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9.1 Chatelain

The term Chatelain shall be used to refer to both male and female officers in law and policy. Every branch in Atlantia, regardless of size, is strongly advised to maintain a warranted Chatelain for their branch to assist in newcomer recruitment, education, acclimatization, and retention. Chatelains are expected to assist the Seneschal regarding the media, promotional demonstrations (demos), and educational programs for new members.

9.2 The Purpose of the Chatelain Office

      1. To act as the newcomer liaison for a branch and ensure that all information that goes out to the public conveys a true, accurate, and unbiased sense of the purpose and intent of the SCA. To ensure that all information is conveyed in a respectful and courteous manner.
      2. To encourage people who show an interest to join the SCA and become involved in their local group. Furthermore, to help those new members, through education, to more easily assimilate into the SCA and their local branch.
      3. To encourage existing member retention.

9.3 Responsibilities of the Kingdom Chatelain

      1. Read and understand the SCA Organizational Handbook and the Laws and Policies of Atlantia. Maintain a working knowledge of these documents and keep apprised of their changes. Keep local officers notified of relevant changes to their office.
      2. Report to and work closely with the Society Chatelain. Reports to Society Chatelain are due June 1 (1st quarter), September 1 (2nd quarter), December 1 (3rd quarter) and March 1 (4th quarter). Report a highlight summary of the Quarterly Reports to the Atlantian Chatelain Yahoo Group to inform the branch Chatelains of what is being done in other branches.
      3. Maintain an up to date roster of all warranted Chatelains in Atlantia. Encourage every branch to maintain its own Chatelain (and deputy) for newcomers, Gold Key (loaner garb and equipment), etc. Serve as a resource for local officers and aid with the smooth running of their office through personal support, ideas, suggestions, and handouts.
      4. Communicate with branch Chatelains on a regular basis, ideally, no less than once per quarter and have regular and frequent access to email and internet.
      5. Report to Their Majesties' Curia and the Kingdom Seneschal.
      6. Develop materials and officers who will be helpful and welcoming to new members in the Society. Develop programs that will facilitate this on the local level. It is the responsibility of the Kingdom Chatelain to provide, at a minimum, one Chatelain 101 class per quarter.
      7. Submit letters for publication in the Kingdom’s newsletter, the Acorn, to keep the populace apprised of the Office’s activities.
      8. Appoint Regional Deputies

9.4 Responsibilities of the Kingdom Regional Deputies

      1. Be familiar with the SCA Organizational Handbook and the Laws and Policies of Atlantia.
      2. Assist in training the branch Chatelains.
      3. Be available to assist branch Chatelains with problem solving within their group.
      4. Assist in ensuring that local branch Chatelains submit timely quarterly reports.
      5. Receive, read, and summarize the quarterly reports of the local groups in your region. Provide a summary report to the Kingdom Chatelain by the designated date.
      6. Hold at least twice annual meetings in their region for local Chatelains at a large event.
      7. Communicate at least quarterly, or as often as needed, with the local Chatelains.
      8. Assist in maintaining an online Chatelain presence on the various Social Media sites.
      9. Any other special assignments/projects relating to newcomer recruitment and member retention as they may arise.

