COVIDSafe policy – Comments Needed!

The CovidSafe policy restrictions for Atlantia are scheduled to expire on
March 12, 2022.

Atlantia is currently using the COVIDSafe policy from the BOD. The BOD
policy requires proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test in order to
attend an official event or activity. The BOD policy is here:

Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and I would like your thoughts on
the following.

  • Should we allow the COVIDSafe policy to expire on March 12, 2022 and
    reopen the Kingdom with no CovidSafe restrictions? Use of the BOD COVIDSafe
    policy is an all or nothing choice, we cannot pick what parts to use.
  • Masking policies: The outdoor masking requirements will be dropped on
    February 24th, 2022 except for the requirement that a staff member may
    require you to wear a mask to interact with them (examples are: for
    check-in and MOL’s). Indoor masking is currently required for all attendees
    over age 3. Should the masking requirement be optional for indoor
  • Should we continue to require pre-reservation for all events?

We have set up a commentary email that will allow us to consult the
populace – this will be open from February 21, 2022 until March 2, 2022.
You may provide feedback anonymously if you wish. I strongly encourage
everyone to provide comments. The email is

( Form link, if preferred: )

In service to Atlantia,

Duchess Simone
Sarah Toich
Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia