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5.1 General Policies

      1. No territorial Baron/ess may be an exchequer of any group in his/her Barony or be signatories on any account. In the instance that a signatory becomes territorial Baronage, the signature card must be changed within 30 days of Investiture.
      2. Reigning Monarchs or their Heirs may not be exchequers or signatories on any account. In the instance that a signatory becomes the Royal Heir, the signature card must be changed within 30 days.
      3. No two signatories on the same account may be related to one another.
      4. Exchequers and anyone working as head gatekeeper/troll/reservationist in Atlantia must be 18 years of age or older.
      5. Exchequers must be citizens of Atlantia by residence or by official treaty.
      6. No signatory on any group account shall sign a blank check. The checks must have the "to" and "amount" lines filled out before the check is signed.
      7. No signatory may sign a check made out to themselves.
      8. All monies collected in the name of the SCA, Inc must be deposited into an SCA, Inc account. This includes heraldic income, MOL money, waiver fees, fundraising and Event Income. If money has to be transferred to another account, it must be done through a group check book. Money orders may not be used to transfer cash collected from an event to another SCA, Inc account.
      9. All checks for group accounts should be printed with the "" or , 2 lines for signatures and the statement "2 signatures required for checks to be valid" on the checks.
      10. All checks should be deposited within 15 days of receipt.
      11. No checks will be written to "CASH". For accountability, each check written must state to whom it is going.
      12. No group shall give out "cash" or current legal tender as prizes. Gift certificates/gift cards are allowed for purchase only, if upon redemption, these certificates/cards can not be used to purchase items contrary to SCA Inc. policies. Pre-paid credit cards are not allowed under this policy.

5.2 Group Exchequer

      1. Every group must have a warranted exchequer, and possess a current copy of the following documents: Society Exchequer's Handbook, Society Branch Financial Policy, a copy of Kingdom Law, Kingdom Financial Policy, and the local ("group") Financial Policy.
      2. To receive a warrant, a request for warrant form will be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer verifying the selection of the incumbent exchequer. This form is signed by the current seneschal. The exchequer must also attend a class on the duties of the exchequer and the reporting process before assuming the office. This may be done at an Atlantian University or by appointment with the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer or one of the Regional Exchequers.
      3. Every exchequer should have a deputy, who should be prepared to take over the exchequer's office on short notice. The Kingdom Exchequer should be notified of any change in the deputy's name, address, email address, or telephone number on the Quarterly Reports.
      4. Each exchequer shall be warranted for a term of two years. An exchequer may request re-warranting by submitting the request for warrant form to the Kingdom Exchequer before the warrant expires.
      5. No exchequer may hold any other office, at any level, unless the other office requires so little work as to not interfere with the duties AND no one else can be found to fill it. A "Request for Variance" must be submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer for permission. This may be done via email. The variance, once granted, will be valid for 1 year and may be renewed at that time.

5.3 Duties of the Local Exchequer

      1. The local exchequer shall act as the treasurer of the local chapter of the SCA, Inc. The local exchequer is responsible for filing all quarterly and year-end reports required by the Kingdom Exchequer and Society.
      2. The local exchequer is responsible for ensuring that the group follows procedures as set out in the local Financial Policy, Kingdom Financial Policy, and Society Branch Financial Policy.
      3. The local exchequer is accountable for all of the regalia for their group. If the group has a chamberlain/quartermaster that tracks the property of the group, this office falls under the office of exchequer.

5.4 Reports

      1. It is the duty of the local exchequer to keep the Kingdom Exchequer informed of the status of all local accounts. The Kingdom of Atlantia follows the timelines set by the Society Financial Policy
        1. Quarterly reports are due ON the dates below:
          • April 30 (January 1- March 31) - First Quarter
          • July 31(April 1- June 30) - Second Quarter
          • October 31 (July 1-September 30) - Third Quarter
          • January 31 (October 1-December 31) - Fourth Quarter
          • Note: Depreciation is done annually on the Q4 report

            Reports shall be sent to the regional deputies as designated in the Acorn. Electronic reports may be accepted for deadline purposes but it is required that the original reports be forwarded by mail within five business days. The original reports must be signed by the seneschal and exchequer and have the entire quarters' bank statements attached with each report. Reports will be considered late if they are not received within five business days of the due date or if they are incomplete.

