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6.1 Duties and Responsibilities of the Kingdom Chronicler

      1. Publishing Activities
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for all publishing activities within the Kingdom of Atlantia and for disseminating information of importance to the populace of Atlantia.
      2. Kingdom Calendar
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler, along with the Kingdom Seneschal, is responsible for maintaining the Kingdom's calendar of events. These responsibilities may be delegated to a special deputy appointed by the Kingdom Seneschal for this purpose.
      3. Governing Documents
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler is required to be conversant with the governing documents that pertain to the office. The Kingdom Chronicler has no financial reporting, all accounts for the Acorn are handled on a corporate level. There is an Acorn savings account handled by the Kingdom Exchequer.
      4. Kingdom Chronicler’s Deputies
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for supervising the activities of his/her deputies, which include the Atlantian Historian and any other deputies the Kingdom Chronicler appoints.
      5. Kingdom Chronicler’s Warranting Responsibilities
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for warranting all local group Chroniclers and monitoring their publications for compliance with these policies and other applicable governing documents. The duty of monitoring publications may be delegated to a deputy, but ultimate authority remains with the Kingdom Chronicler.
        2. Any group of any level that has a newsletter must notify the Kingdom Chronicler and must apply for a warrant as a Branch Chronicler. Any group that fails to notify the Kingdom Chronicler that they are publishing a newsletter and have no warranted Chronicler will be recommended to the Kingdom Seneschal for suspension.

6.2 Warrants

      1. Branch Chroniclers and Chroniclers-at-Large are warranted and maintained on a roster.
        1. A term of office is defined as two calendar years and may be renewed at the end of each term.
        2. There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms an individual may hold the office provided the Chronicler wishes to remain in office and continues to have the support of the Branch Seneschal and populace.
        3. A warrant form, found on http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org, is required to be completed and signed by the Branch Seneschal at a minimum. If the group is a Barony, then the warrant must also be signed by the Baronage. The completed warrant form must be sent electronically to the Kingdom Chronicler and accepted by the Kingdom Chronicler to be valid
        4. The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the right to deny a warrant.
      2. Requirements to be a Group Chronicler.
        1. To be considered for the Office of Group Chronicler, the group, should consider the following items. If any of these is a no, then, the person should not be considered. Their warrant will be denied:
          • Does the volunteer have the required time to be able to put together the newsletter to meet the deadlines?
          • Does the volunteer have the skill set needed?
          • Does the volunteer have the requisite computer, software and internet access needed to put together the newsletter?
      3. Actions required for a new Group Chronicler to become warranted.
        1. An email from the applicant expressing their desire to be warranted with the following information:
          • Branch Name (such as Barony of Raven’s Cove)
          • Name of Publication
          • Publication periodicity, monthly for Baronies and either monthly bimonthly, or quarterly for smaller branches
          • Applicant's SCA and legal name
          • Applicant's membership number and expiration date
          • Applicant's address, telephone number, and eMail address
          • A statement denoting how much of the applicant's personal information (legal name, phone number, personal eMail address) may be posted on the online Chronicler roster
          • A statement from the applicant that he or she is 18 years of age or older
          1. A completed warrant form that has been signed, (electronically signed is acceptable), at a minimum, by the Branch's Seneschal, confirming that the applicant is acceptable to the branch.
          2. The completed warrant is to be sent electronically to the Kingdom Chronicler.
          3. Confirmation by the applicant that they have read and understand the policies of the Kingdom Chronicler’s Officer.

