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What are the duties of a web minister?

The Atlantian Great Book of Law, Chapter 5, lays out the duties of the Kingdom Web Minister as follows.

Duties of the Kingdom Web Minister
The Kingdom Web Minister shall maintain and monitor the Kingdom’s Internet resources and interests to include the sub-domain names, Atlantia.sca.org and the Kingdom email aliases. Monitor the recognized web pages of the Kingdom to ensure that they are in compliance with current SCA and Kingdom policy. The KWM's office also lends technical assistance to the recognized web ministers and other Atlantian branches or recognized groups desiring to create a web presence as needed. 

Branch Web Ministers

The duties of a group web minister are really not that different. They're just on a smaller scale. The web minister for a local group will generally keep the local group's website up to date and work with the Seneschal to ensure that credentials are successfully passed from one officer to their successor. Branch web ministers are responsible for making sure that their digital presence is up to date and adheres to both Kingdom and Society policies and reregulations. The office of Web Minister is not a required branch office but it is strongly recommended that any branch which intends to maintain a digital presence identify a person to lead that effort.


  • Annual Report: February 15th
    • Complete contact information for the Web Minister and all direct deputies, to
      include membership number, membership expiration date and warrant expiration
    • A roster of all warranted web ministers Summary of the status of the office within the Kingdom, as well as any financial expenditures for hosting, server maintenance, firewalls, email accounts, software, etc.
    • Recommendations/commendations for the Master William Blackfox Web Awards
  • Quarterly Reports: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st
    • Each Web Minister will send a list of issues being addressed, pages updated, policies implemented and any other pertinent data deemed appropriate in communications from
      the Society Web Minister.

Group/Guild/Special use or interest Web Ministers

The Kingdom of Atlantia has a variety of groups, Orders, guilds, etc web presences in addition to branch and Kingdom web presence. The persons identified as the web minister for those resources is, much like a branch web minister, responsible for the day to day management of those sites and their related operations 

Can you help us reset or recover a password?

Sometimes. If your website is maintained on a Kingdom resource then yes. We can usually retrieve or reset your various passwords. However, if your group has elected to manage your websites or services externally, for example; using your own hosting, managing your own e-lists, using an external email service such as GSuite, etc, then our options are severely limited. 

How do I get a warrant to be a Web Minister?

In most cases, such as for a local branch, getting your warrant as an official web minister is fairly straightforward. Please fill out the warrant request form and provide the requested information. The office of web minister is not a required position so once we verify with your seneschal that you are the incoming web minister you will be issued a warrant for a period of 2 years. 


Atlantian Web Minister Seal

The Web Minister is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Kingdom's electronic resources and services, including (but not limited to):

  • The Kingdom domains and subdomains, web sites, and server
  • Email systems and aliases
  • Warranting Web Ministers for the branches of the Kingdom
  • Monitoring all web sites associated with the Kingdom to ensure compliance with both Kingdom and SCA policy.
  • Lending technical assistance to the web ministers of the recognized branches and groups who reside within the Kingdom of Atlantia

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have encountered an error or omission with the website please notify troubleticket_AT_web.atlantia.sca.org

Melchior zum grauen Wolf (Kevin Baun)
Kingdom Web Minister, Atlantia

Deputies to the office of the Kingdom Web Minster

  • Emergency Deputy
    The 'emergency deputy' works closely with the KWM so that, as the name implies, they are ready to fully assume the duties of the KWM, in the event of an emergency. 

  • Special Projects 
    Technology moves quickly and so do the needs of our users. The special projects deputy leads initiatives to advance the technical capabilities of the services offered by the Kingdom.

  • Policy Compliance
    For a digital presence to be Officially Recognized by the Kingdom it must adhere to policies and requirements of the Kingdom and Society. While these requirements are not onerous it is important to ensure that we remain in compliance at all times. The compliance deputy monitors officially recognized sites of the Kingdom and provides regular reports to the KWM of those evaluations so that we may provide assistance where needed. This information is vital to our goal of achieving and maintaining 100% compliance.

  • Quality Assurance
    The QA deputy is responsible to ferreting out and tracking: errors, omissions, or other factors, that impact the overall functionality and usability of the Atlantian web presence.

  • Design ( UI / UX )
    The design deputy works to create and maintain user interfaces (UI) and provide a user experience (UX) which is blends aesthetic and functionality. 

  • Social Media Liaison
    The Web Deputy for social media, not to be confused with the Kingdom Social Media officer (deputy of the Seneschal), acts as a liaison between these offices to assist in technical matters and serves as the
The Atlantian Book of Policy (Updated - 2017-02-01)
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