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Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Principals of the Peerage

The Order of the Chivalry

Duke Michael of Bedford
(Michael Bolt)
Email: chivalry AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Laurel
(Arts and Sciences)

Mistress Brienna Llewellyn Lindsay
(Mandi Elliott-Bird)
Email: laurel AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://laurels.atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Pelican

Master Richard ffaukes
(Robert Jones)
Email: pelican AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://pelicans.atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Rose
(Former Consorts)

Countess Aryanna Hawkyns
(Tara McDonough)
Email: rose AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of Defense

Master Christopher MacConing
Email: defense AT atlantia.sca.org

Principals of the Orders of High Merit

The Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia

Master Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli
(Robert Capozello)
Email: whitescarf AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Kraken

Hakon habrok
Email: kraken AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Golden Dolphin

Dame Emma West
(Dawn Hutchings)
Phone: (301) 943-2469 (Home) (NLT 9pm)
Email: dolphin AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://dolphin.atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Pearl
(Arts and Sciences)

Mistress Belphoebe de Givet
(Laura Martinez)
Phone: (703) 625-3883 (Home)
Email: pearl AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://pearls.atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Sea Stag
(Martial Arts Instruction)

Baron Lochlainn hau Rigbarddain
Email: seastag AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Yew Bow
(Missile Weapons)

Lord Lewin de Partone
(Brian Parton)
Email: yewbow AT atlantia.sca.org

The Order of the Golden Lance

Sir Alain de la Rochelle
(Allen Blanchette)
Email: lance AT atlantia.sca.org

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