6.3 Responsibilities and Duties of Branch and Group Chroniclers

      1. Kingdom Chronicler’s Policies
        1. All Chroniclers of the Kingdom of Atlantia are required to be conversant with the policies of the Office of the Kingdom Chronicler. These policies are available at http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org.
        2. All Chroniclers shall endeavor to produce a newsletter that reflects the history of the group they represent.
        3. A branch or organizational newsletter is one that cites the name of the branch or recognized organization as its publishing authority. It keeps its funds, if applicable, in an officially recognized SCA, Inc., bank account, and has as its editor, a Chronicler, who is warranted by the Kingdom Chronicler.
      2. Baronial Chroniclers
        1. All Baronies in the Kingdom of Atlantia are required to have a warranted Chronicler.
        2. All Baronies are required to publish a monthly newsletter published between the 25th of the month before and the 5th of the month the publication is due. For example, for July, the newsletter will be published between Jun 25th and July 5th.
        3. Publishing means a .PDF copy is available on the Group’s website and Facebook page (if one is used) and a copy has been sent to the publication list in
          1. Should a Group not have a Web Minister, it by default falls to the Group Chronicler to be the Web Minister for that Group.
        4. Baronial Chroniclers who fail to publish their newsletter monthly will have their warrants revoked.
        5. Any Barony that fails to publish a newsletter for three consecutive months will be recommended to the Kingdom Seneschal for suspension.
        6. The Baronial Seneschal and Baron/Baroness are discouraged from being the Baronial Chronicler and may only fulfill the duties of Chronicler as an interim measure until a new Chronicler can be found.
        7. Each Group Chronicler is also the Historian for that Group and will make every effort to maintain a comprehensive Group history for that Group on the Group’s webpage. The Kingdom Historian will be referencing the Group’s History page, so, it is encouraged that each group have a separate page on their Group website for their History
          1. It is acceptable to have a Deputy handle the duties of Historian for the Group so long as the Deputy is warranted as Chronicler-at-Large by the Kingdom Chronicler.
      3. Chroniclers for Other Branches
        1. Branches other than Baronial status are strongly encouraged to fill the office of Chronicler and publish a newsletter. These Chroniclers are required to have a warrant. The periodicity of the newsletter is up to the branch to decide either monthly, or quarterly. However, if the group has a monthly meeting, the newsletter must be monthly and include the meeting minutes.
        2. All branch publications are to be published electronically and be available to everyone via the group’s webpage and sent to the publication list defined in Section
      4. Chroniclers-at-Large
        1. Other recognized organizations of the SCA, such as the Atlantian College of Heralds, that meet the requirements stipulated in the opening paragraph of this section must also have a warranted Chronicler.
        2. Special Interest groups like the Militant Society of Bards are not required to have a warranted Chronicler to publish their newsletter since they do not meet those requirements. If a special interest group, as opposed to a branch or a recognized organization, publishes a newsletter, it must not cite the SCA as its publishing authority.
      5. Distribution List
        1. Electronic copies of each newsletter (in .PDF form, NOT a link to a web-site) are be sent to:
        2. All branches are encouraged to send electronic copies of their newsletters to the other Great Officers of the Kingdom, and the Chroniclers of neighboring branches.
        3. All communications shall be signed in such a manner that the recipient knows who the eMail/letter is coming from.
      6. Reports
        1. All warranted Chroniclers are required to submit quarterly reports to the Kingdom Chronicler using the online reporting form or an eMail with the same information.
        2. These reports are due as follows and will refer to any and all activity that took place during the reporting time period:
        3. The following items must be included in the report:

6.4 All Group Required And Suggested Newsletter Content

      1. Naming Convention and Newsletter file type.
        1. All newsletters will following this naming convention: yyyy-mm-dd_group-name_newsletter-name_any-other-desired-qualifier.PDF where yyyy-mm-dd is the date that the newsletter is published and available for all to read on the group website, for example:


          All newsletters are to be distributed in .PDF format only.

      2. Required Contents of Local Newsletters.

        Each issue of a branch's newsletter must contain all of the following items.

        1. Statement of Ownership:
          1. This statement must appear in each issue of a publication which is produced by an organization of the SCA, Inc., but which is not published as a function of the Registry mailing list. All areas that are in italics are to be properly edited:

            "This is the (Name of Publication), a publication of the (branch/organization name) of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (Name of Publication) is available from (legal name and eMail address of Chronicler). Subscriptions are free as all publications are available electronically. This newsletter is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and does not delineate SCA policies. (c) Copyright (Year), Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. For information on reprinting letters and artwork from this publication, please contact the (branch/organization name) Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors."

