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Category: Regnum (Graphics)

All images in this section were created by The Damn Gypsy. You have permission to use these appropriately. If you have to ask, "What is appropriate?" then permission should probably be revoked. These Zip files contain the original Adobe Illustrator file (Vector), and 6 pngs of various sizes: 100px, 150px, 200px, 250px, 500px, 1000px.

If you use these images in your site, please do not allow the browser or document editor program to resize the pngs, as it will likely look unprofessional. If you require a specific size that is not included here, and you do not have the ability to resize them properly (via the AI file) then please contact Connor, or a legitimate Graphic Specialist.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. - Connor

Atlantian Royalty 2015-06-28 -- Author Connor Levingstoune
Date 2015-06-28 File Size 16.81 MB Download 3,767
Atlantia - King: Shaded Atlantia - King: Flat atlantia queen shadow 100 atlantia queen 100 Atlantia - Prince: Shaded Atlantia - Prince: Flat atlantia princess shadow 100 atlantia princess 100

The Royal Peers of Atlantia receive a Patent of Arms (PoA) at Their decoronation provided the Monarch stepping down did not already have a PoA or Bestowed Peerage prior to Their coronation.

This set contains 2 variants of the heraldry (Regular and shaded) for the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Atlantia. It also contains the Adobe Illustrator file used to create them.

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