Event Information

Atlantian Spring Crown Tournament
(2023-05-05 - 2023-05-07 - Site opens at 4:00 PM & Closes at 12:00 PM)

Our Kingdom is without Heirs. Their Royal Majesties of Atlantia have declared the holding of a Tournament of might and skill to determine who shall inherit our Kingdom should They fall. Therefore, have Their Royal Majesties have issued a call for the fighters of Atlantia to meet in the Barony of the Sacred Stone; that they may display their honor and their prowess in a grand tourney as they vie for the privilege of serving as Prince and Princess of this realm until such time as the Crown itself shall pass into their hands.

Website: https://crown.atlantia.sca.org/

FightingThe Atlantia Spring Crown Tournament will consist of four (4) preliminary lists followed by a double elimination tournament limited to sixteen (16) combatants. The four preliminary lists will be balanced to be an equal number of fighters and fought in a round robin format (each fighter in the list will fight every other fighter in the list). NOTE: The preliminary round should be fought quickly, and combatants should be armored and prepared to fight; multiple fights will be conducted at the same time as field space allows. Fighters will be called to the list only twice before a forfeit is declared in the preliminary list. Once each of the four (4) preliminary lists has concluded, and the sixteen (16) fighters with the best records determined, the Minister of the Lists will place the fighters in a double elimination tree seeded from 1 to 16 according to the order of precedence of the procession.
In the semifinals, the fighter carrying a loss, must defeat the undefeated fighter twice to advance to the finals. The finals will be fought best two of three, bring your best weapons form. Matching weapons form is not required.
Arts & Sciences:Tempore Atlantia As is tradition, the Kingdom"s Tempore Atlantia judged A&S competition will be held at Spring Crown. The time period for this event is 1500-1600 AD. and is open to displays of items from any art, science, or culture of that era. Individuals may bring as many items as they wish to participate in a Tempore Atlantia exhibition. The only criteria will be that those items be from the time period being highlighted at that particular event. We hope that the Kingdom’s Laurels, Pearls, and others will make it a regular part of their event day to visit the display area and perhaps leave comments and/or tokens for participants. Entrants will be able to mark their items as “non- competitive” (display-only) if they choose. Further information can be found at https://moas.atlantia.sca.org/t empor e-atlantia/ or by contacting Master Hagar the Black at contests_deputy@moas.atlanti a.sca.or g Largesse Competiton Lady Juliana Robertsone will be hosting a largesse competition. All entrants must create 7 items based on a theme that is suitable for largesse All entries must be tagged with the makers name, and ready to be gifted the day of the competition. Judging is done by the populace. Each entrant display will have a cup placed next to it and anyone may put a provided token into the accompanying cup to denote their choice. The entrant with the most tokens in their cup at the end of the day gets to take home one item from each of the other entries with the remaining 6 items from each entry being given to Their Majesties to be used as largess during Their Reign.
Feast:In keeping with Their Royal Majesties’ journey along the Silk Road, a wonderful feast will be prepared by Patrone Murinene l"aloiere. The feast will showcase the cuisines from five regions on the Silk Road: Andalusia, Italy, Persia, India, and China. Feast is limited to 96 people.
Merchanting:Merchants are welcome! Please contact Lady Pagane at pagane@mail.com
Other:For field pavilion space, contact: THL Gawain de Barri Email: Chbulla@gmail.com Hotels and restaurants are approximately 10 miles away in Elkin, NC

Adult Member Registration15.0010.00$0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration20.0010.00$0.00
Youth (5-17)7.00$10.00$0.00
Child (0-4)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Kingdom of Atlantia
Registration Notes:Mail your registration information and payment to: Niccolina Mann 308 Jake Tucker Rd Midland, NC 28107 Additionally, please fill out the online form here https://forms.gle/jKqVabC29w8bfnq27 so that we have an electronic record of your registration.
Site:Elchenburg Castle Farm 1015 Elchenburg Castle Place Boonville, NC 27011
Site Restrictions:Animals must be supervised and on a leash, crated, or otherwise controlled at all times while on site. Owners must be able to provide pertinent information about vaccinations if needed and properly dispose of their animal’s waste. Disruptive animals may be asked to leave site. Due to health concerns, the local health department recommends that gray water from kitchen use be disposed of in portalets. Sumps for showers are not allowed. Please use the showers made available to you on the site. Please respect and take care of the site’s buildings and facilities, the event’s pavilions and resources, and the property, well-being, and privacy of other attendees. Do not enter another camp without permission. Do not take anything that is not yours, even as a joke. No swimming in the pond. It contains leeches, snapping turtles and agricultural run-off. Firearms are not allowed on site. All left over firewood (used or not) must be taken with you or placed in the tree line so as to be out of the way of machinery. Before you dump your coals ensure they’re completely cool, and flood the ashes with water. Please put all garbage in the dumpster before you leave site, or take it with you. Setting it near or beside the dumpsters means the event staff (likely the event steward) will be handling your garbage and that’s just not nice. Do not drive on the leech fields.
Event Steward:Master Ciaran mac Breandain (David Gunter), 5413 Whisperwood Dr, Durham, NC 27713, Phone: (206) 399-7908, E-mail: ciaran@pobox.com
Reservations:THL Niccolina the Wanderer (Niccolina Mann ), 308 Jake Tucker Rd , Midland, NC 28107, Phone: (704) 891-7579, E-mail: nnmann@aggies.ncat.edu

From the South: Take your best route to I-77 North. Take Exit 82 and turn right at the end of the exit ramp. *Proceed less than a mile and turn right onto Messick Rd. Proceed to the end of Messick Rd. and turn left on Center Rd. Approx. 9 miles later Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church is on the left. Elchenburg Farm is 4/10ths of a mile further on right. Turn right on gravel road Elchenburg Castle Pl. Signs will be posted. From Hwy 421: Proceed to intersection with I-77 North, Exit 82, use directions from * From the North: Take your best route to I-81 then to I-77 South to Exit 82, turn left at the exit ramp, use directions from * From the East: Be Aware, signs from this direction are routinely stolen. Be certain to have a backup for finding site. From Interstate 40, take Exit 188 to Highway 421 West toward Boone and Yadkinville. Continue on 421 until the Yadkinville/Highway 601 Exit 257. Turn Right at light onto 601. In 4/10s mile at light turn Left on W. Lee St. At Light turn left onto West Main St/old Hwy 421. About 7/10ths of a mile just before Harmony Grove Friends Meetinghouse turn Right on Booger Swamp Rd, and at the end of Booger Swamp, turn Right on Center Rd. Travel 2.2 miles, Elchenburg is on the Left. Turn left on Elchenburg Castle Pl. If you see the Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church, you have gone too far.