Web Minister

  • The Kingdom domains and subdomains, web sites, and servers, and email systems and aliases
  • Warranting Web Ministers for the branches of the Kingdom
  • Monitoring all web sites associated with the Kingdom to ensure compliance with both Kingdom and SCA policy
  • Lending technical assistance to the web ministers of the recognized branches and groups who reside within the Kingdom of Atlantia.

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Deputies to the office of the Kingdom Web Minster

Deputies to the office of the Kingdom Web Minster

Emergency Deputy

The ’emergency deputy’ works closely with the KWM so that, as the name implies, they are ready to fully assume the duties of the KWM, in the event of an emergency.

Special Projects

Technology moves quickly and so do the needs of our users. The special projects deputy leads initiatives to advance the technical capabilities of the services offered by the Kingdom.

Policy Compliance

For a digital presence to be Officially Recognized by the Kingdom it must adhere to policies and requirements of the Kingdom and Society. While these requirements are not onerous it is important to ensure that we remain in compliance at all times. The compliance deputy monitors officially recognized sites of the Kingdom and provides regular reports to the KWM of those evaluations so that we may provide assistance where needed. This information is vital to our goal of achieving and maintaining 100% compliance.

Quality Assurance

The QA deputy is responsible to ferreting out and tracking: errors, omissions, or other factors, that impact the overall functionality and usability of the Atlantian web presence.

Design (UI / UX )

The design deputy works to create and maintain user interfaces (UI) and provide a user experience (UX) which is blends aesthetic and functionality.

Social Media Liaison

The Web Deputy for social media, not to be confused with the Kingdom Social Media officer (deputy of the Seneschal), acts as a liaison between these offices to assist in technical matters and serves as the


Society Handbook

Reporting & Reviews

Annual reports are due to the Society Webminister by February 15th.
Quarterly reports are due by March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st
A public virtual conference is held the weekend before each reporting deadline to address any questions or concerns.

Quarterly reports touch on: issues being addressed, new sites, new policies, and any other pertinent data deemed appropriate.