Their Royal Highnesses

Atlantian Royal Heraldry -- Princess

Atlantian Royal Heraldry -- Prince

trh AT

Eckehard’s Contact Information

Phone: 910-232-0840
Email: prince AT

Jane’s Contact Information

Phone: 910-200-8089
Email: princess AT


Eckehard Thurn

Food, likes

Fruit, veggies, nuts, red meat, pastries of all sundries

Food, dislikes

All diet soda, coffee, alcohol, blueberries, chocolate desserts, fish


Water, Mountain Dew, Blue Gatorade, Root Beer Soda, Tea (hot), Dr Pepper

Jane Alexandria Fitzpatrick

Food, likes

All things spicy. Meats, Cheeses, fresh fruit and veges, chocolate( milk and dark and spicy)

Food, dislikes

Diet sodas, alcohol,


Water, Cherry coke, ginger ale (spicy), Tea (hot and cold), Coffee


Jane’s Lead Retainer

Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn
Email: duchessseonaid AT

Jane’s Deputy Lead Retainer

Lady Danielle of Bedford
Email: raventween AT

Eckehard’s Lead Retainer

Lady Marie Marschalc (Marie Marshall)
Email: Marieismarshall AT

Court Secretary

Mestra Esperanza Susanna Flecha
Email: atlantiandocket AT
Phone 703-728-4821

Digital Court Liason

Lady Marguerite Honoree d’Cheneau
Email: mdcheneau AT

Vigil Coordinator

Ollam Lanea Verch Kerrigan
Email: LaneaVerchKerrigan AT

Site Coordinator

Baroness Edan Lowery.
Email: rardinhj AT

Her Highnesses’ Heavy Champion

Duchess Signy Heri
Email: lucasdana01 AT

Armored Champion

Duchess Lynette Semere
Email: lynettesemere AT

Eckehard’s Rapier Champion

Lord Ishmael Stedfast Reed
Email: mparden107 AT

Captain of Her Highness’ Guard

Sir Alain de la Rochelle
Email: allengeorgeblanchette AT

Captain of His Highness’ Guard

Sir Daemon Broussard
Email: daemonbroussard AT