Highland Foorde: Streaming at Crown Tournament

The Barony of Highland Foorde will be hosting an official baronial stream of the Atlantia Crown Tournament!

You can find it on our YouTube but in traditional SCA fashion, we won’t be live until 10am-ish.


We’ve been in the works on this all week, seeing that a Kingdom Stream was not yet announced, to ensure that those who cannot travel can still be privy to the results of the tournament in real time. However because this is not a Kingdom stream, we do ask that you please have smaller expectations.
We will not have the same amenities a Kingdom stream would have and at the request of TRM via the Kingdom Stream Team, mics are not to be placed around or inside of the Royal Tent due to privacy concerns. This means that court will likely not be streamed in the way you have been accustomed to. Instead, Lord Aurri le Borgne will attempt to do a voice over of who is receiving what award with the best video angle she can get.

We are so so excited to attend Crown Tournament this year and we wish the best of luck to all combatants and consorts!

Baroness Sinn Larensdotter
Highland Foorde