9.5 Responsibilities of the Local Branch Chatelain

      1. Be familiar with the SCA Organizational Handbook and the Laws and Policies of Atlantia.
      2. Chatelains and Deputy Chatelains must be warranted and must have a current paid SCA membership.
        1. To obtain a warrant you must first be recommended by your group for this position using any method which your branch deems appropriate.
        2. The prospective Chatelain must complete a warrant request form which can be obtained by visiting the Kingdom Chatelain's web site at http://chatelain.atlantia.sca.org. All sections of the form must be completed and must include your signature and the signature of your local branch Seneschal.
        3. Upon receipt of your information, the Kingdom Chatelain will determine if you are an acceptable candidate for the office. If appropriate, you will be issued a letter or e-mail message confirming your addition to the official warrant roster.
        4. All individuals representing themselves as a group’s Chatelain, including any deputies, must go through the warranting process.
        5. All individuals must be approved by the Kingdom Chatelain and warranted before any of their information may be published on local branch web pages.
        6. Each Chatelain shall be warranted for a term of two years. A Chatelain may request a renewal of office for subsequent two-year terms. There are no term limits on branch Chatelains.
      3. All Chatelains must join the electronic list serve (currently Yahoo) in order to keep up to date with announcements and other Chatelain communications. Branch Chatelains are encouraged to use the electronic list serve as a means to share ideas with other branch Chatelains.
      4. Local branch Chatelains report to their Regional Deputy (the Regional Deputies report directly to the Kingdom Chatelain).
      5. Quaterly Reports
        1. Quarterly reports are required from all local Chatelains, and are due on the following schedule:
          • April 15 (1st quarter – January, February, March)
          • July 15 (2nd quarter – April, May, June)
          • October 15 (3rd quarter – July, August, September)
          • January 15 (4th quarter – October, November, December)
        2. Submit all reports to the Kingdom Chatelain using the online form at the published address. Copies of these reports should be forwarded to the branch Seneschal for inclusion in their report.
        3. Reports should be completed in accordance with the report format specified at the Kingdom Chatelain's web page (http://chatelain.atlantia.sca.org/). Reports must contain the following information:
          • Legal name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Please note if any of this information has changed. SCA name, branch name, SCA membership number, and expiration date.
          • A complete list of deputies to your office with the same information as above.
          • Activities
          • New Contacts
        4. Failure to submit Quarterly Reports will result in withdrawal of warrant.
      6. Help organize and attend programs for recruitment and educational purposes (i.e., demos). Insure that the branch Seneschal has signed off on the Demo.
      7. Create and provide information about the SCA to prospective members and the public in the form of literature and/or, personal dialogue, or when necessary refer them to a more appropriate source.
      8. In order to respond promptly to anyone who shows an interest in the SCA (ie, within forty-eight (48) hours), it is necessary for Chatelains to have frequent and reliable access to email and the internet.
      9. Create, maintain, or otherwise acquire a list of prospective members and interested persons and follow up in a timely manner (ie, forty-eight (48) hours)
      10. Hold new member gatherings to educate newcomers in both SCA and Atlantian customs and assist them, and transitioning members, in becoming comfortable in their new branch.
      11. Maintain a collection of loaner materials (garb, feast gear, etc.) suitable for use by a newcomer at an event. Designate a responsible person to bring the loaner materials to events even if you are unable to attend.

9.6 Removal from Office

The Kingdom Chatelain may withdraw the warrant of a local branch Chatelain if circumstances warrant it. Reasons for removal from office include, but are not limited to:

      1. Failing to maintain membership requirements
      2. Blatant disregard of Kingdom Law.
      3. Failure to abide by the policies contained in this document, SCA Policy, and the SCA Publications Handbook.
      4. Failure to file quarterly reports.
      5. Failure to respond timely (ie, within 48 hours) to requests for information.
      6. Failure to be professional and courteous.
      7. Politicizing of the office.

9.7 Demonstrations - Compliance

All instructional or promotional demonstrations (demo's) conducted in the name of the Society for Creative Anachronism within Atlantia must be sponsored by a recognized Atlantian branch as indicated by the approval of the branch seneschal before making any agreement or contract with an outside entity for such a demo. All demonstrations conducted in the Kingdom of Atlantia must be in compliance with the Society for Creative Anachronism’s demo policy (available at www.sca.org) regarding the conduct of any combat or martial activities and requirements for the protection of spectators and particularly minors.


Below are the most current copies of the Kingdom Policy documents. Any discrepancies will be decided in favor of the one true copy of the Book of Policy.

Date Wednesday, 15 February 2017 17:06 File Size 695.98 KB Download 6,677

Herein lies the law changes as made during the Curia of Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette, held on the first day of December in the fifty–third year of the Society, being the two thousand eighteenth year of Modern Reckoning, in the Barony of Raven’s Cove.

Date Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:52 File Size 249.6 KB Download 744

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

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