      3. Cover
        1. The cover will include:
          • The name of the newsletter
          • The name of branch or organization it is being published for
          • Volume which is the number of years the branch or organization has been in existence plus 1 , for example, in Aug 2015, Atlantia had been in existence for 34 years, so the volume number was 35
          • Issue number is the month number, 1 for Jan, 2 for Feb, 3 for Mar, and so forth
          • Date of the issue, for example July Anno Societatis (AS) 50, 2015
      4. Regnum
        1. A listing of local officers that at a minimum includes:
          • SCA Name and eMail address they will answer (this can be an alias, such as Chronicler@atlantia.sca.org, or their personal eMail address, which-ever eMail address they will answer in a timely fashion)
          • Given that this is an electronic age, the following is not required, but, can be published provided that the required permission is obtained according to section 6.6.1.
          • Modern name, physical address, phone number (with area code)
          • For those branches that are part of a Barony, such as Cantons and Colleges, the Baronial Regnum must be published, at a minimum, in every other issue
      5. Group Monthly Business Meeting Minutes
        1. The minutes of the branch's last business meeting, to include all officers' reports.
        2. Branch Chroniclers are responsible for taking minutes at branch meetings or ensuring that someone takes the minutes. Minutes are to be published in the next issue of the newsletter.
        3. Business meeting minutes should include enough detail so an individual who misses a given meeting has a reasonable indication of what business was conducted.
          • Next Meeting Place: Information on the location of the next business meeting and the time that it is to be held
          • Calendar: This may just be a bulleted list or a full-blown graphical calendar of any other meetings occurring the month of publication (i.e. - fighter practices, A&S gatherings, demos, etc.)
      6. Other items that may be published include (but not limited to):
        • Letters from group officers
        • A&S articles
        • How-to articles
        • Cartoons
        • Advice columns (such columns must be in good taste and pertain to the educational aspects of our Society)
        • Fiction
        • Songs
        • Scroll images
        • Artwork, woodwork, garb, and so on
      7. Content Quality
        1. All editorial material, both text and images, must conform to the goals and objectives of the Society, and portray the Society, Kingdom, and local group in a positive light. No content may be exempted from this requirement. The following items are a representative list of items are not allowed to be published:
          • Personal attacks on individuals or groups
          • Harsh criticism of the behavior of individuals or groups
          • Copyrighted material used without permission
          • Use of racial or religious stereotypes
          • Offensive words, phrases, or images
          • Political commentary and other items designed to inflame and divide the populace (politicizing of the office)

6.5 Publishing Permissions and Copyright Issues

      1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
        1. PII is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing anonymous data can be considered PII. The Group Chronicler must have specific permission from each person to publish their physical address and phone number in the regnum of the electronically published newsletter. This can be done either by release or by an eMail from the person provided it is from that person only.
      2. Creative Releases
        1. Releases must also be obtained to publish artwork, poems, stories, or any other works.
        2. The release forms, named:
          • ReleaseCreativeFillable
          • ReleaseModelFillable
          • ReleasePhotographerFillable

          can be found on http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org are to be filled out. If for some reason the release forms cannot be filled out, an eMail with the same information, sent from the person providing the permission, is acceptable.

        3. For the purposes of these policies, copyrighted material is defined as any original work that falls under one of the following categories:
          • Literary works
          • Musical works, including any accompanying words
          • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music
          • Pictorial or graphic works
          • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
          • Sound recordings

          Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in a fixed form. Original works do not need to be published or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to receive copyright protection. For further information regarding copyrights refer to the United States Code, Title 17 - Copyrights.

6.6 Financial Responsibilities of Group Chroniclers

      1. All newsletters are generated electronically.
        1. Any hardcopies created are complimentary and will be provided at the discretion of the Group Seneschal. Any monetary expenditures for hardcopies are to be paid for through the Group Exchequer with no monies being exchanged through the Group Chronicler. The Group Chronicler has no monetary responsibilities, no money will ever be collected by group Chroniclers for newsletters.
      2. Expenditures.
        1. Group Chroniclers may be reimbursed for their expenditures as approved by their local Group’s policies.

