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8.1 Purpose

The office of web minister was created by the Society in order to accept or decline responsibility for those web sites claiming to represent groups of the SCA. By warranting our web ministers, the Kingdom officially recognizes that the site maintained by the web minister accurately reflects the public image desired for the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., the Kingdom of Atlantia, and the group being represented. Those sites that put their group, the Kingdom, or the SCA in a negative light will not be recognized.

8.2 Duties and responsibilities

      1. Electronic Services and Resources.  The Kingdom Web Minister shall be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Kingdom’s electronic resources and services (including but not limited to):
        • The Kingdom domains (atlantia.sca.org, atlantia.org) and subdomains, web sites, and server
        • Email systems
        • Social Media pages and services (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
      2. Governing Documents.  The Kingdom Web Minister shall be conversant with the governing documents pertaining to their office.
      3. Quarterly Reports.   The Kingdom Web Minister, when submitting their required quarterly report to the Society Web Minister, shall provide a copy to the Kingdom Seneschal.
      4. Group Web Minister Warrants and Supervision
        1. The Kingdom Web Minister shall be responsible for the warranting of all Group Web Ministers within the Kingdom.
        2. The Kingdom Web Minister shall monitor all official Group web sites to ensure compliance with both the policies of the Kingdom of Atlantia and the Society for Creative Anachronism.
        3. These duties may be delegated to a deputy, however ultimate authority remains with the Kingdom Web Minister

8.3 Kingdom Deputies

The Kingdom Web Minister shall reserve the right to designate deputies as needed to oversee various duties (i.e. social media, special projects, etc.) related to the Office of Web Minister. These Kingdom deputies may be dismissed by the Kingdom Web Minister for any reason.

8.4 Warrants

      1. The maintainer of a group’s web site and/or electronic services, with the intent to have their site officially recognized by the Kingdom of Atlantia, may apply for a warrant.
      2. A Group web minister’s warrant is defined as two (2) calendar years, and may be renewed at the end of each term. No limit is placed regarding the number of terms of office a web minister may serve.
      3. Notice of warrant shall be sent to the Kingdom Web minister, either electronically or by postal service.
      4. The following items must be received by the Kingdom Web Minister before the warrant is approved:
        • Group Name
        • URL of the web site
        • Applicant’s SCA Name
        • Applicant’s Legal Name
        • Applicant’s membership number and expiration date
        • Applicant’s address, telephone number, and email addres
        • A statement denoting how much of the applicant's personal information (legal name, phone number, personal email address, etc.) may be posted on an online roster
      5. Once a warrant has been received and approved by the Kingdom Web Minister and the Group Seneschal, a warrant shall be granted.

8.5 Group Web Ministers

No Group within the Kingdom of Atlantia shall be required to have a Web Minister. All groups however are encouraged to create a web presence as an additional resource to the members of said group that have internet access, and for the purposes of public awareness.

      1. In the event there is no warranted web minister for the officially recognized site, the responsibility for maintenance of that web site may be passed to the group’s warranted Chronicler.
        1. If the Chronicler is unable or unwilling to perform said duties, the Seneschal shall be responsible for the web site and related electronic services. The Seneschal may delegate this maintenance at their discretion.
      2. All information required to access the Group web site and electronic systems and/or services shall be passed to the responsible body. To prevent loss of access to group electronic systems and services, copies of said information or equivalent credentials shall be provided to the Seneschal.
      3. Group Web Ministers are required to inform the Kingdom Web Minister of any changes to the URL of their site, or to changes regarding contact information.
      4. The Group Web Minister shall be conversant with the governing documents pertaining to their office.
      5. The Kingdom Web Minister shall ensure that their associated Group web site(s) and electronic services meet all criteria listed within the Society Web Minister’s Handbook, as well as SCA and Kingdom law and policy.
      6. Yearly Reports.   The Group Web Minister shall provide yearly report of the activities of their office. This report shall be due no later than December 15 of the calendar year.
      7. Removal from Office.   The Kingdom Web Minister may withdraw the warrant of a web minister and withdraw recognition of the group's site if circumstances warrant it. Reasons for removal from office include (but are not limited to):
        • Repeated use of copyrighted material without written permission.
        • Failure to abide by Kingdom or SCA Policy, or by guidelines and criteria listed within the SCA Web Minister’s Handbook
        • Repeated use of material that is in poor taste
        • Blatant disregard of Kingdom Law
        • Political commentary and other items designed to inflame and/or divide the populace (politicizing the office)

