
        • Smoking is permitted in the interior of a pavilion only with the express permission of the owner of the pavilion.
      3. The use of flash bulbs is forbidden in the central area of a Society event.
        • The autocrat, the Crown (if present), and the Territorial Baronage (if present), should be consulted before any photography using flash bulbs takes place.
        • Photography with flash bulbs is permitted in the interior of a pavilion only with the owner's permission, and only if this use of a flash bulb will not disturb anyone in the main area of an event.

10.2 Clothing Restrictions

With the exception of the Society requirement as stated in Corpora for pre-17th Century style, there are no restrictions concerning clothing in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

10.3 Appearance on the List Field

All equipment or clothing used by participants on the list field must either have a pre-17th Century appearance or be covered in a manner to present such an appearance.

  • The purpose of this law is not to exclude participants from the list, but to encourage the historical appearance of events. These rules shall be applied with discretion and good judgement to encourage rather than to discourage.
  • Participants who are residents of another kingdom are considered our guests and are exempt from this ruling provided they meet Society minimum standards.
  • Newly transplanted subjects of Atlantia are to be granted a four month period of time to come into compliance with these laws.

10.4 Assumption of Titles and Rank

The assumption of titles of rank equivalent to the reserved titles is forbidden. Those claiming ecclesiastical offices may not claim any territorial jurisdiction.


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