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The Atlantian Pages Academy is an educational program for the youth of Atlantia, ages 5-17. The program is meant to foster and provide Atlantian youth with the opportunity to attain skills and knowledge of the Middle Ages and the Society for Creative Anachronism. The program teaches chivalry, honor, responsibility, courtesy, leadership and history. It also provides ideas and opportunities for young people to serve Atlantia and their local groups.

Classes, activities, service opportunities and competitions for Pages and other young people are held at various events throughout the year. See our calendar for specific information about what’s coming up!

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This handbook is intended to offer a better understanding of the non-combat Youth Activities Policies and Programs within the Kingdom of Atlantia. While this handbook does not supersede the Kingdom of Atlantia Law and/or Policy in regards to minors and Youth Activities that it supplements, it will help provide guidance in the planning, facilitating and running of any youth activities. 

I hope that you find this Handbook to be a useful guide in your future endeavors. Please contact me if you have questions about our Kingdom Youth Programs. 

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The following forms are not directly related to the Pages’ Academy, but may be useful:

  • The Minor’s Consent To Participate And Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by the parent or guardian of the minor in order for the minor to be admitted to the event – no exceptions! If you are a minor traveling to an event with someone other than your parents or guardians, get a parent or guardian to sign the waiver in advance and send it with the adult responsible for you at the event.
  • If you will be attending an event without your parent or legal guardian present, you must have an adult present who will be responsible for you, and a signed and notarized Medical Authorization Form which will give that adult the authority to seek medical treatment for you. See the Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Minor Authorizations for more information.
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