Kingdom Event Bids

Atlantian Office of the Seneschal Seal

Kingdom Events Coordinator

Baroness Sarra de Vicenza
Email: kingdomevents AT

Autocrat for War of the Wings 2022 and 2023

We are looking for autocrats for 2022, 2023 and beyond. Please review the position description and indicate on your submission which year(s) you would like to be considered for. Resumes / Letters of Intent should be emailed to the the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Events Committee. ( and

Kingdom of Atlantia Event Bid Deadlines and Bid Submissions

The Kingdom of Atlantia is actively looking for bids for Kingdom events for 2022 and beyond.

If your group is interested in hosting a Kingdom Event, please contact the Kingdom Event Committee. Our goal is for events to be selected at least 7-9 months out, so planning should begin early. Please have a representative contact us before submitting a bid, so we can provide you with the information we are looking for and event requirements. Or if you have any questions or concerns about submitting bids, please let us know.

Kingdom Events and Dates

Twelfth Night 2023 on 1/8/2023 ~ due on 2/1/2022
Fall Coronation on 10/1/2022 ~ due on 3/1/2022
Fall Crown on 11/5/2022 ~ due on 4/1/2022

Event Bid Deadline Dates: Deadline dates are set for every event as being the latest date that a bid may be received. The Event Bid Coordinator and the Event Bid Committee may offer extensions, at their discretion, to ensure that there are enough bids for consideration. Deadlines may be submitted prior to the deadline, but a decision will not be made until the Bid Decision Deadline or the Extended Bid Decision Deadline.

Atlantian Book of Law, Section 7: Events ( BoL is available in Governing Documents)

SCA Insurance: All potential Autocrats, please visit the SCA Insurance to understand this process completely and to find the instructions on how to obtain an Insurance Certificate or a Certificate of Liability Insurance.