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chancellor of youth 150

We want to ensure that you and your family’s participation at SCA activities is enjoyable and safe, and is filled with fun activities and friendship.

Our goal is to include the children and teens in the SCA through age appropriate activities; educational opportunities; socializing opportunities and hopefully fun activities. We want to help our youth and their parents in being active and vital members of the SCA by providing and/or organizing classes, activities, and other opportunities for our children and teens to become more involved with the SCA.

The Society requires specific forms to be filled out and shown at the event in order for the minor to attend or to participate in fighting or other activities. You can get copies of these forms here:

  • Medical Authorization Form For Minors
  • Minor Waiver

Please keep in mind the Society’s guidelines for the safety of your precious children:

  • Parents, legal guardians or temporary guardians are responsible for the children that they bring with them to an event.
  • It is the parents’ or designated adults’ responsibility to know the location & activities of the children at all times.
  • There must not be an expectation of other adults to supervise or control minors that may wander off during an event.
  • Children that are 4 years of age and younger are not allowed to be unsupervised without their parent/legal guardian, even at Children Activities.
  • A child 11 years of age and younger should be in eyesight & earshot of parents, designated adult(s) or teenager(s) at all times. It is suggested that children in this age group not to be allowed to wander freely at official events; & that they are periodically checked on to ensure their safety and appropriate behavior.
  • Children that are 12 years of age & younger are not considered suitable babysitters.

Please also read the Children’s Activities Guidelines and Parental Responsibilities for Children at SCA Events.

In the Links section we have provided some links to websites, activities, coloring books and articles that are helpful and fun when learning about the SCA and Medieval/Renaissance history.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email the Kingdom Chancellor of Youth Activities.

Thank you for your help and support!

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