Award Recommendation Guide

  • Why you’re recommending them
    • “I recommend Lady Jane for an Opal for their exceptional service to the Shire of Roxbury Mill.”
    • “I recommend Noble Tyler for a Silver Osprey for their dedication to practice and skill on the heavy field”
    • “I recommend Lord Sam for the Order of the Pearl for their study, creation, and teaching of late period poetry.”
  • Follow this with specific examples
    • “Lady Jane is the Seneschal of her local group and has helped it grow from a mere 12 members to an enthusiastic and well organized group of 40.”
    • “Noble Tyler has been attending their local fighter practices regularly for the last year and not only shown great development themselves, but they have started helping new members get into fighting by their example”
    • “Lord Sam served as the Kingdom Poet (Poeta Atlantia) for the last year and in that time, wrote a variety of period poetry including at least one epic.”
  • The more prestigious the award, the more supporting info
    • This doesn’t mean you can’t write someone in for a peerage if all you know is “they were the most knowledgeable person on lace making of the 1560s I’ve ever met.” but the recommendation won’t hold as much weight.
    • Include links to public displays of the person’s work if you can
    • Especially for A&S, but some people record their service or martial work
    • Blogs, photo albums, other websites
  • Include details about the person that the crown might need to know or find useful
    • Lady Jane has recently become a student/protege/apprentice/squire of Patronne so-and-so.
    • I know that this person’s preferred title is <> and their pronouns are <>
    • If this person is called into court, they may need the following accommodations/assistance.
  • End with a summary statement
    • “For these reasons, I believe Lady Jane should be awarded an Opal.”
    • “Noble Tyler’s dedication and skill as shown here should be recognized with a Silver Osprey”
    • “As demonstrated by their breadth of work, Lord Sam is a strong candidate for the Order of the Pearl.”

Writing An Award Recommendation (A Visual Walkthrough)

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “New Kingdom Recommendation”
  3. Search for a person
  4. Check what awards they have at
  5. Select which award you want to suggest and write the recommendation
  6. Select what events this person will be at (if you know)
  7. Submit the recommendation!

An award recommendation is an individual suggestion to the kingdom that an award be given to another member of the society.
• Kingdom Awards: Given by Their Majesties
• Baronial Awards: Given by landed Baronage

• It is the primary method for people to get recognized for their accomplishments
• It feels good to thank and be thanked
• Scrolls are cool!

  • You can write in for any of the following award types:
    • Award of Arms
    • Grant of Arms
    • Peerages
    • Non-armigerous awards
    • Youth awards

No! You can write in anyone for any award that you believe that they deserve. You yourself do not need to have received that award.

This depends on the award…

A single, well written recommendation is often enough for Their Majesties to decide to give this award

GoA/Polling Orders:
The recommendation is forwarded to the polling order
The person is put on a “watch list”
The order recommends the person to their Majesties

Peerages follow the same process as a polling order, but tend to have longer “watch” times

  • Award of Arms
    • Opal – Service
    • Coral Branch – A&S
    • Sea Dragon – Rapier
    • Silver Osprey – Heavy Fighting
    • King’s Missiliers – Projectiles! Pew Pew!
    • Quintain – Equestrian
  • Grant of Arms
    • Golden Dolphin – Service
    • Pearl – A&S
    • White Scarf – Rapier
    • Kraken – Heavy Fighting
    • Yew Bow – Projectiles! Pew Pew!
    • Golden Lance – Equestrian
    • Sea Stag – Marshal Teaching
  • Pelican – Service
  • Laurel – A&S
  • Master of Defense – Rapier
  • Order of Chivalry – Heavy Fighting
  • Fountain
  • Silver Nautilus
  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Undine
  • Herring
  • King’s Award of Excellence
  • Star of the Sea
  • Vexillum Atlantiae
  • Hippocampus – Service
  • Sea Tyger – Martial
  • Alcyon – A&S
  • Arielle – Courtesy
  • Sea Urchin – Under 12 – Submit your recommendations – Look up a person’s awards – Full Description of Atlantian awards

Adapted from the work of Lady Adelaide Half Pint
Award Recommendations What are they? Why are they important? How do I write one?