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Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.
      1. Atlantia uses the Society Target Archery Rules, found at: http://sca.org/ with the following changes & clarifications:
      2. Equipment Standards
        1. Marshals may make exceptions to the equipment standards on a temporary basis for new archers & children. These exceptions must be reported to the Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Target Archery. No one falling under these exceptions can win a competition or score official rounds.
        2. Compound bows and compound crossbows are not allowed.
        3. Center-shot crossbows are not allowed. A center-shot crossbow is where the bolt passes through the prod, or between two parts of a split prod. It does not matter how little of a center-shot this is.
        4. Non-period trackless crossbows are not allowed. Trackless crossbows have their string suspended in mid-air, and do not ride on a shelf.
        5. Crossbows with a modern pistol grip, modern rifle or air-rifle-style stock are not allowed.
        6. Bow quivers (ones that attach to the bow or crossbow) are not allowed.
      3. Procedure & Marshalling Standards
        1. Equipment Inspection
          1. At all SCA activities, bows & ammo must be inspected by the marshal in charge or their designee before being used.
          2. Hand bows should be brought to the marshal unstrung. Crossbows can be left strung.
          3. At an event with 20 or more archers, stickers shall be used to mark bows that have been inspected.
          4. Marshals shall not inspect their own equipment, unless they are the only marshal present.
        2. Safety Zones
          1. Safety zones need to be clearly marked off. However, visually obvious safety zones (such as a field full of targets with ample space between them), are allowable.
          2. At a minimum, each shooting station will have a safety zone that extends 30 degrees from each end of the shooting line to a line even with the furthest target, or 50 yards, whichever is closer. The zone will then extend straight back from those points for 40 yards, or half the distance from the shooting line to the target, whichever is greater. A larger safety zone is recommended if possible.
          3. Physical barriers such as a hill, permanent solid backstop, a wall, etc can be used to reduce the amount of safety zone needed. However, the barrier must completely cover the safety zone in order to count. A small barrier that could be shot around is not sufficient.
          4. Archery netting can not be used to reduce safety ranges, but is encouraged to help archers recover missed arrows.
        3. Bows & Crossbows may not be carried downrange.
        4. A marshal may shoot while marshalling upon their own discretion based upon the current situation.
        5. The Atlantian Royal Round is used as the official ranking system of Atlantian archers. Specific rules on running this shoot, and recording the scores, are found at the Kingdom Archery website: http://archery.atlantia.sca.org/
        6. An archery marshal from each local group must send reports quarterly about the state of archery within their group, and after each event to the Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Target Archery.
      4. Traditional Rulings

        Archery has a long tradition in Atlantia. Many standards have developed that archers are used to obeying. When these standards are changed without warning, situations may occur. Therefore, the following rulings shall be considered always in effect, UNLESS the marshal running the particular shoot specifies otherwise. Marshals are encouraged, but not required, to publish any changes to these rulings in advance.

        1. Archers are to straddle the shooting line. Those that sit, kneel, etc are to keep the point of their ammo in the same line as the standing archers when at full draw.
        2. When an arrow breaks or just touches a dividing line between two scoring zones on a target, it should be scored in the archer's favor.
        3. On speed/timed shoots, the call to shoot shall begin with the command 'loose', and end with the command 'hold'. Archer's may fire from the 'L' of loose, to the 'D' of hold. For each arrow let loose before or after this timing, the archer will forfeit the highest scoring arrow on the target.
        4. During a timed shoot that calls out multiple targets, the archer may loose a shaft at the last target called until the next target is called. This means that an arrow might be fired at the first target then hit after the second target has been called, but still be considered good.
        5. When archers are grouped by their Atlantian Rank, it is by the archer's current average (not permanent rank) for the bow type that the archer is shooting that day. An archer who knows that they are shooting better than their current average indicates, may wish to let the marshal know this and place them in a higher category.
        6. Archers are allowed to switch bows during a competition.
        7. Firing more than one shaft at a time is allowed. Archers must demonstrate competency in this technique to the marshal prior to performing it.
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