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7.1 Purpose

      1. To support the study of the Arts and Sciences of the SCA period by facilitating communications with artisans to encourage information sharing. Officers shall foster development by helping with activities including, but not limited to: classes, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations, publications, guilds, etc.

7.2 Local Officers

      1. Warranting
        1. To receive a warrant, a warrant form must be sent to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (hereafter KMoAS) stating the nominee's willingness to accept the office.
        2. The warrant form must include:
          • Society and legal names
          • Contact information to include a mailing address, E-mail address (if available), and phone number
          • SCA membership number and its expiration date
          • Branch name
          • A statement of how much contact information may be posted online and permission to publish
        3. The warrant form must be signed by the group Seneschal, and the Baron and/or Baroness if serving a Barony.
        4. All warrants are valid for 3 years from the date of signing but can be renewed indefinitely.
        5. All local officers are appointed by the KMoAS, subject to confirmation by the Crown. A local officer must comply with the requirements for all officers of the Society.
        6. All warrants shall be maintained via a roster. This roster shall be maintained by the KMoAS and presented to the Crown each reign for signature.
        7. Removal from Office
          1. The KMoAS may withdraw the warrant of a local minister and require that the group replace the minister if circumstances warrant the replacement. Reasons for removal from office include, but are not limited to:
          2. Failure to submit reports.
          3. Failure to abide by the policies contained in this document and the Society Minister of Arts and Science’s policies.
          4. Blatant disregard of Kingdom Law.
      2. Primary duties
        1. To ensure that reports are filed with the Kingdom Office in a timely manner.
        2. To encourage the Arts and Sciences in the local group. This may be approached in any of a number of ways including, but not limited to, sponsoring classes, competitions, and displays at events, encouraging members of the populace to exchange knowledge and skills through workshops, classes, or published articles, and bringing promising and gifted members to the attention of the Crown or Baronage (if applicable).
        3. To train deputies in the practices of the local office in order to serve the populace and ensure a reasonably smooth change of office.
        4. To maintain accurate and complete files, providing institutional memory.
      3. Reports
        1. Quarterly reports are required from all local Ministers of Arts and Sciences, and are due on the following schedule:
          • April 15th (1st quarter - covering Jan., Feb. and March Activity
          • July 15th (2nd quarter - covering April, May, and June Activity)
          • Oct. 15th (3rd quarter - covering July, August, and Sept. Activity)
          • Jan. 15th (4th quarter - covering Oct., Nov., and Dec. Activity)
        2. Quarterly reports must contain the following information:
          • SCA and modern name
          • Membership number and expiration date
          • Local Group
          • Dates of Reporting Period
          • A&S Workshops/Classes hosted by the group (including name of workshop, name of teacher, and Number of students attending, if known)
          • A&S activities (competitions, displays, etc.) held at events or demos hosted by the group
          • Action items requiring assistance.
        3. Officers of local groups must report directly to the KMoAS, sending a copy to their regional Deputy KMoAS and their local Seneschal. Baronial officers are encouraged to work with any local officers of groups within their Barony. In groups without an Arts and Sciences officer, the Seneschal is responsible for filing reports.

7.3 To be responsible for and oversee the Kingdom Notables as outlined in the Charters for Atlantian Kingdom Notables- Appendix F of Law.

      1. An event report must be filed by the local Minister of Arts and Sciences within two weeks of each event and must include the following
      2. Advise the Crown on any changes to the Notables listing

7.4 To be responsible for the office of Chancellor of the University of Atlantia- Appendix C of Law.

      1. The University Chancellor will serve as a deputy of the KMoAS, for a term of two years, and can succeed him or herself for a maximum of one two year term.
      2. The University Chancellor shall work with the Event Bid Coordinator, and the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer to solicit, review, and accept bids for hosting University sessions
      3. The University Chancellor shall work with the Registrar to schedule classes for each session, make the schedule available, track student and teacher participation, and distribute degrees earned.

7.5 To be responsible for the deputy office of the Editor of The Oak, Atlantia's Arts & Sciences newsletter.

The Editor of The Oak shall have the following duties:

      1. Serve as a deputy of the KMoAS.
      2. Work closely with the Kingdom Chronicler to ensure the quality and content of The Oak is in keeping with applicable SCA and Kingdom Regulations regarding publications.
      3. Work closely with the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences to ensure that all articles and artwork are relevant to an art or science practiced prior to 1600 A.D.
      4. Submit an annual report to the Kingdom Chronicler and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. The report will contain the following:
        • SCA Name, contact information and membership information for the Editor of the Oak
        • Total number of issues published
        • Status of submissions for the next issue, and any problems

7.6 Historical Martial Arts

      1. Atlantia will follow Corporate guidelines for the Study and Education of Historical Combat Techniques as detailed in the Minister of Arts and Sciences web page with the following addition: If any activity (drill, play, technique presentation, etc.) is performed at full speed or within striking distance of another, eye protection is required for all active participants.


Below are the most current copies of the Kingdom Policy documents. Any discrepancies will be decided in favor of the one true copy of the Book of Policy.

Date Wednesday, 15 February 2017 17:06 File Size 695.98 KB Download 6,677

Herein lies the law changes as made during the Curia of Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette, held on the first day of December in the fifty–third year of the Society, being the two thousand eighteenth year of Modern Reckoning, in the Barony of Raven’s Cove.

Date Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:52 File Size 249.6 KB Download 744

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

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