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pages academy 150


  1. The designated representative of the Pages Academy who will be administering ceremony will check that the Deputy Chancellor of Youth, or a Chancellor Minor, has a copy of the prospective Page’s paperwork properly filled out and signed. A verbal confirmation that the forms have been sent, or will be sent, is sufficient.
  2. The Inductor needs to make sure that the Mentor (if applicable) is also present at the event and attending court.
  3. The Inductor needs to let the Court Herald know that they need to get on the court docket for a piece of business, estimated to take five minutes per child being inducted. As a courtesy to the Royal presiding, and the Court Herald, please send them a request to have the induction during their court. Do not assume that if you are ready, that the Royal will be also. As a courtesy to Her Majesty, as Patroness, ask if Her Majesty or her designated representative (which can be a territorial Baroness) would like to hand out the baldrics, and otherwise be an integral part of the ceremony. Please spell out clearly what they will be asked to do to prevent confusion during Court.
  4. The Inductor then needs to spend 5-10 minutes going over the ceremony with the prospective Pages and their Mentors. Also make sure they know how to approach the Crowns, how to bow/curtsey, how to address their Majesties, and how to appropriately thank and leave the Royal presence at the end of the ceremony.
  5. The Inductor should be sure they have the names of the candidates and their Sponsors, and a copy of the Page’s Promise (which is on the induction certificate) with them when they go into court and know how to pronounce the names properly (you will need to give these names to the court herald and a copy to the Deputy Chancellor of Youth).
  6. If the Crown chooses not give out the baldric, have the Sponsor place it on the child during the ceremony.

During Court

When the Inductor is called into court (with names of sponsors and pages in hand) approach their Majesties (specifically the Queen), and ask permission to conduct business for the Pages Academy. When they assent, either have the herald call the prospective page and his/her sponsor into court, or ask if their Majesties would grant you leave to introduce the candidates and their Mentors to them and induct them into the Pages Academy. When they say yes:

  1. Either the Inductor the herald should call the candidate(s) and their sponsor(s) into court by name.
  2. Ask the candidate(s): Is it your desire to be a page of Atlantia and thus to serve your local group, the crown and kingdom and by your service, arts and courtesy uphold the honor of Atlantia and of the Queen the Patroness of the Pages Academy? – prompt them to answer yes
  3. Ask the Mentor: Is it your desire to be the mentor of this Page Candidate? Will you provide guidance on how to become involved in the arts and sciences, suggest ways in which (s)he can serve his/her local group and kingdom, teach him/her the ways of chivalry and courtesy, and to be a model by your words and deeds of what it means to be a respected member of Atlantia? – prompt them to say yes
  4. Say to the Page and Mentor: Then prepare now to give your promise before the Crown and populace of Atlantia and the other Pages of Atlantia (motion for them to stand)
  5. Call forth any current Pages who might be in the audience that they might come up front and stand with their fellow Pages as witnesses (optional).
  6. When the other pages have arrived, the Instructor should ask the candidate to raise their right hand and repeat after you:
    I promise:
    to strive for excellence in any craft or task I do,
    to serve Crown and Kingdom to the best of my ability,
    to keep my promises in word and deed, and
    to always act in a courteous, kind and chivalrous manner.
    This I promise before the Queen our patroness [if present]
    and the King [if present]
    [if they are not present use the term “Crown of Atlantia”]
    and witnessed by the populace of Atlantia.
  7. Tell the Page: Please step forward to receive the favor from Her Majesty, which is the symbol of your status as Page, and a reminder of the promise you have just made. Wear this favor proudly as remember that you represent yourself, and Atlantia, when you do so.
  8. Hand the Queen the baldrics, so that she will give them to the Pages (prompt the Pages on court etiquette here as necessary) or you will give them their baldric/belt token, if Her Majesty or her representative does not wish to do so.
  9. When this is done, turn then to their Majesties and then to the populace and say “Your Majesties, and People of Atlantia, may I present these new Page(s) and their mentor(s). Note that this baldric indicates that you may call on them in service to our Kingdom.” (Motion the new pages and sponsors to bow/curtsey to both Queen/King and populace).
  10. Their Majesties may want to say a few words to the new pages.
  11. When Their Majesties are finished, they will let you know, and you will guide the pages and mentors back to their seats. Be sure to thank Their Majesties for their time.
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