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Service Activities

Children should be encouraged and allowed to participate in age-appropriate service activities. These activities can include, but are not limited to: handing out tokens, assisting Royal Retainers, water bearing and volunteering as list runners, running errands, helping clean up trash, servers and kitchen help are some activities that minors, depending on age and maturity, can do. There is something that any youth between 5-17 years of age can do to help out and in service. Adults running these and other activities should welcome youth in to these activities as long as the minor can follow safety and behavior guidelines.

As part of the Atlantian Pages’ Academy recognition program, young SCAdians (ages 5-17) are encouraged to do service work for the Society. Here are some suggestions on activities they could do to help you with your event, with the cooperation (and supervision) of adult volunteers on your event staff. Remember, the ages vary, so make the tasks age-appropriate!

Students receive a credit for each fifty-minute block of time they spent working. (Pages generally wear a blue baldric.) Please avoid overwhelming kids with lots of work. While they are enthusiastic volunteers, they need a break! We recommend that you only let them volunteer for two hours worth of work in a row, and then let them take a break to enjoy the event. Younger children will need smaller lengths of time, and are recommended to work one hour shifts at a time, with plenty of breaks. If you have additional recommendations for opportunities for kids to help at SCA events, please contact the Dean.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Make signs or decorations
  • Make site tokens
  • Stuff envelopes for event announcements sent to other groups
  • Design, fold, and/or assemble event maps, programs, or feast menus

At the Event

  • Event set-up (including setting up the fighting field, etc.) and hall decoration
  • Post signs on site
  • Help at a newcomers’ information table, a heraldic consult table, the Arts & Sciences displays or competitions, the Minister of the Lists’ table, merchant’s coordinator, or fundraiser activities. Communicate with the event staff running these activities to make sure that the staff is willing to accept the child’s help, and that they understand that the child should not be responsible for handling money. Children can help set up and clean up these areas, greet those who require services, distribute blank forms and pens, etc.
  • Fill water for Waterbearers’ stand, and assist with waterbearing except for on the fighting field
  • Check that the site’s bathrooms have sufficient toilet paper, paper towels, and soap, and take out trash from bathrooms
  • Help run errands on site, take messages to other event staff, or make announcements
  • Distribute site maps and schedules
  • Pick up litter during the day
  • Attend the Baron and/or Baroness or visiting Royalty as a page
  • Be a feast-server, and/or go around the hall and pour water or lemonade, serve bread, take used platters and bowls to the kitchen (kids should be grouped in pairs so they can more easily handle heavier items, but kids should not handle any hot liquids, hot sauces, soups or extremely heavy items. Kids should not serve high table unless they have been trained in such service and must first receive the permission of the High Table Coordinator)
  • Help with formal High Table service (such as hand-washing, etc.)
  • Site clean-up

At Troll

While minors cannot handle money (and cannot be collecting site fees), there are things they can do:

  • Help set up Troll area
  • Greet people arriving to check in, and direct them to the proper Troll area for pre-registration or on-site registration
  • Hand out site tokens
  • Check in pre-registered event attendees
  • File and organize waivers and other event-related paperwork
  • Help people sign up for spaces at feast-tables
  • Help provide information (such as directing people to changing areas and meeting rooms)
  • Help clean up Troll area
  • Run errands and take messages to other event staff for Troll

At Children’s Corner

Volunteers above the age of 14 may be counted as your official helpers for the Children’s Corner, but younger volunteers can help out too.

  • Help set up Children’s Corner
  • Help parents/guardians sign their children in or out
  • Be a “teacher’s aide” for crafts, games, or other activities
  • Accompany younger children on bathroom runs (remember that no adult or older teen can ever be alone with a single child, so bathroom runs if you do them need to have either two adults and one child, or two children and one adult, or everyone will need to go)
  • Help clean up Children’s Corner

In the Feast-Kitchen

We ask that you remember that younger children aren’t as skilled with knives, ovens, stove burners, etc. We ask that you do not let a child under the age of 13 handle knives or hot items without permission from their parents.

  • Wash and peel vegetables
  • Mix flavored butters (honey butter or herb butter)
  • Make lemonade, iced tea, or other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Arrange platters of food
  • Take messages to the Head Server, Herald, Troll, Autocrat, Head Table Server, etc.
  • Wash dishes, platters, cooking utensils, etc.
  • Take out the trash
  • Chopping vegetables (if the child is over 12 and with permission of the parent)
  • Slicing bread (if the child is over 12 and with permission of the parent)
  • Being a schedule minder for the cook (remind the cook that announcements need to be made for start and stop times of feast, scheduled tasks or removes for the feast)
  • Filling water jugs for the feast hall and bring to the feast hall
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