6.7 Deputies to the Kingdom Chronicler

      1. Release Deputy
        1. It is the responsibility of each Chronicler and Web Minister to ensure that they have permission to publish the items in their newsletter or on their website.
          1. Use of the Release Forms available on the Kingdom Chronicler’s website and/or the Society Chronicler’s website will be utilized.
          2. Any release forms obtained will be filled out completely, and correctly and must be signed. Electronic signatures are acceptable
        2. A copy of all release forms are to be sent to the Release Form Deputy who will maintain a listing of all forms and provide an online version of Model Releases at a minimum organized by SCA name with no personal information mistreated.
        3. The Release Deputy shall submit a quarterly report to the Kingdom Chronicler. This report shall be on the same schedule as the branch Chroniclers in, and will cover such items as How many new Grant Use Forms received, and so forth.
      2. Atlantian Historian
        1. The Atlantian Historian shall maintain a copy of all the publications generated within the Kingdom of Atlantia for posterity electronically, and in hard copy if possible, working with the Web Minister to archive electronic copies of newsletters for easy access in the future.
        2. The Atlantian Historian shall maintain a web page with the history of the Kingdom of Atlantia.
        3. The Atlantian Historian shall submit an annual report to the Kingdom Chronicler.
          1. The Kingdom Chronicler will publish this report in the Acorn.
          2. The Kingdom Historian shall post the report on the Kingdom History web page.
          3. This report is due to the Kingdom Chronicler on 01-Feb each year, and will cover the activities of the office for the preceding year being a chronological listing of major events that occurred during the year. Examples of information that would be noted are:
            • Dates of the Crown Tourneys and the names of the fighters (and their consorts) who were in the final round. Annotate who eventually won
            • Coronation dates
            • Dates of the Curia Regis
            • Changes in a branch's status (Shire elevation to Barony, etcetera)
            • Creation of new groups, suspension and/or dissolution of a group
            • Dates of Baronial Investitures and the names of the new Baron/Baroness
            • Dates of those events where competitions for the Kingdom Notables were held, and the name of the new Notable
            • Dates of the turnovers of the Great Officers
            • Any other significant event should be recorded as well
      3. Additional Deputies
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the right to create new deputy positions as needed and will provide duties and responsibilities at that time.

6.8 Removal from Office

      1. The Kingdom Chronicler removal of Group Chronicler.
        1. The Kingdom Chronicler may withdraw the warrant of a Chronicler and require that the group replace the Chronicler if circumstances warrant the replacement. Reasons for removal from office include, but are not limited to:
          • Failure to submit two consecutive reports
          • Repeated failure to send a copy of the newsletter to the required complimentary copy recipients
          • Repeated failure to meet publishing timelines
          • Repeated failure to respond to eMail communications to Kingdom Chronicler
          • Repeated use of copyrighted material without written permission
          • Failure to abide by the policies contained in this document and the Society Chronicler’s Policies
          • Repeated use of material that is in poor taste
          • Blatant disregard of Kingdom Law
          • Politicizing of the office
      2. Group request for Group Chronicler Removal.
        1. Groups may ask the Kingdom Chronicler to remove the warrant of their Group Chronicler at any time for cause provided they put it in writing (eMail to Kingdom Chronicler from Seneschal/Baron/Baroness) with reason.
        2. The group should have an acceptable replacement (refer to section 6.2.2) for the person available to step into the position.

6.9 Acorn Submission Information

      1. Format.
        1. Submissions are required in electronic form eMailed to Chronicler AT atlantia.sca.org .
      2. Deadline
        1. All submissions should be received by the Kingdom Chronicler no later than the first day of the month preceding the publication month but not later than the fifth of the month preceding publication to guarantee inclusion in the Acorn.

