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The kingdom of Atlantia is looking for a new Chamberlain. Domina Lynette Semere has put together a description of the job below. Please read all the way through if you are interested.
Please note this is not the easiest volunteer job, but it is not hard either. It takes some time and travel, but most importantly it takes great attention to detail. You are ultimately responsible for all the kingdom property when it is not in the hands of Royals, and more significantly it is your job to educate Royals (new or old) of the importance of care and maintenance of said property. Here are a few of the key things you will need to understand before deciding to take on this role:
Store kingdom items when not in use ( I currently have them stored in my basement because I have the room and the nearest storage unit is 30 minutes away from my home, so it’s more convenient for me. But the kingdom will pay for a storage unit if you would prefer or don’t have that kind of space.)
Clean, repair, and maintain all kingdom items from the crowns to list tree for Crown Tournaments. This also includes educating Royals on care instructions if they sign out items. (This isn’t as scary as it sounds, I have written and will transfer care instructions for all important items)
Have regular updates and conversations with the kingdom exchequer when needed. They will be your boss and will need to be updated if repairs are needed, checks need to be issued, or have questions for you about certain items.
You will be responsible for either being the land agent or assigning a responsible person to be land agent for both Pennsic and Gulf Wars. You do not need to camp at either, but because we as a kingdom have allotted land at both. You will be responsible for making sure they are registered for the citizens of Atlantia to have a place to camp if needed. Also field tents will need to be booked from rental agencies (I will transfer all the info, so all you have to do is remember to call or email)
Keep and maintain an inventory list of all kingdom owned property. Again not as scary as it may sound. I currently have all the inventory in an app you can access from your phone or computer. It has pictures, sign-out options, descriptions, artisans, contact information, and more all included. If you are interested in the position and would like to take a look at the program please send me a message for details on the guest log-in information. You will be unable to edit anything, but you can take a look at the ease of the software if you would like. The hardest part is remembering, after you get home from a long event, to update the new Royals and which items They have signed out.
You may need to put calls out or order court award medallions. This isn’t the case for all Royals since we have so many wonderful and generous artisans in the kingdom. Sometimes you can go through two different sets of Monarchs before They run out of a particular medallion. Court secretaries are normally very easy to communicate with in-order to make sure our Royals never run out.
ABSOLUTELY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! You need to be ready to travel to EVERY Crown tourney and Coronation! Kingdom law may say “or have a designee present” when it comes to the transfer of property to Royals, but I’m telling you… this needs to ONLY be in an emergency case. Think about it this way; if you were willing to loan your friend a $10,000 necklace, but could not deliver it to them directly, so you put your trust in another friend to take it to them, would you be more or less worried it will make it there? Just one of our crowns appraises for that much. Not a set, just one crown! The more hands property passes through, the more chances of something catastrophic to happen. You are ultimately responsible for all kingdom property unless it has been signed out to our Royals. This one is kinda scary, but I don’t want to sugar-coat how important it is for the chamberlain to be the one to see the hand-off and make sure the Royals are clearly informed and signatures are obtained for legal reasons. So if you are not physically, mentally, or financially able to travel from one end of the kingdom to the other on the 4 designated dates per law, I would not consider this position.
These are the most important points I wanted to get across. There are a couple other little things like Atlantia’s historic pieces, the principality crowns, ect. that I will train you on, but those are specific pieces you can learn about later. You also can, and probably should, take on at least one deputy. This is so you can have someone to seamlessly transition into the role if you need to step down (and the Crowns approve) or just to help you in emergency situations like I spoke of above.
So if you have an interest in applying for this kingdom position please send an email to the following 3 email accounts with your intentions:
Their Royal Majesties:
Kingdom Seneschal:
Kingdom Exchequer:
Lynette Semere:
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Domina Lynette Semere
Kingdom of Atlantia
5.16.2 Kingdom Chamberlain
In addition to those pertaining to all Officers of State the Kingdom Chamberlain shall:
• Supervise and be responsible for the deputies who report to the Kingdom Chamberlain
• Be responsible for the maintenance, repair, and storage of the royal regalia and property, including notifying the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer of those items in need of repair or replacement
• Maintain an accurate inventory and database of regalia and property, including any regalia and property transferred to Royalty
• Be present, or have a designee present, when the incoming and outgoing Crowns execute a face-to-face transfer of royal regalia
• Verify within one (1) week of the return that all regalia was returned and in good condition, and so affirm to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
• Communicate to the Kingdom Exchequer all information about new items of regalia, including the source, value, and care of items
• Obtain an appraisal of all regalia by a jeweler or appropriate craftsperson every five (5) years, after consultation with the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
• As an ex officio member of the Regalia Committee, consult with the Atlantian Council of the Exchequer about retirement or removal of Kingdom property inventory due to wear, age, or Kingdom needs.
• Follow Kingdom Financial Policy regarding replacement of items of regalia, purchase of any new items of regalia, and disposal of items of regalia.
• Ensure that there is a database of the Kingdom Award Medallions containing all relevant information such as: maker, cost of medallions, lead-time, order quantities, etc.
• Ensure that there shall be an appropriate Atlantian Kingdom Encampment at major events and Wars attended by Their Majesties and/or Their Heirs, to include registering with the event staff for camping, field, etc. and acting as liaison to the Event Staff
• Coordinate with the Kingdom Encampment Steward at any major event or war to ensure kingdom property and regalia used for the camp is delivered and returned in good condition