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This page contains information to help you and your local branch run smoothly.

Topics to the right link to information that will get you started in the search process. To avoid duplication, while providing easy access, some links may take you to another page where the topic can be covered in greater detail.

Please remember that your regional seneschal is available to help you or answer questions. You can find your regional seneschal's information in the Seneschal Directory.

If there is additional information that you feel should be added to this page, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal.


A branch seneschal has two (2) primary responsibilities:

  • Maintain branch status according to corporate guidelines
    This information can be found in the Society and Kingdom Laws and Policy page from the Clerk of Law website. Of particular interest are sections 1.1 and 1.2 of the Seneschal's Policy which outline the duties and requirements of the branch Seneschal. Another helpful tool for standard procedures is The Society Seneschal's Handbook.
  • Practice appropriate conflict resolution
    This requires effective communication skills. Do not be the source of conflict. If you need help, contact your regional deputy.


Shire of Border Vale Keep

(01/17) Jason of Border Vale Keep
(Jason Shealey)
Phone: (229) 325-5398
Email: jdshealey AT hotmail.com


Barony of Bright Hills

(10/18) Ailis inghean ui Bhriain
(Erin Scimeca)
Phone: (443) 857-2849
Email: ailisingheanuibhriain AT gmail.com

Barony of Dun Carraig

(03/19) Master Christopher MacCunning
(Christopher Cunning)
Email: cunning.christopher AT gmail.com

Barony of Highland Foorde

(08/18) Lord Lughaidh Ó Murchadha
(Andrew Tobin)
Email: hfseneschal AT highland-foorde.atlantia.sca.org

Barony of Lochmere

(09/18) Baron Kryss Kostarev
(Frank Felix)
Phone: (808) 356-9567
Email: lthrgryphn AT gmail.com

Shire of Roxbury Mill

(05/19) Lady Nyvein Dyfnawal
(Rachel Lipsy)
Email: persnicketydolphin AT gmail.com

Shire of Spiaggia Levantina

(09/17) Meleri
(Melanie Walker)
Email: teacherwalker AT live.com

Barony of Storvik

(09/18) Mistress Graciela de Esperanza
(Graciela Hutchings)
Email: hutchings1111 AT gmail.com

North Carolina

Shire of Cathanar

(11/19) Otto Mueller
(Marc Bergmueller)
680 Goose Creek Rd, New Bern, NC, 28562
Phone: (252) 626-0177
Email: mbergmueller AT hotmail.com

Barony of Hawkwood

(04/19) Lord Robert Leftehand of Weymouth
(Robert Putnam)
Phone: (828) 421-5865
Email: n-scale-ns AT morrisbb.net

Barony of Raven's Cove

(02/19) Hlaford Ulfbeorn AElfweardes
(Abrahm Polaski)
Phone: (910) 543-7650
Email: ravensseneschal AT gmail.com

Barony of Sacred Stone

(09/19) Mistress Fiona MacLeod
(Andrea Davis)
Phone: (336) 491-6579
Email: seneschal AT sacredstone.atlantia.sca.org

Canton of Aire Faucon

(Lisa Weekly)
Phone: (614) 348-9689
Email: just.kit AT gmail.com

Canton of Charlesbury Crossing

(09/18) Lady Amira al-Madaniyya
(Tammy Mullins)
Phone: (864) 320-6997
Email: tammyr12871 AT yahoo.com

Canton of Crois Brigte

(03/18) Mistress Gisela vom Kreuzbach
(Kate Rauhauser-Smith)
Email: gisela.vomkreuzbach AT gmail.com

Canton of Middlegate

(07/19) Hælfdige Annora Hall
(Kathy Murphy Alma)
1123 Summer Pl, Greensboro, NC, 27410
Phone: (336) 391-2669
Email: annorahall AT yahoo.com

Canton of Salesberie Glen

(02/18) Lord Gawain de Barri
(Colin Bulla)
Phone: (704) 999-3418
Email: chbulla AT gmail.com