6.10 Event Registration

      1. All events intending to be official must have a completed current event registration form filed with the Calendar Deputy prior to the publication of any event information. Events are to be registered using SPIKE (System for Processing Information for Kingdom Events) located at http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org/spike/.
      2. Events are placed on the calendar for the month that the event is to take place in chronological order.
      3. Any event beyond the month of publication is placed on the calendar in chronological order as space permits.
      4. The following fields of the event registration form must be filled out to be placed on the calendar.
        1. Name of Event.
        2. Date(s) desired for Event.
        3. Names of Holding/Sponsoring Branch.
          • If the branch holding the event is an Incipient Branch, the event must be sponsored by the Incipient Branch's sponsor
          • The Sponsoring Branch is financially responsible for the event (checks made payable to SCA, Inc/Sponsoring Branch) and the Seneschal of the Sponsoring Branch must fill out the Seneschal information on the Event Registration Form
          • A Sponsoring Branch may also be used if the Holding Branch does not have a warranted Knight’s Marshal or Branch Minister of Lists and desires to hold fighting activities at their event
      5. Name and legal address of the site.
        1. This block may be listed as "To Be Announced" (TBA) if the site has not been secured, however, the information must be provided to the Chronicler by the 1st day of the month of the event so that it will be published in the Acorn.
      6. Event duration meaning the time the site opens and closes.
      7. Event conflicts.
        1. The first branch to submit a fully completed Event Registration to the Kingdom Chronicler may request that other branches be required to obtain permission to hold an event on the same date within the distance restrictions stated in the Atlantian Great Book of Law.
        2. Branches submitting an Event Registration Form that does not include a site location (TBA) may not request this restriction until they locate a site and inform the Kingdom Chronicler of the change. If the site changes after an event is registered, any request for other groups to obtain permission to hold an event on the same date within the driving restrictions will be re-evaluated in light of the site change.
      8. Site restrictions.
        1. Explain any site restrictions such as no open flames, no pets, and so forth. You must specify whether or not alcohol is permitted on site.
      9. Autocrat Information.
        1. Provide the Autocrat’s SCA and Legal name, physical address, phone number with area code, membership number with expiration date, and an eMail address they will respond to. If there is a deputy Autocrat for the event, list only one name on this form.
      10. Provide the Registration person’s SCA and Legal name, physical address, phone number with area code, and an eMail address they will respond to.
      11. Seneschal Information.
        1. Provide the Seneschal’s SCA and Legal name, physical address, phone number with area code, membership number with expiration date, and an eMail address they will respond to.
        2. If there is a Sponsoring Branch listed, the Seneschal of the Sponsoring Branch must also be listed. The Sponsoring Branch Seneschal must approve the event before the event is allowed to appear on the Kingdom Calendar.
      12. Fighting Activities.
        1. Check the appropriate blocks for any fighting activities to be held.
        2. The proper warranted officials responsible for submitting event reports, Marshal in Charge (MiC), Minister of the Lists (MoL), in accordance with the policies of the Earl Marshal and Kingdom MoL, must be listed on the event registration in order for fighting to occur at the event. The MiC's and/or MoL's information may be left blank if they have not been identified at the time of the submission. The information must be submitted in time for publication for the month of the event or the fighting activities may not take place.
      13. Kingdom Level Events/Reserved Weekend Authorization.
        1. This block must be used if the registration is for a Kingdom Level Event or for an event that is to be held on one of the reserved weekends. These weekends are defined in the Atlantian Great Book of Law.

          The first weekend of the month is defined as the first full weekend of the month. Should the first of the month fall on a Sunday, that weekend will be considered as the last weekend of the preceding month.

          Mark the appropriate block on the form to indicate how permission was received from Their Royal Majesties, whether it was in person, via phone, or via eMail.

      14. Arts and Sciences activities should be defined.
      15. Describe any other pertinent information regarding the event.
      16. Changes to events already on the calendar.
      17. If the date is changed after the event is on the calendar, a new event registration is to be submitted.
      18. Any other changes in event information such as site change, name change, addition/deletion of types of fighting activities, change in staff, do not require a new form, but the Chronicler must be notified via eMail, by the 5th of the month the event is held in so that the change can be published in the Acorn.