8.6 Non-Group Web Sites

No Group within the Kingdom of Atlantia shall be required to have a Web Minister. All groups however are encouraged to create a web presence as an additional resource to the members of said group that have internet access, and for the purposes of public awareness.

      1. The Web Minister may provide a subdomain and basic hosting services (server space, email services, etc.) to individuals or persons which are not officially recognized SCA groups but whose activities are associated with the Kingdom of Atlantia and/or the SCA. These include (but are not limited to):
        • Officers
        • Award Orders (i.e. Peerages, Orders of Merit, etc.)
        • Guilds
        • Activity Groups (i.e. Performance Art, Equestrian Activities, etc.)
      2. In order to maintain their presence within the Kingdom of Atlantia web domain and server, said groups and individuals shall meet all requirements regarding content listed within the SCA Web Minister’s Handbook, as well as any applicable Kingdom laws and policies.
      3. Contact information for a person or persons responsible for the content of the web site (i.e. a web master) shall be provided and included as part of the content of the web site in a fashion similar to the requirement for a group web minister.
      4. In the case of an Officer web site (ex. chronicler), the web master for the Officer site shall be considered a deputy to that office, and will work in conjunction with the Office of the Web Minister to ensure that the web site is in compliance.
      5. The Kingdom Web Minister retains the right to revoke hosting services for any reason.

8.7 Publication Permission, and Copyright

      1. Releases.   A written release shall be obtained to publish artwork, poems, stories, copyrighted materials, or any other works.
        1. Release forms may be found on the SCA Corporate site (http://www.sca.org/docs/library.html#releaseforms). If for some reason the release forms are unavailable, an email may be sent containing the same information, sent from the person(s) providing permission as an acceptable substitute. The Release forms are as follows:
          • ReleaseCreativeFillable
          • ReleaseModelFillable
          • ReleasePhotagrapherFillable
        2. Copies of any release forms or equivalent permissions to publish materials shall be provided to the Kingdom Chronicler’s Release Deputy, sent either by email or by U.S. Postal Service.
        3. Copyrighted Materials.  For the purposes of these policies, copyrighted material is defined as any original work that falls under one of the following categories:
          • Literary works;
          • Musical works, including any accompanying words;
          • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
          • Pictorial or graphic works;
          • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works;
          • Sound recordings.
          NOTE: Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in a fixed form. Original works do not need to be published or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to receive copyright protection. For further information regarding copyrights refer to the United States Code, Title 17 - Copyrights.
      2. Personally Identifiable Information (PII).   PII is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing anonymous data can be considered PII. The Group Web Minister must have specific permission from each person to publish their physical address and phone number in the regnum of the electronically published newsletter. This can be provided either by written release or by an email from the person.
      3. The following items found on Group web sites do not require written permission for publication:
        1. Group Regnum (SCA name, office, or role email address (ex. webminister@yourbranch.org).
        2. Letters submitted for publication by group officers that pertain to the duties of their office.
        3. Local calendar of activities
        4. Minutes of the monthly business meeting


Below are the most current copies of the Kingdom Policy documents. Any discrepancies will be decided in favor of the one true copy of the Book of Policy.

Date Wednesday, 15 February 2017 17:06 File Size 695.98 KB Download 6,683

Herein lies the law changes as made during the Curia of Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette, held on the first day of December in the fifty–third year of the Society, being the two thousand eighteenth year of Modern Reckoning, in the Barony of Raven’s Cove.

Date Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:52 File Size 249.6 KB Download 749

This is the updated policy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This update includes information for Armored Steel Combat (ASC) as well as updates to Rapier policy.

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