Shire of Seareach

(09/19) Lady Marie Marschalc
(Marie Marshall)
Email: marieismarshall AT gmail.com

Barony of Windmasters' Hill

(08/18) Lady Rowan of Hawkridge
(Elizabeth Moss)
Phone: (248) 840-5717
Email: seneschal AT windmastershill.org AT

Canton of Attilium

(04/17) Lord Oissene naCeen macBascind
(Jay Ozment)
Email: oissene AT embarqmail.com

Canton of Buckston-on-Eno

(03/19) Jack of Windmaster's Hill
(John Stech)
Email: jstechsca AT gmail.com

Canton of Elvegast

(03/19) Maelgwn Morgant
(Mark Morgan)
Email: morganmark AT hotmail.com

Canton of Kapellenberg

(07/18) Tassin Navetier
(Jason Hescheles)
Email: jihescheles AT gmail.com

Canton of Nimenefeld

(11/17) Lord Marcus de Rath
(Jerry Bonham)
Email: ebquija AT gmail.com

South Carolina

Barony of Nottinghill Coill

(07/17) Dame Morwenna Trevethan
(Marie Frazer)
Phone: (803) 652-7230
Email: bwahaha AT spiritcom.net

Canton of Brockore Abbey

(06/17) Azzah al Nadirah
(Jennifer Spann)
Phone: (803) 233-4714
Email: wjspann AT earthlink.net

Canton of Cydllan Downs

(06/18) Baron Geldamar le faceur
(David White)
Phone: (803) 319-6468
Email: geldamar AT aol.com

Canton of Falconcree

(10/18) Meadhbh ingean Thaidgh ui Dohmnaill
(Shannon Keys)
Phone: (864) 419-2864
Email: ldypyrate AT gmail.com

Canton of Ritterwald

(05/19) Baroness Ariel Benne Douw
(Dawn Gillas)
Phone: (803) 221-1427
Email: gillasd AT bellsouth.net

Canton of Saint Georges

(05/18) Baron Takeda Yoshinaka
(Andrew Dutschke)
Phone: (864) 430-5524
Email: barontakeda AT yahoo.com


Barony of Black Diamond

(07/19) Lady Kale Cinnabarissa
(Colleen Miles)
Email: seneschal AT black-diamond.atlantia.sca.org

Incipient Canton of Seven Hills

(06/18) Baron Aldemere MacRafe
(Allen Foster)
Phone: (434) 660-4047
Email: awf556 AT yahoo.com

Barony of Caer Mear

(07/19) Lord Vytautas Vilkas
(Arius Kaufmann)
4401 Breezy Bay Circle #311, Henrico, VA, 23233
Phone: (703) 853-3804
Email: cmseneschal AT gmail.com

College of Yarnvid

(09/19) Baron Wulfgang Moennich von Luppin
(Donald C Moyer Jr.)
11718 Bullock Ct, Midlothian, VA, 23112
Phone: (804) 366-3053
Email: yarnvidseneschal AT yahoo.com

Shire of Isenfir

(12/17) Lord Bryan Morgan
(David Oxford)
Phone: (434) 996-9131
Email: david AT oakhaven.org

Barony of Marinus

(10/18) Lord Ivarr Thorgislsson
(Samuel P. Peterson)
Phone: (757) 635-4326
Email: thaduck AT earthlink.net

Barony of Ponte Alto

(05/19) Lord Séamus Ó Maoil Riain
(Dwayne Eckman)
Email: seneschal AT pontealto.atlantia.sca.org

Barony of Stierbach

(04/18) Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin
(Beth McAllister)
Phone: (404) 931-7252
Email: seneschal AT stierbach.atlantia.sca.org

Canton of Sudentorre

(04/18) Lady Genefe Wolfelin
(Mary Oliver-Pruitt)
Phone: (540) 841-6606
Email: moliver16 AT hotmail.com

Barony of Tir-y-Don

(05/18) Lord Surge, Demon of the Northern Isles
(Sergei Brisson)
Phone: (757) 320-7439
Email: sergei.brisson AT gmail.com

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