        2. The Yearly Doomsday report (the compilation of all 4 quarters) is due ON the date below:
          1. January 31 - Doomsday report
          2. Please attach a copy of the bank statements for January (start of the year being reported) and December (end of the year being reported) with the Doomsday.

      2. Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) reports and monies are due to the office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Deputy for the NMS no later than 14 calendar days after the event.
      3. Any exchequer with two late or missed Quarterly reports will be subject to a review of books and the possibility of suspension. Any group failing to submit the fourth quarter report or doomsday by the deadline will be suspended. Any group failing to submit a Non-Member Surcharge report within 30 calendar days after the event may be subject to suspension. Groups with a pattern of missing/late reports shall be remanded to the Kingdom Seneschal for action.
      4. Event Reports should be submitted for every event held by a local group. These should be completed with copies of the event receipts attached and sent with the corresponding Quarterly Reports. Kingdom Level events have more specific report requirements in addition to the Quarterly reporting and are defined in Atlantian Financial Policy.

5.5 Financial Policies

      1. All groups will have a financial policy that meets the Society Branch Financial Policy Guidelines and contain the following information: an emergency way to spend money, an Event Section (how event finances from budget to report will be handled) and a Refund policy.
      2. Group policies should contain the following statement "This Policy is superceded in order by: Kingdom Exchequer Policy, Kingdom Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, Society Exchequer Policy, Society Branch Financial Policy, Corpora, State, and Federal Law".
      3. This policy shall be approved by the local group and then the Kingdom Exchequer.
      4. Any changes to approved financial policies will be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer for approval

5.6 Incipient Branches

      1. A recognized "incipient" group must submit a "Request for warrant form" to the Kingdom Exchequer for their proposed exchequer. This form can be found in the Exchequer's Handbook. This form should be signed by the exchequer and seneschal of the Incipient group as well as the seneschal and exchequer of the sponsoring group.
      2. Upon granting of the warrant, the exchequer of the incipient group is responsible for keeping in touch with the sponsoring group. All money shall be maintained in the sponsoring group's account as a Dedicated Fund until such a time as the group has been elevated to full status.
      3. The incipient group exchequer is responsible for filing reports to the regional deputies to ensure accountability of funds held and an understanding of the reporting process.

5.7 Duties of the Exchequer Sponsoring an Incipient Branch

      1. It is the duty of the exchequer of the sponsoring group to accurately maintain the account records for an incipient group.
      2. A fund shall be established in the sponsoring group's accounts to track all money deposited and spent in the name of the incipient group. This establishment of the fund does not mandate the sponsoring group donating money from its account into the incipient group's account. This fund should be tracked on the Quarterly Report on the Dedicated Funds page.
      3. When the Incipient Group has reached full status and established their own bank account, the sponsoring group will transfer the money to the newly formed branch account.

5.8 Duties of the Regional Deputies

      1. To submit a report on a quarterly basis with recommendations and the status of all groups in their region.
      2. To validate the quarterly reports for incipient groups against data provided by the sponsoring groups.

5.9 Non-Member Surcharge (NMS)

      1. The NMS will be collected from each event in the kingdom as defined by the Society Board of Directors.
      2. The NMS funds forwarded to the kingdom will be determined directly by the amount defined by the Corporate Office and event attendance, and shall not be affected by the profit or loss from the event.
      3. The NMS funds collected will be forwarded to the office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Deputy for the NMS, separate from any other money, no later than 14 calendar days after the event.
      4. The check should be made out to the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc.
      5. On a quarterly basis, the office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer will forward the collected NMS funds to the Corporate office.

5.10 Deputy for the NMS

      1. The Deputy for the NMS shall have the following duties:
        1. To report quarterly to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the current NMS status.
        2. To ensure that groups are collecting the NMS as appropriate and forwarding them to the appropriate kingdom account.
        3. To notify the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the NMS to be sent to the Corporate Office.


Below are the most current copies of the Kingdom Policy documents. Any discrepancies will be decided in favor of the one true copy of the Book of Policy.

Date Wednesday, 15 February 2017 17:06 File Size 695.98 KB Download 6,677

Herein lies the law changes as made during the Curia of Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette, held on the first day of December in the fifty–third year of the Society, being the two thousand eighteenth year of Modern Reckoning, in the Barony of Raven’s Cove.

Date Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:52 File Size 249.6 KB Download 744

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

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