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Royal Whims

Note - Cuan & Signy have NO food allergies!

Cuan asks....


Signy asks....



Food - Cuan

  • Yes. (Note - On the battlefield, he especially loves to snack on extra-dry, low-calorie unsalted vegan gluten-free rice crackers, and spicy garlic kale chips.)


  • Diet Cheerwine (or diet Dr Pepper)
  • single-malt scotch.


  • Cuan's colors are blue and gold chequy, with three sitting hounds.

Food - Signy

  • NOT fond of seafood
  • Enjoys spicy foods
  • Likes most vegetables and fruits
  • Loves chocolate truffles


  • Loves diet teas
  • diet ginger ale
  • diet root beer
  • and citrusy beverages
  • Enjoys vodkas and good whiskey


  • Signy loves all things Viking!
  • Her colors are blue & white, and her device is a hare rampant inside a crescent moon.
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