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pages academy 150

Page classes can be run at any event or group meeting; and a private Mentor may also provide them, with the involvement of the Page’s parents. There are no core classes required within the Pages Program. Pages should receive an education that is equally focused on chivalry, arts and sciences and service.

Peers and the talented gentles of the Kingdom are encouraged to teach classes for the youths and those participating in the Pages Program. An individual that is willing to offer their time, knowledge and service by teaching the Atlantian Youth will not be turned away. Page classes need to be treated by instructors with the same vigor and commitment to learning as classes offered to their adult counter-parts. Instructors should contact the DCOY or their local Chancellor Minor prior to the class to discuss the subject(s) being offered and to receive help in determining the difficulty level and the appropriate age group for the class.

Page classes must be at least 50 minutes in length; and the instructor should provide the level of difficulty and intended age group for the class. Pages should have a parent, guardian or care provider present at the class for more difficult subject matters or classes marked above their age. It is encouraged to have the classes that are hands-on while being significant and pertinent to the Middle Ages or the Society.

Instructors must contact the DCOY with a roster of the class participants and the subject of the class taught. The DCOY will track the classes that each Page has attended.

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