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King Cuan & Queen Signy
October 2019
12The Wild HuntPonte AltoTBD and TBD
16-20War of the Wings XVAtlantiaTBD and TBD
November 2019
1-3Fall Crown TourneyHidden MountainTBD and TBD
9Buckston BirthdayBuckston-on-EnoTBD and TBD
23Silver ChaliceHidden MountainTBD and TBD
December 2019
7UnEventAtlantiaTBD and TBD
January 2020
18Kingdom 12th NightAtlantiaTBD and TBD
February 2020
8Bright Hills 26th Baronial AnniversaryBright HillsTBD and TBD
21-23Ymir 45Windmasters' HillTBD and TBD
March 2020
7Kingdom Arts & Sciences FestivalAtlantiaTBD and TBD
14-22Gulf Wars XXIXGleann AbhannTBD and TBD
27-29Hidden Mountain Birthday and InvestitureHidden MountainTBD and TBD
May 2019
17-19Gathering of the Clans - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday XIVHawkwoodTBD and TBD
24-27Ruby Joust VIIICaer MearTBD and TBD
31-2Highland River MeleesHighland FoordeTBD and TBD
June 2019
7-9Journey Through the Nine RealmsRaven's CoveTBD and TBD
21-23Old School War PracticeMarinusTBD and TBD
29Storvik Novice and Unbelt TournamentStorvikTBD and TBD
July 2019
12-14King's AssessmentBlack DiamondTBD and TBD
26-11Pennsic WarAethelmearcTBD and TBD
August 2019
30-1100th Monthly Cross and Lily TournamentCaer MearTBD and TBD
September 2019
13-15Rip Rap War III: Guts, Gold, GloryMarinusTBD and TBD
21Stierbach Baronial Birthday CelebrationStierbachTBD and TBD
October 2019
4-6Fall CoronationStorvikTBD and TBD
Atlantian Royal Heraldry -- Queen
Atlantian Royal Heraldry -- King
Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Arts and Sciences

A&S Champion

Lady Ellisif Gydasdottir (02/19)

Royal Baker

Lady Porfinna Holludottir (02/19)

Royal Brewer

Lord Owain Weale (03/18)

Poeta Atlantiae

Lady Iselda de Norbonne (05/19)

Web Site: Poeta Atlantia Site

Scrivener Royal

Lady Oda the Archer (10/19)

Scrivener's Site
Scrivener Royal (FB)

Combat Arts

Warlord (Armored Combat)

Syr Roussell Tavernier (Rusty Pickett)
3263 Corcyra Ct., Woodbridge, VA 22192
Phone: (443)890-1069 (NLT 9:00pm)

Warlord (Rapier Combat)

Lady Marguerite De Lyoon

Chivalric Champion

Count Barthelemy of Illyria

Chivalric Champion

Vicount Elazar of Northumbria

Rapier Champion

Master Raphael de la Rosa

Royal Archer

Master Janyn Fletcher of Lancastreschire
Roster of Royal Archers

The Royal Bard is selected annually at Kingdom Twelfth Night (second weekend in January).
The Poeta Atlantiae is selected annually at Fall Coronation (first weekend in October).
The Royal Baker and Royal Brewer are selected annually at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival (first weekend in March).
The Scrivener Royal is selected bi-annually at Atlantian Coronation.
The Royal Archer is winner of the yearly Royal Archery Championship.

The Atlantian Book of Policy (Updated - 2017-02-01)
Date Monday, February 01, 2017 -- 713 KB
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