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Chatelaine Handbook 2016-02-06 --
Date 2015-06-15 File Size 1009.68 KB Download 5,983

The Kingdom Chatelaine's Office is dedicated to helping local Chatelaines/Castellans fulfill their duties with confidence and efficiency. This Office does this by setting policy, providing local officer support and through the sharing of ideas. This Handbook is designed to provide local officers with guidance on how to attract, educate, and retain newcomers as well as other useful information pertinent to the office.

Through the effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities, local Chatelaines/Castellans are in the enviable position of serving both the current and future needs of the Kingdom and the Society as a whole. Local Chatelaines/Castellans have the unique opportunity to make a difference at many SCA levels by ensuring that new members are provided with all the tools necessary to get the most out of their SCA experience.

Acorn Financial Policy 2008-07 (July) --
Date 2015-06-19 File Size 91.73 KB Download 4,897

By the Grace of Their Majesties of Atlantia, Sinclair and Kari, this is The Acorn Financial Policy for the Kingdom of Atlantia. Atlantia is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and this Policy is published as a service to the SCA’s membership.

(c) Copyright (2008), Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. This document is provided for your information and may be reproduced locally. In case of a discrepancy between The Acorn Financial Policy kept by the Kingdom Clerk of Law, and reproduced copies or electronic versions, The Acorn Financial Policy held by The Clerk of Law has precedence. Reproductions of The Acorn Financial Policy may be acquired by contacting the Atlantian Kingdom Chronicler. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

Table of Contents

  • Statement and Definitions
  • Duties and Roll for The Acorn Exchequer
  • Maintenance and Review
  • Internal Accounting Structure (Ledger Accounts)
  • Income
  • Disbursements
  • Pre-Approved Disbursements
  • Financial Statements
  • Check Return Policy
  • Newsletter Property
Date 2015-06-21 File Size 19.08 KB Download 4,774

A step-by-step guide to help you work on your Kingdom event bid.

Arts and Science 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.29 MB Download 4,046

Arts and ScienceThe Atlantian Ministry of Arts and Sciences seeks to provide resources for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism who are interested in the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, to assist Arts & Sciences Officers with their duties, and to promote the work of Atlantian artisans and craftspeople.

Date 2015-06-28 File Size 16.87 KB Download 5,763
Black Diamond 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-28 File Size 7.91 MB Download 5,282
This is the corrected Black Diamond Heraldry with the Laurel Leaves Sable. Please download again, if you have the old version where the laurel leaves are Green, as this is incorrect.
Black Diamond -- Shaded Black Diamond Black Diamond Badge -- Shaded Black Diamond Badge -- Shaded

Waiver Policies FAQ for Participants, revised (2/04)

Date 2015-07-28 File Size 21.5 KB Download 3,918

Request Incipient Status Checklist

Kingdom Event Bid Form 2015-11-09 --
Date 2015-09-09 File Size 111.5 KB Download 4,753
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 75.43 KB Download 4,844
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 71.63 KB Download 4,363
Chancelor of Youth 2015-06-23 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-24 File Size 1.08 MB Download 3,843

Chancellor of YouthThe Kingdom of Atlantia’s Youth Activities Program is a resource for parents, our youth and those who are involved with our youth that encourages the education of our youth about the SCA, Medieval and Renaissance history; and create opportunities for the participation of our youth in age appropriate activities. We want to help our youth and their parents in being active and vital members of the SCA. The Youth Activities Program also assists Autocrats, their volunteers and parents in providing and/or organizing classes, activities, and other opportunities for our youth to become more involved with the SCA.

Date 2015-06-28 File Size 43.23 KB Download 4,575
Bright Hills 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-28 File Size 3.31 MB Download 4,800
Bright Hills
Date 2015-07-21 File Size 24.32 KB Download 4,083

Seneschal 101 Waiver Information (revised 07/03)

Date 2015-07-28 File Size 18.3 KB Download 3,950

Request Full Status Checklist

Date 2015-09-09 File Size 103.5 KB Download 4,200
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 75.4 KB Download 4,147
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