6.11 Event Flyers

      1. Monthly Requirement
        1. The Society Publications Policy states that flyers for official events must be printed in the issue that covers the month in which the event is to be held. Flyers for Atlantian events will be printed the month of the event, free of charge, and the month prior to the event as space permits.
        2. Flyers are variable in size, so, they will be accommodated as best as possible given Acorn size limitations.
        3. Submission of flyers are accepted via SPIKE (System for Processing Information for Kingdom Events) at http://chronicler.atlantia/sca.org/spike/ or via eMail only. Hardcopy will not be accepted.
        4. All registered events may have the following minimum information printed on the Calendar in The Acorn, space permitting:
          • Event name, date(s)
          • Branch holding event
          • Location of event - City and State
          • Any other information desired to be published in advance space permitting
      2. Flyer Content Specifications.
        1. All event flyers must contain the following for the event to be considered official. If the flyer is incomplete by the submission deadline for the month of the event, the event will be designated as unofficial and will not be published. Information will be published on a space available basis.
        2. Date of Event: Day, month, year that the event will take place.
        3. Full Branch Name: Complete full name of the Branch holding the event.
        4. Location and Directions: The full name and complete legal address of the Site must be included in the directions. However, with GPS capabilities of today, there is no need to include from all cardinal directions, include enough so that the site can be found if one loses connectivity.
        5. Autocrat: Autocrat's SCA and legal name, address, telephone number and eMail address they will respond to.
        6. Cost: Cost of the event with deadlines, as necessary. If there is a cost, the statement "Make checks payable to 'SCA, Inc./Branch name" must be included. If the event is free, say so.
        7. Activities: Give a brief synopsis of your event:
          • The activities planned
          • A&S exhibitions or competitions
          • Feast information
          • Types of martial activities being held
          • Merchant information
          • Child care (or lack thereof) information
          • Whether it is a wet/dry site
          • Whether or not pets are allowed
          • Handicapped accessibility
          • Alcohol allowed or not and any other restrictions imposed by the site
          • Anything else? Play it up, this is your place to sell your event
        8. Duration: Start and stop time of event. For example, “The Site opens at 5:00 PM on Friday and will close at 1:00 PM on Sunday”.
      3. On-Line Calendar.
        1. All flyers for registered events will be included in the online calendar.
        2. If there is any reason that the flyer may not be posted to the Internet, in whole or in part, it is the responsibility of the Autocrat for the event to notify the Kingdom Chronicler and Kingdom Seneschal of the restriction(s) and why.
        3. If the event becomes unofficial for some reason, it is the responsibility of the Autocrat to resolve the situation to make the event official or it will remain off the Kingdom Calendar.

6.12 Unofficial Events

      1. Registered Events Becoming Unofficial
        1. A registered event will become unofficial for one of the following reasons:
          1. Incomplete flyer as of the deadline for submissions for the month of the event.
          2. Change in Autocrat without submitting a new Event Registration Form as of the deadline for submissions for the month of the event.
          3. Suspension of the hosting branch. Events that the branch has on the calendar at the time of suspension will be removed from the calendar.
      2. Chronicler’s Discretion.
        1. Other events that are not on the calendar, such as SCA-style weddings, may be published at the Chronicler's discretion and are treated as advertisements.
        2. Event Registration Forms are not required for this type of event and their flyers will not be published to the Acorn website.

6.13 Official Activities

      1. The following activities are only permitted at official events:
        1. The giving of awards by Their Royal Majesties or Their Representatives such as Landed Baronage.
        2. The making of laws or other official business of the Kingdom such as:
          • Curia
          • Crown lists
          • Coronations
          • Baronial Investitures
      2. Competitions to determine the Kingdom Notables.
      3. The signing of any event specific documents such as waivers by Minister of the Lists, etcetera.

6.14 Advertising

      1. Paid Advertising.
        1. It is the policy of the Society that, due to the complexity of Internal Revenue Service regulations, local newsletters will not accept paid advertising for publication in their newsletters.
        2. Individuals may, however, sponsor pages within the newsletter, and may have a brief announcement of that sponsorship listed either on that page or elsewhere within the newsletter.
      2. Advertising Information
        1. Advertising is accepted on a space-available basis.
        2. Advertising submissions will be accepted in electronic format only.


Below are the most current copies of the Kingdom Policy documents. Any discrepancies will be decided in favor of the one true copy of the Book of Policy.

Date Wednesday, 15 February 2017 17:06 File Size 695.98 KB Download 6,677

Herein lies the law changes as made during the Curia of Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette, held on the first day of December in the fifty–third year of the Society, being the two thousand eighteenth year of Modern Reckoning, in the Barony of Raven’s Cove.

Date Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:52 File Size 249.6 KB Download 744

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

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